2004 MS&T Conference Proceedings

A Diffusion Model for the Influence of Oxygen and Sulfur on the Non-equilibrium Distribution ofChromium in Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds and Slabs

A New Free Surface Prediction Technique For Finite Element Simulation Of Shape Rolling

A Novel Three-Point Bend Test for Dynamic Fracture Toughness Measurement

A Physical Model Study For The Two-Phase Flow In A Continuous Casting Mold

A Technique to Extract Overall Kinetics of Metallurgical Changes From Macroscopic Behavior

Abnormal Grain Growth During Thermomechanical Processing of Ti Microalloyed MediumCarbon Steels

Accurate Temperature Measurement during Water Quench Operations Characterized by Boiling Water Heat Transfer

Analysis of Hook Formation Mechanism in Ultra Low Carbon Steel using CON1D Heat Flow Solidification Model

Analysis of Variation of the Mean Wall Thickness in Stretch Reduced Tubes

Analyze for the Issue of Decreasing the Loss of Temperature in Finished Rolling of Hot Rolling Stands

Application of Computer Programs to Assist the Tooling Design for the Skew Rolling Process

Application of TRIP and Dual-Phase Steels for Enhanced Durability of a Shock Tower Assembly

Backup Roll Chamfer Design, Profile and Maintenance

Characterization and Modeling on NbC Heterogeneous Precipitation in Model IF Steels

Characterization of Strain and Strain Rate Histories in High Strength Steel During AsymmetricTube Crush

Coarsening of Secondary Hardening Carbides in a Hot-Work Tool Steel: Experiments and Simulation

Comparison of Impact, Velocity, Drop Size and Heat Flux to Redefine Nozzle Performance in the Caster

Comparison of Three Ni-Hard I Alloys

Computer Simulation of the Effect of Helium in Permanent Mold Casting Processes

Control of Grain Size by Second Phase Particle Additions in Novel HSLA Strip Steels

Data Needs for Modeling Heat Treatment of Steel Parts

Deformation and Shear Band Development in an Ultrahigh Carbon Steel During High Strain Rate Deformation

Deformation and Work Hardening of Cold-Formed High Strength Steels at High Rates of Strain

Development and Optimization of the Models of 2050 Hot Rolling Mill of Baosteel

Development of A Low Carbon HSLA Alternative to TC128 for Tank Car Application

Dilatometric Investigations on the Decomposition of Austenite in Two Medium-Carbon Steels With and Without Cr and Mo Additions

Distribution of Specific Force across the Strip Width in the Roll Gap

Dynamic Torsional Properties of Ultra-Fine-Grained Low-Carbon Steels Fabricated by Equal Channel Angular Pressing

EDT- Roll Texturing Technology as a Base of Modern Surfaces in Automotive Cold Mill Flat Products

Effect of Carbide Formation on the Microstructure and Texture of Warm Rolled and Annealed Low Carbon Steels Containing Cr and B

Effect of Initial Texture on the Texture Evolution of IF Steel

Effect of Nb on Weld Heat Affected Zone Toughness of Normalized C-Mn Tank Car Steel

Effect of Precipitation on Creep Properties of Certain Cast H-Series Austenitic Stainless Steels

Effect of Processing Parameters on the Deformation Behavior of Low Carbon Dual Phase Strip Steels at High Strain Rates

Effects Of Silicon Content and Cooling Rate on the Solidification Microstructure of Al-Zn Alloys

EFTEM Investigation on Precipitates in Creep Resistant 9-12% Cr Steels

Engineered Surfaces for Steel Rolling Element Bearings and Gears

Environment Degradation of Martensitic Stainless Steels for Transmutation Applications

Evolution of Roll Inspection Systems to Meet Changes in Roll Technologies and Roll Shop Practices

Ferrite Nucleation and Growth in Medium-Carbon Steel Studied by 3DXRD Microscopy

Ferrite Nucleation on Ce-Oxysulphide Inclusions in Low Alloyed Steels

Finite Element Model for Efficient Simulation of Ring Rolling

Forged Semi-HSS Grades for Work Rolls Dedicated to Cold Rolling of Silicon Steel

Formation of Intermetallic Compounds in Al-Zn-Si Liquid Alloys

Galvanizing of AHSS: Influence of the Surface and Sub-surface of Si-, Al- and P-alloyed TRIP-aided Steel after Intercritical Annealing

Galvanizing of High Strength Hot Rolled Steels

Graphitisation of Medium Carbon Steels

Grinding of Finishing Mill Rolls Using CBN Grinding Wheels at Dofasco Inc., Hamilton

Heterogeneous Precipitation in Steels

High Speed Deformation Behavior of a Dual Phase Steel

High-Strength, Low-Carbon, Ferritic, Copper-Precipitation-Strengthening Steels for Tank Car Applications

History of High Speed Steel Rolls in Japan

Hot Deformation Behavior of Mn-Al and Mn-Al-Nb Steels

Hot Ductility Improvement in the Peritectic Steel containing Vanadium by Application of HighTemperature Deformation

Hyper-strength Bainitic steels

Impact Resistance of Steel from Derailed Tank Cars in Minot, ND

Importance of Heat Transfer Modeling at the Metal /Mold Interface in Solidification Simulation

Improvement of Surface Finish in Steel Hot Rolling by Optimal Cooling Ahead of Entry into the Roll Gap: Numerical Analysis

Improving the Bending Fatigue Strength of Carburized Gears

Inclusion Control in Tire Cord Steel

Inclusion Removal by Bubble Flotation in Continuous Casting Mold

Influence of grain refinement on the mechanical properties of adual-phase steel

Influence of Pre-Straining and Microstructure on the Dynamic Properties of High Strength Sheet

Initial Chip Formation of Structural Steels Caused by Very High Strain Rates During Micro-Machining Processes

Initial Solidification Behavior in Continuous Casting: The Effect of MgO on the Solidification Behavior of CaO-Al2O3 Based Slags

Inside Morphology of Large Inclusions in Steel

Investigation of Conditions of Formation of Cross-sectional Wall Thickness Non-uniformity in Tubes in the Fixed Plug Drawing Process

Laser Ultrasonic Monitoring of Recrystallization of Steels

Meeting Specification, Failing Expectations

Microstructure and Hardness of Steel Grade 9260 Heat-Treated By The Quenching and Partitioning (Q&P) Process

Microstructure and Texture Evolution of a 0.04%C Steel Subjected to an Isothermal Annealing

Microstructure Evolution during Thermomechanical Testing in Novel IF Strip Steels.

Microwave-Driven Pack Cementation Coating Process

Mold Slag Property Measurements to Characterize CC Mold Shell Gap Phenomena

Molten Pool Size in Laser Cladding Simulated by Finite Element Method

Multi-scale Characterizations of Shear Localization in Strip Cast AA5754 Aluminum Alloy Sheet

New Roll Technologies and Roll Design Improvements in Tata Steel

Nickel Aluminide Intermetallic Alloy Rolls Energy Benefits Summary of Large-Scale ProjectAnd Update

Nickel Flash: Cold Rolled Steel Sheet with Improved Phosphatability and Corrosion Resistance

On the Precipitation Behavior of a Ni and Al Alloyed Martensitic Tool Steel

Optimization of the Water Rate in Secondary Cooling Zone of Continuous Casting Billet by Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Overview of 3D Finite Element Modeling in Tube Making Processes at The Timken Company

Plastic Deformation And Fracture Of Steels Under Dynamic Biaxial Loading

Precipitation Hardening of Ferrite in Commercially Processed Niobium-Bearing HSLA Steels

Precipitation in Ferrite During Isothermal Aging of X80 Steel

Process Modeling for Rotary Tube Piercing Application

Process Simulation for Industrial Rolling Application

Recent Advances in High-Strength, Low-Carbon, Precipitation-Strengthened Ferritic Steels

Recent Steel Developments in the Integrated Technology of CSP

Recently Developed Testing Techniques and Dynamic Tensile Properties of Steel Sheets for Automobile

Recrystallization and Grain Size Control in Novel Interstitial Free (IF) Strip Steels

Roll Bite Lubrication for Steel Sheet Hot Rolling: Trends and Recent Developments

Roll Repair by Submerged Arc Welding

Sensitivity of Parameters of Forward-Backward Extrusion Test on Material Properties and Friction

Simulation of the Mill Thermal Conditions and Designing of the Mill Cooling System When Rolling Very Thin Hot Strips

Simulation of the Rolling Process of 4-high Hot Steel Strip Continuous Mills

Some Physical Metallurgy Aspects of High Strength Hot Rolled Cb-Ti Microalloyed Steels with Superior Fracture Resistance and Formability

Spray Cooling Results of Air/Mist Spray Nozzles with Reduced Air Volumes

Study of Computational Issues in Simulation of Transient Flow in Continuous Casting

Study of Free-fluoride Mold Powder Based on Titanium-bearing Blast Furnace Slag

Study of Precipitation Kinetics of Copper in HSLA Steel by Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS)

Study of Surface Alloying of Steel During Hot Rolling

Subcritical Heat Treatment of Cold Rolled Multi-phase TRIP Steel

Surface Hardening of Austenitic Steels by Low Temperature Colossal Supersaturation

Surface Modification of 4340 Steel with Iron Aluminides Using High-Energy-Density Processes

Tank Car Steel Investigations

Texture Gradient of As-Cast Low-Carbon Thin Steel Slab

The Application and Benefits of New Saddle Type Roll Micrometer Technology

The Effect of Austenite Grain Size on Hot Ductility of Steels

The Effect of Boron on Low Carbon Rods and Galvanised Wires

The Effect of Phase Diagram Information on Modeling Peritectic Reaction Rates

The Effect of Sample Shape on ECAP by Simulation

The Effect of Surface Oxide Films on Heat Transfer Behavior in Strip Casting Process

The Effects of Strain Rate on the Deformation Behavior of High Strength IF and Bake-Hardenable Sheet Steels for Automotive Applications

The Optimization of FM Work Roll Cooling Condition for HSM

The Physical Metallurgy of Normalized Plate Steels

The Properties and Usage Research of Enhanced ICDP Work Rolls Made by Local Roll Maker for Hot Rolling Mill

The Properties and Usage Research of Enhanced ICDP Work Rolls Made by Local Roll Maker for Hot Rolling Mill

The Solidification Rate of Undercooled Pure Iron

Thickness and Grain Size Sensor for On-line Seamless Steel Tubing Process Control

TOPOCROM® - A Superior Method to Texture Work Rolls

Transformation and Precipitation Behavior in Low-Carbon Microalloyed Steels

Transient Casting Practices And Their Effects On Steel Cleanness At CSP Port Talbot WorksUK

Understanding the Role Water-cooling Plays during Continuous Casting of Steel and Aluminum Alloys

Use of HSS Rolls to Skip the Chrome Plating in Cold Rolling Applications

Vertical Coupler Load Environment