2004 Galvatech Proceedings

3D Microstructure and Texture of Intermetallic Phases in Anticorrosion Coating

A Novel Approach to Steel Strip Cleaning

A study of the application related properties of novel Zn-Mg coated steel sheet produced in a continuous pilot line

Advanced Steel Products for Lightweighting at DaimlerChrysler North America

AL content in Intermetallic & Free zinc on Industrial Galvanizing Sheets

An Approach to Enhancement Mechanism of Resistance to Corrosion of Zinc Alloys by Artificially Synthesized Rusts

An In-depth Analysis of Various Subtle Coating Defects of the 2000's

Analysis of Zinc Galvanized Coatings using Glow Discharge Atomic Emission Spectrometry

ASTM Prohesion Test Predicts Service Performance ofPrepainted Sheet Steel

Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance ofHot-dip Zn-6%AI-3%Mg Alloy Coated Steel Sheets

Breakthrough Dry Vibratable Refractory Technology for the Induction Melting of Zinc and Galvalume®

Characterization of Strip Vibration at the Wiping Nozzles

Chemical and Physical Constitution of the Bath during a Galvannealing to Galvanising Transition

Coating Trends in Domestic Appliances: A Perspective

Computer Modeling of Aluminum Uptake and Iron Dissolutionin Galvanizing and Galvannealing

Condensation of Zinc Vapour on Steel Strip in a Reducing Atmosphere

Corrosion of Several Alloys in Industrial Hot-dipping Baths

Corrosion Products on Zinc-coated Steels Detected by In-situ Raman Spectroscopy

Corrosion resistance of prepainted Z n - l l % AI-3% Mg-0.2% Si coated steel sheet

Corrosion Resistance of Zinc Coated Steel Sheets for Appliances Market

Cr-free thin organic coatings on galvanised steel sheet.

Designing and Manufacturing Vehicles with Advanced High-Strength Steels

Development of a Dual-Phase High Strength Galvanized Steel Using Zinquench Technology®

Development of Galvannealed Dual-Phase Ultra-High Strength Steel Sheets with Superior Formability and Spot-Weldability

Development of New Accelerated Corrosion Test for Zinc-Coated Steel Sheets used in Electrical Appliances

Development of New Prepainted Galvannealed Steel Sheet for Automotive Industry

Development of SLEEK AZ Coated Sheet Product

Development of Zinc-alloy Coatings with Inherent Delamination Stability for Organic Coatings

Direct Observations of Galvanneal Coating Delamination

Dynamic Reactive Wetting of Zinc Alloys on SiO2

Effect of Alloying Elements on Mechanical Properties and Coatability of Multi Phase Steels With Ferrite-Bainite and Ferrite-Bainite Plus Retained Austenite Microstructure

Effect of Alloying Elements on Recrystallization Kinetic During Continuous Annealing of ASTM A653 Grade 80 Strip

Effect of nozzle tilting on splashing in jet wiping

Effect of P Content and Texture of Substrate on Galvannealing Behavior of Hot Dip Galvannealed Steel Sheets

Effect of Reheating Parameters on Galvanizing Behaviour andProperties of High Strength Hot Rolled Steels

Effect of Substrate Pretreatment on Galvannealing Behavior of Phosphorous Added Steel

Effects of Coating and Forming Condition on Friction

Empirical Wear Rate Modeling of Zinc Pot Bearing Materials Using the WVU Small-Scale Tester

Enhancing the Wettability of High Strength Steels During Hot-Dip Galvanising

Evaluation of Corrosion Performance of Galvanized Steel by Surface pH and Potential Distribution Measurement

Experimental Study and Microstructure Simulation of Zn-Al-Mg Coatings

Fate and Effects of Zinc from Stormwater Runoff

Fe Solubility in the Zn-Al-Fe System for Use in Continuous Galvanizing and Galvannealing

Fluid Flow Modeling in a 55%Al-Zn Pot

Full Finish GI Manufacturing for the automotive industry

Galvanic Action of Zinc-Coated Steel Fundamentals and Practical Applications

Galvanizing Bath Management During Galvanize to Galvanneal and Galvanneal to Galvanize Product Transitions

Galvanizing of Defined Model Samples: On the Road to a Fundamental Physical Understanding of Hot-dip Galvanizing

Heating and Oxidation Kinetics Steel Sheets in Direct Fired Furnaces

Hot-dip galvanisability of B-bearing IF-Ti steels

Hot-Dip Galvanizing of Advanced High-Strength Steel Grades

Improvement in Galvanizability of High Strength Steels by the Suppression of the Selective Surface Oxidation of Alloying Elements During Annealing

Improvement of the Powdering Resistance of 340H Bake-Hardening GA Sheet Steel

Impurity Element Effect on Electrogalvanized Zinc Coating

Influence of an Adequate Surface Conditioning on the Final Characteristics of GI for Exposed Panels Use on Automotive Sector

Influence of B, S, P, Si and C Segregation on the Selective Oxidation of Dual Phase and Interstitial Free Steels

Initial Stage of Localized Corrosion on Zn-5mass% Al Coated Steels with Photon Rupture Method in Cl- Solutions

Initial Stage Reaction of Fe-Al and Fe-Zn Intermetallic Compounds During Galvannealing Process

Inquiries at the GalvInfo Center about Construction and Appliance Applications of Zinc-Containing Coated Steel Sheet Trends and Implications

Kinetic of Dross Formation and Evolution of Particle Size Distribution During Bath Transitions

Kinetics of Oxidation and Reduction of High Strength Steels in Annealing Furnaces

Long-Time Performance of Pot Hardware in Continuous Galvanising Line

Low Temperature Cycle Before Hot rolled Strip Galvanizing

Mathematical Models Throw Light on Galvanizing Lines

Mechanism of the Effect of Nb on the Galvannealing Behavior of IF Steels

Modeling of the Kinetics of Galvanizing Reactions

NEOTECTM, Corus’ Lead Free Hot Dip Tin Zinc Coated Steel For Fuel Tank Applications

New Prepainted 55% AL-ZN Alloy Coated Steel Sheet with High Formability and High Corrosion Resistance

New ways of Developing Coated Steel Residential Markets

Newly Developed Cleaning Technology

Newly Developed Lead-Free and Chromium-Free Electrogalvanized Steel Sheets with Excellent Solderability

Nisshin-Steel's Toyo Works Starts up a State-of-the-Art Galvanizing Line

Novel Method for On-Line Chemical Analysis of Continuous Galvanizing Baths

Nucleation During Solidification of 55wt%Al-Zn-Si Alloy Coatings

Numerical Simulation and Validation of Flow in a Galvanizing Bath Using a Water Model

Numerical Simulation of Al and Fe Distribution During Continuous Galvanizing Operations

On the Possibility of Improving Hot-dip Galvanisability of Steels Strengthened with Mn through Pre-oxidation

On the Reaction of Superalloys with a Zn-Al Bath

Overview of Recent Corrosion Researches on Galvanized Steels in Japan

Phase Field Modelling of 55wt%Al-Zn-Si Alloy System

Phase Transformations in the Fe-Zn System - Analysis by the MAXIM Technique

Present Furnace and Pot roll Coatings and Future Development

Properties and Potential Applications of ZnMg-Alloy-Coatings on Steel Sheet by PVD

Properties of Chromate-free Coated Electro galvanized Steel Sheets for Electrical Appliances

Properties of newly developed chromate-free organic composite coated steel sheets for electrical appliances

Properties of Organic Lubricant Film Coated Galvanneal Sheet Steel

Real time synchrotron analysis of the initial stages of the galvanization process in Al containing Zn baths

Recent Development in Galvanized Sheet Steels in China

Recent Progress and Perspective of the Zn and Zn-alloy Coatings in Japan

Research and Development of Pot Bearings in Continuous Galvanizing

Selection and Use of Coated Advanced High-Strength Steels for Automotive Applications

Selective Oxidation During Annealing of Steels: A Comparison between Modeling and Experimental Results

Selective Oxidation of high Si, Mn and Al steel grade during Recrystallization Annealing, and steel/Zn reactivity

Silicon in Galvanizing

Solidification Morphology of Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Coating

Stability of Turned Over Free Surface of Conductive Liquid in Alternating Magnetic Field by Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Surface and Sub-surface Characterization of Si-, Al- and P-alloyed TRIP-aided Steel

Surface Conditioning of High Strength Steels by Gas-Metal Reactions Prior to Hot-Dip Galvanising

Surface oxide maturation and self-reduction: a new process

Sustainable Development Challenges for Coated Steel Sheets

The Changing Use of Galvanized High Strength Steels:A Review of the Recent Past and a Look at the Near Future

The Effects of Additional Elements on the Surfaces of Steel Sheet Substrates Depend on the Different States of Annealing Processes before Hop-Dip Galvanizing

The Effects of Annealing Temperature on the Alloy Surface Enrichment and Coatability of Cold-rolled and Hot-dip Galvanized DP Steels

The Effects of Mechanical Polishing of the Steel Substrate Surfaces on Galvannealing properties

The Electrolytic Codeposition of a Cationic Polymer with Zn

The New Galvanizing Line No. 3 at Voestalpine Stahl GmbH

The Optimization of the Inhibition Layer to Obtain Compact Surfaces of the Galvannealed Steel Sheets during Galvannealing Processes

The Right Tests for Characterizing Weldable Primer Adherence and Its Influence on Tool Pollution and Wear

The Role of Global Steel Specifications in the Automotive Industry: A Review of the General Motors Worldwide Standards and Their Role in Globalization

Thermal and Dynamic Study of Rapid Cooling in Continuous Galvanizing Lines

Thermodynamic Explanation of Spangle Formation

Thermodynamical Assessment of the Fe-Zn-Al-Cr at 460°C

Transient Flow Pattern and Temperature Distribution in aContinuous Galvanizing Bath Resulting from the Operation of Heating Inductors

Weldable Corrosion Protection Primers for the Automotive Industry

Wire Additions for Galvanizing Bath Alloy and Chemistry Control

Zinc-Pot Roll Bearing Design Modification for Increased Life