2004 AISTech Conference Proceedings

190” Plate Mill Upgrade in ILVA - Taranto, Italy

21st Century Coke Oven Machinery - “The Italian Job”

3-D Computational Modeling of a Blast Furnace Hearth

A Laboratory Study of Reactions in the Hot Spot Area and in Droplets during Top Lance Blowing

A New Approach for the Removal of Copper from Solid Ferrous Scrap

A Solution to Prevent Gas Emission from Coke Oven Door

A Statistically Based Approach to Developing a Condition Monitoring Program

AC Drive Technology 5-Year Trends

Achieving both High Quality and High Production rates on Combination Casting Machines at Maanshan, P.R.C and Steel Dynamics Inc., USA

Advanced Funnel Mould (AFM) for Thin Slab Casting

Advancements in the Control of Solution Stain Using Fluid Dynamic Principles

Advances in Non-Contact Length and Speed Measurements for Process Automation

Advances in Reheat Furnace Control and Optimization at Lone Star Steel

AK Steel Rockport - Engineering Data Warehouse

An Automated Solution to the Direct Hot Charge Scheduling Problem

An Economic and Productivity Analysis Charging Hot DRI for EAF Steelmaking

An Integrated Approach to Refractory Protection in BOF SIDERAR Operation

Analysis of Quality-Producing Ability of Compact StripProduction Technique vs. Conventional Method

Application of Data Mining Technology at Tata Steel

Application of Fuel Modification to Reduce Emissions and Improve Combustion Performance in Heat Treatment and Reheat Furnaces

Application of Multivariable and Predictive ControlTechniques in Modern Hot Strip Rolling Mills

Application of Rapid Inclusion Identification and Analysis

Application of the 3-roll Technology for Sizing and Thermo-mechanical Rolling in Economical Bar and Wire Rod Mills

Arc-Flash Hazard Risk Analysis and NFPA 70E

Assessment of Accumulated Structural Damage Using Impulse Resonant Acoustic Spectroscopy

Availability Risk Analysis of Complex Series Processes

Benefits Due to Expert System Controlled Blast Furnace Operation

Brimacombe Lecture - Research on Sustainable Steelmaking

California Steel Slab Furnace: Design and Performance

Caster Segment Life Improvements Through Focused Maintenance Practices

Cavity Depth and Diameter Estimation in the Converter Process Water Model

CFD Analysis of Thermal Behavior of Refarctory in Steel Ladle Cycling

Charcoal Blast Furnaces Process Control

Chemical Reactions in the Blast Furnace as it Happens

Circulating Oil Lubrication System Upgrade for Pinion Boxes

Clean Crane Lube

Coal Flow Aids Reduce Coke Plant Operating Costs and Improve Production Rates

Cold Blast Preheating with Blast Furnace Gas Fired Preheater

Cold Roll/Roll Shop Modernization at California Steel Industries

Comparison Between Gas and Oil Injection Into the Blast Furnace: A Detailed Theoretical Study

Comparison of Impact, Velocity, Drop Size and Heat Flux to Refine Nozzle Performance in the Caster

Computer Optimization of Oxygen Blowing Practices to Control BOF Slopping

Connect & Cast With VAI Casting Technology

Control of the Cooling System Based in Stave Coolers in a Blast Furnace Hearth

Control System Upgrades without Interruption of Blast Furnace Operation

Conversion of Open Force Cooled and/or Self Ventilated DC Motors to Air to Water Heat Exchanger Enclosures

Conversion to Fully Automatic Operation at a Major Hot Strip Mill Slab Yard

Creating a Reliability Culture in Your Company

Critical Temperature of Blast Furnace Type Slags by Measuring Viscosity

Crown Distribution Curve Of VC Roll Under Different Oil Pressure

DC Mill Motor Upgrade Project

DC to DC Technology Changing Paradigms

Dephosphorization of the Molten Steel by BaO-CaO-CaF2 Slags

Design and Process Improvements to Increase Performance and Maintenance Efficiencies on Continuous Caster Equipment

Design Aspect of MgO-C Bricks - An Attempt to Optimise the Critical properties

Design of Rolling Mill Strip and Roll Cooling Systems

Determination of the Cohesive Zone of the Blast Furnace

Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive RH Degasser Model in United States Steel Corporation

Development of Curtain Flame Sinter Ignition

Development of Large, High Capacity Oil Film Bearings for Steel Rolling Applications

Development of New Cokemaking Process, SCOPE21

Development of New Crown/Shape Control Model for Cluster Mills

Diagnosing Cold Mill Chatter Through Mill Stand Hydraulic Monitoring and Roll Shop Grinder Testing

Dynamic Furnace Controller for Electric Arc Furnaces

Dynamic Machine Gap Control at ISG’S-Sparrows PointNo. 1 Caster Technology Innovations and Operational Performance Results

Dynamics of Transient Heat Transfer Processes in Counter-Current Furnaces and Devices with Packed Layer of Burden Material

Dynamics of Two-phase Downward Flows in Submerged Entry Nozzles and Their Influence on the Two-phase Flow in the Mold

EAF Slag Conditioning Using Calcium Carbide - A Cost Benefit Approach

EAF Steelmaking in North America An Overview

Economic Optimization of BOF Raw Materials Consumption in a Volatle Scrap Market and Limited Hot Metal Availability Metal

Economics of Spray Cooled Off Gas Ducts

Effect of Granulating Method of Waste Plastics Injected into Blast Furnace on Environment Issues and the Use of Resources

Effect of Mold Oscillation on Powder Consumption and Hook Formation in Ultra Low Carbon Steel Slabs

Effect of Nozzle Permeability on Clogging

Effect of Stirring Condition on Desulfurization of Hot Metal

Effective Lubrication Of The Steel Industry’s Value Chain

Energy Efficiency Criteria in Electric Arc Furnaces

Energy Efficiency Improvement Opportunities in Steel Industry

Engineered Solutions for the Improvement of Hot and Cold Mill Rolls and Applications

Engineering and Start-up of the New No. 3 Anneal and Pickle Line for Posco

Estimation of Chlorine Behavior in the Blast Furnace

Evaluation of Steel Cleanliness on As-Cast Nb-TiSULC Steels

Experience of the Natural Mineral Reducing Agent Use in the Blast Furnace Process

Experience with a Novel Approach to Continuous Tundish Temperature Measurement

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Mixing in a Bottom Gas-Stirred La

Fan Aerodynamic Performance Guarantees: Do Your Policies, Procedures and Penalties Provide Adequate Certainty?

Fine Particulate Standards: A New Round of Emission Controls

Finite Element Analysis of Thermomechanical Behavior of Type 304 Stainless Slab in Hot Charge Rolling Conditions

Flatness Control in Finishing Stands of Hot Strip Mill

Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, and Solidification in a Continuous Casting Mold: A Modeling Study

From Blast Furnace to EAF: The Wheeling-Pittsburgh ProjectThe Worlds Largest Consteel® EAF Fed with Hot Metal

Fuel Savings and Reduced Emissions: Experience from 80 Oxy-fuel Installations in Reheat Furnaces

Fundamentals and Practicality of the Development of a New and Better Ironmaking Process

Future Directions for VSA (Vibration Signature Analysis)

Global System Integration Through Web-Based Applications

Goodfellow EFSOPÿ Successes at TAMSA, Veracruz

Hardware and Software Architecture and Functions for Reliable Level-2 Plus Systems in Multiple Mill Operations

Hearth Wear and Bottom Skulls of ISPAT Inland’s #7 Blast Furnace

Hearth Wear Control at CST’s No. 1 Blast Furnace - Aiming 25 Years

Heat Recovery for Hot Blast Stoves

High Capacity Stretch-Bend Leveler for Thin Metal Sheet, Strip and Foil

High Productivity and High PC Ratio (1998-2003) Operation at Nippon Steel, Tobata No. 4BF

Hot Charging of DRI in the Electric Arc Furnace: Is it Always a Good Deal?

Hydrogen Content of Molten Steel and Foundry EAF Steel Making

Imaging Based In-Line Surface Defect Inspection for Bar Rolling

Impact of New On-line Hot Metal Silicon and Sulfur Sensors on Iron Transfer Operations, Iron Desulfurization, and Overall BOF Shop Productivity

Implementation of PyreJet Technology in DRI Based Electric Arc Furnace Process at OEMK (Russia)

Improved Reliability and Reduced Operating Cost of the Nucor Berkeley CSP Caster by Design and Lubrication System Improvements

Improvement in Surface Quality and Internal Cleanness of Thin Slab Casting at HYLSA

Improvement of Rolling Schedules at Continuous Cold Rolling Mills

Improvement of the Hot Dip Galvanizing Process by a 'Hot' Coating Weight Measuring and Control System

Improvements in Continuous Casting Mold Technology- The First Fully Ceramic Coated Molds

Improvements in the Converter Process at Siderar

Improving Quality and Productivity in Thick Slab Castingby Direct Control of ElectroMagnetic Brake (EMBR)

In-Service Performance of Micropore Carbon at Newcastle Blast Furnace 3

INBA Slag Granulation System Environmental Process Control

India’s Widest Reversing Hot Strip Mill Designed and Built Indigenously

Industrial Application of Supersonic Lance - The KT system - Numeric Simulation, Operating Practice, Results and Perspectives

Influence of Coke Properties and Reactivity on Coke Fines Behaviour in Blast Furnace and Their Emissions in Off-Gas Dust

Innovations in Surface Quality Software: From Inspection to Productivity Solutions

Insulation of Steel Ladles

Integrated Flash-Butt Weld Inspection System

Integrating O&M Into Early Asset Planning: Engineering for Total Ownership Value

Intensification of Roll Cooling Using Two-level Pressure System

Introduction of Variable Frequency Drive for 8.4 MW Waste Gas Fan and A Novel Process Control Philosophy for New Sinter Plant at Tata Steel

Investigation of Blast Furnace Bustle Pipe Failures and Repair

Investigations of Some Phenomena in FeO Reduction from Liquid Slags

Laboratory Methods to Characterize Mold Fluxes

Ladle Gate and Ergonomic Improvements at Dofasco Inc.

Laminar Flow Cooling Behavior of Wide Heavy-Thickness Coils

Laser-Based Casting Speed and Slab Length Measurement

Mathematic Model of the Comprehensive Control on Hot Strip Shape at 1780 Hot Rolling Line in Anshan Iron & Steel Corporation

Mathematical Modeling of the United States Steel Corporation Gary Works No. 13 Blast Furnace Bustle Pipe and Tuyere Gas Flow An Investigation of the Effect of Tuyere Diameter on Tuyere Velocity

Mathematical Simulation and Modeling of Steel Flow With Gas Bubbling in Trough Type Tundishes

Mechanism of Iron Oxide Reduction by Simulated Volatiles

Mesabi Nugget The New Age of Iron

Microbiological Control Program Application to Continuous Caster Mold Cooling Water

Mill Dust Remediation Technology

Mineral Additives as Slag Modifiers

Model to Predict the Effect of Composition on the High Temperature Ductility of Steel

Modeling of Flow Phenomena in Continuous Casting Mold and Industrial Applicatio

Modeling of Two-Phase Flow in RH Vacuum Degassing Vessel with the Effect of the Rotating Magnetic Field

Modern Cast House Equipment

Modern Plate Production Technologies with a Focus on Plate-Steckel Mills

Mold Simulator: A Tool to Study Initial Solidification

More than Two Years of Experience of Several Laser Installations to Measure O2, CO and Temperature of the Off-gas

New Era of Productivity in BOF Installations Running with a CoJet - Gas Injection System A Technological Revolution

New Reliable Method for Recovery of Chilled Blast Furnaces

New Slide gate system for flow control

New Style Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters for Mill Cooling Water (Phase 1)

New Technologies of Magnesia-Carbon Bricks for BOF

Nitrogen Pickup during Tapping of Liquid Steel

NO LANCE Ladle Stir Plug Technology Improves Productivity and Stir Reliability

Novel Sensor for Continuous Temperature Monitoring in Harsh Environments

Numerical Investigation of Parametric Effects on a Blast Furnace Hearth

Of the Perfect Charging of Blast Furnaces

Operating Experience of the Latest Innovation in Cokemaking

Operating Issues at Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel’s No. 5 Blast Furnace Feet

Operational Experience with a PTI Burner Box System

Operational Improvements and Results at North Star Bluscope Steel Twin Shell Shaft EAF

Optimization of Pusher Type Slab Reheating Furnace by CFD Simulation

Performance of Australian Low Volatile Coals in a U.S. Coal Blend

Phase-Field Modeling of Steel Scrap Melting in a Liquid Steel Bath

Phased-In Approach to Automation Upgrades No Production Losses

Physical Model of Ladle Running for Steelmaking Workshop

Physical, Numerical and Industrial Investigation of Fluid Flow and Steel Cleanliness in the Continuous Casting Mold at Panzhihua Steel

Pig Iron Granulation at Iscor Saldanha Steel

Practical Application of Broken Bag Detector Technology for Compliance, Operation and Maintenance Under the Steelmaking EAF - NSPS and the Iron and Steel Foundry NESHAP

Practice of High Productivity at No. 3 Blast Furnace of China Steel Corporation

Preventing BOF ID Fan Vibration is All a Matter of Balance

Process Control Technology for Thin Strip Production in Tangshan, China

Production of Shougang BF After Deterioration of Coke Quality

Production of Super Strength Coke from Non- Recovery Cokemaking at Shanxi Sanjia, Jixiu, Shanxi Province, China

Productivity and Cost Improvments Uusing a Real-Time, Slag Conditioning Practice at the United States Steel Corporation, Gary Works

Productivity Improvement At Stelco Hamilton With Limited Hot Metal

Proper Application of Low NOx Technology to Reheating Furnaces - Environmental Advantages/Efficiency Advantages

Quality Management Indexes of Pellet and Direct Reduction Plants of SIDOR

Radiation Modeling in an EAF

Recent Advancements in Mold Coating Technology

Recent Progress on Commercialization of CASTRIP® Direct Strip Casting Technology at Nucor Crawfordsville

Refractories in Steel Ladles- Materials and Design

Reliability and Maintenance: The Next Generation of Corporate Profit Centers

Reliability, the Next Generation

Reline of No. 2 Blast Furnace and Achievement of High Production at Year 2003

Relining of No. 7 Blast Furnace at Ispat Inland Inc.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics of Mill Equipment

Review of Progress in Developing Continuous Steelmaking

Roll Force Measurement

Round Bar Length Measurement by Artificial Vision

Self-Lubricating Maintenance Free Sliding Materials for the Steel Industry

Simulation of Steel Scrap Movement

Simultaneous Measurement of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen in Molten Metal

Sizing Technology With Multigroove 2-High Stands Combined With Thermo Mechanical Rolling

Special Steel Rolling Mills:Latest Technology to be Competitive Today and in the Future Market

Stainless Steel Automation Without a Stain

Start up and Commissioning of a Twin Tank Vacuum Degasser for SDI’s Structural and Rail Mill

State of the Art of Rail Rolling

Steel Mill Greases: Evaluation and Analysis

steeluniversity.org : The Solution to the Sustainability of Ferrous Metallurgy

Stopping the Million $ GiveAway

Strategies for Extending Hot Metal at Dofasco’s No. 2 Melt Shop

Strip Slab Inventory Management System

Structure and Alkali Content of Coke in an Experimental Blast Furnace and Their Gasification Reaction

Study of Basic Operation System of the No.1 - 3 BF

Study of Current Steelmaking Practices to Evaluate the Viability of Continuous Steelmaking

Study on Clogging Mechanism and Inclusion Control in Ti Stabilized Stainless Steel Production

Successful Revamp of the 2-Strand Slab Caster at POSCO Gwangyang

Taphole Clay for Blast Furnace

Taphole Maintenance Improvements at Dofasco

Tapping into Operational Efficiency in the Cast House

Technological Evolution of Refractory Arrangements for Steel Ladles Bottoms

The Affect of the Change of Coke Quality to the Smelting Institution of the Shougang BFs

The Application and Benefits of New Saddle Type Roll Micrometer Technology

The Business Case for Reliability

The CONARC Stainless Steel Process Technology and Commercial Aspects

The Danieli Automation Level 1 and Level 2 Control System in the Trametal (Italy) Plate Mill Revamping

The Development of a “One-touch” Operation System for the RH Process

The Effect of Calcium Aluminates Usage on Ladle Refractory Life

The Effect of Coke to Ore Ratio and Burden Quality on BF Permeability

The Future of Lime for Steelmaking

The Impact of 2D Bar Codes on Metal Traceability

The Manufacturing and Marketing of Liquid Ammonia Sulfate Solution

The Practice of Quick Recovery After 7 Days of Maintenance in ShouGang No. 4 BF

The UCAR ConneXÿ Virtual MeltShop Monitor (VM2) System at North Star Steel Texas — A Year Later

The United States Blast Furnace Coke Market - Past, Present and Future

Theoretical Aspects of Scrap Dissolution in Oxygen Steelmaking Converters

Thin Slab Casting - Results with 10 m/min Speed

TMB LLH HSS the Latest DanieliMorgårdshammar Innovation in Wire Rod Mills

Tuyere Drilling Coke Sample Data from Rautaruukki’s Blast Furnaces No. 1 and 2

Twin Tank Vacuum Degassing Facility at Nucor Steel - Berkeley

Understanding the Melting Characteristics of HBI in Iron and Steel Melts

Upgrade of Legacy Automation Systems

Upgrade to ePTFE Membrane Technology to Improve Processes, Lower Operating Costs, Reduce Emissions and Extend Filter Bag Life

Upgrading of Pulverized Coal Injection Systems

Upgrading the Hot Dip Galvanizing Line No. 1 at WISCO’s Wuhan Facilities to Meet the Highest Product Quality Demands

Water Model of a Blast Furnace Hearth for Flow Pattern Investigation

Web Based HMI Overview

Weigh Measure Stencil Systems for Tube Mills

Width Control Using Tension in the Finishing Stands of a Hot Strip Mill

World-class Cold Rolling Automation Technology at ISG Sparrows Point, Maryland