2004 Adv High Strength Sheet Steels for Auto Applications

A Critical Comparison of Microstructure Evolution in Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Dual Phase Steels

A Family of 980MPa Tensile Strength Advanced High Strength Steels with Various Mechanical Property Attributes

A Model for Deformation Behavior of Metastable Austenitic Steel

A Model for Microstructure Development in High Strength Steels

A New Model to Predict the Evolution of Microstructure in Cold Rolled and Annealed High Strength Steels

Alloy Design, Processing and Properties of TRIP Steels: A Critical Comparison

Application of TRIP Steel to Replace Mild Steel in Automotive Parts

Approaches to Microstructural Design of TRIP and TRIP Aided Cold Rolled High Strength Steels

CAE Analysis for IMPACT Project (Improved Materials and Powertrain Architecture for 21st Century Trucks)

Crashworthiness of Low Alloy TRIP Steel

Development of Coated TRIP Steels at Dofasco

Development of Hot-rolled High Strength TRIP Steel with Tensile Strength of 780MPa Grade

Development of New 390-440MPa Grade Bake-hardenable Steel Sheet with Low Yield Ratio

Dual Phase Steel Tubes for Automotive Applications

Effect of Alloying Elements and Manufacturing Conditions on the Mechanical Properties of Cold Rolled TRIP Steels

Effect of Composition and Microstructure on the Stress-Strain Behavior of TRIP and Dual-Phase Steels

Effect of Nb and Mo Addition on the Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled TRIP-Aided Steel Sheets

Effect of temperature, strain rate and stress state on the strain hardening behaviour of modern low and high alloyed high-strength sheet steels

Galvanizing of a Hot Rolled C-Mn-Si TRIP Steel

Influence of the Thermomechanical Treatment on the TRIP Effect

Material and Processing Modeling of Dual Phase Steel Front Rails for Crash

Microalloying With Vanadium in TRIP Steels

Opportunities and Challenges for Increased Usage of Advanced High Strength Steels in Automotive Applications

Phases Transformation Textures In Steels

Processing of Dual-Phase Steel on CSP® Plants

Quasi-adiabatic Effects during the High Strain Rate Deformation of Dispersed-phase Ferrous Alloys with Strain-induced Martensitic Transformation

Quenching and Partitioning Response of a Si-Added TRIP Sheet Steel

Recent Achievements in Manufacturing and Application of High-strength Steel Sheets for Automotive Body Structure

Retained Austenite Stability in the Cold Rolled CMnAlSiP Micro-Alloyed TRIP Steels

Surface Conditioning of High Manganese Content Model Alloys

Surface Oxide Evolution on Cold Rolled C-Mn-Si-Al TRIP Steels

Texture of Multiphased Steel Sheets

The Effect of Initial Microstructures Before Annealing on Ductility of TRIP-Aided Steel Sheets withAnnealed Matrix

The Effect of Microstructure on the Formation of Retained Austenite in TRIP-Aided Steel

The Effects of Microstructure on Stability of Retained Austenite in Multiphase Steels

The Influence of Phase Distributions and Interfaces on Fracture and Formability of High Strength Sheet Steels

Theoretical Modeling of the Bainitic Transformation in TRIP steels

Thermomechanical Processing Challenges in the Cold Mill

Transformation Behavior of Retained Austenite in TRIP Steels as Revealed by a Specialized Etching Technique

Ultra High-Strength Low-Alloy TRIP-Aided Sheet Steels with Bainitic Ferrite Matrix

Variable Binder Force for Springback Management