2003 ISSTech Conference Proceedings

100 Percent Pellet Burden Trial on Gary Works No. 13 Blast Furnace

2003 Howe Memorial Lecture paper - Solidification, Segregation and Banding in Carbon and Alloy Steels

A Basic Analysis of Grease Thickeners

A Direct Integration Approach to Accretion Layer Estimation in the Blast Furnace Stack

A Dynamic Mathematical Model for Grade-Mixing in Tundish and Strand

A Model for Vacuum Decarburization in a Tank Degasser

A New Explanation for Liquid Core Reduction in Thin Slab Casting

A Reengineered DR Plant for Quality, Low-Cost Onsite DRI Production

ACI PYREJET Technology: A Key Step in JYXC's Strategy Towards World Class Specialty Steel Production

Alternating Taphole Practice with a Two-Taphole Blast Furnace

Alternative Processes and Plant Simulation Made Easy

An Investigation Of NOx Formation And Control In An EAF Using A Computational Fluid Dynamics Model

Application of Cathodoluminescence Microscopy (CLM) in Steel Research

Application of Feedback Controller Performance Monitoring at Dofasco Inc.

Aspects of CaFe cored wire injection into steel

Atomic Structure of Coke Fines in Blast-Furnace Dust and Their Origin in Operating Blast Furnaces

Behavior of Reduction Degradation of Sintered Ore by Synchrotron X-rays

Beneficial Re-Use of Iron Fines and Swarf: An Advancement in the State of the Art

Blast Furnace Hearth Management for Safe and Long Compaigns

Blast Furnace PCI Coal Selection at Ispat Inland

BOF Hood Life Cycle Cost Improvement Program

Breaking the Work-Harder Syndrome During Process Improvement

Carbon in HBI-DRI - Optimizing EAF Practices

Care and Maintenance of Weighing Equipment in the Melt Shop

Caster Operation, Design and Maintenance to Ensure High Product Quality

Causes and Remedies for Electrode Breaks

CCT Diagrams for Mold Flux Crystallization Studies

Characterization of Inclusions in TiSULC Steels from Degasser to Mold

Chemical and Microstructural Comparison Between Ductile Iron and Cast Steel

Coal and Coke Requirements and Outlook for Europe

Combustion Characteristics of Pulverized Coals and Char Released in Blast Furnace Off-Gas

Comparative Analysis of the Burden Distribution Patterns as Executed by Charging Devices of Various Designs

Comparison of the Desulfurization of Pig Iron with Lime or Calcium Carbide Co-Injected with Magnesium

Comprehensive Mold and Oscillator Monitoring as a Means to Reduce Maintenance Costs, Enhance Quality & Productivity

Computer Applications of Thermodynamic Databases to Inclusion Engineering

Condition Based Maintenance of Turret Bearing Continuous Casting of Steel Making

Considerations for the Use of Alternative Iron Materials in the EAF - Current Understanding

Continuous Caster Design For High Quality Steel in Nippon Steel Corporation

Continuous Horizontal Sidewall (CHS) Scrap Charging

Conversion of Burns Harbor's Slab Casters from Lift to Quick SEN Changing

Conversion of Ispat Inland's No. 1 Slab Caster to Vertical Bending

Converters Revamping with New Combined Blowing Process by CST

Corus Ijmuiden BF No. 6 Ends Successful 16-year Campaign

CRISP - The Novel Hatch Compact Reduced Iron Steelmaking Process

CVRD's Approach to Provide Ferrous Burden Solutions for the Customers

Deeper Understanding and Technological Improvement of Iron Ores Bedding and blending Process in WISCO

Degradation mechanism of stopper ends and nozzle seating areas in continuous casting

Development of a New submerged Entry Nozzle for Thin Slab Casting Mold

Development of Burden Distribution Control at New Mizushima No. 4 Blast Furnace

Development of Coke Strength After Reaction (CRS) at Dofasco

Development of Ladle Slag Practices at Siderar

Development of Low Carbon Low Nitrogen steel at Companhia Siderurgica de Tubarao (CST)

Development of Technology for Blowing Fine Bubbles into Tundish through Porous Plug Using Molten Steel Flow

Development of the Ladle Slag Recycling Process by Using the Multi-Divided Slag Pot

Developments of Refractory Linings for Basic Oxygen Furnaces in Germany

Different Slivers Type Observed in Sollac Steel Plants and Improved Practice to Reduce Surface Defects on Cold Roll Sheet

Disintegration and Wetting Behavior of Silicon Carbide Briquettes

Dissolution of Inclusions in Steelmaking Slags

Dissolution of Magnesite and Dolomite in Simulated EAF Slags

DRI Pellets as a Scrap Substitute at Ispat Inland Inc.'s No. 4 BOF Shop

Droplets: an indispensable tool in Process Engineering Research

Dynamic Interaction Between Process Modelling and Product Development in Continuous Casting

EAF Energy Optimization at Nucor Yamato Steel

EAF Refractory Performance at Pacific Steel New Zealand

Economical Recovery of Iron Ore Fines

Economics of Microalloyed Steels

Effect of Glass Fiber and Fe2O3 Additions to MgO Tundish Lining on the Wettability of Molten Steel/MgO System

Effect of MgO and Al203 on the viscosity of CaO-SiO2-Al203-MgO-FeO slag

Effect of Thermal Treatment Under Nitrogen - Methanol Atmosphere in Hardness, Case Depth and Microstructure of 1018, 8620 and 8625 AISI Steels

Effective Use of Non-Conventional Materials in Stainless Steel Making

Effects of Titanium Pick-up in Mould Fluxes for Stainless Steel

Electromagnetic Stirring in Slab Caster Molds What and Why

Electromagnetic Stirring in the Mould at the Newly-Rebuilt Posco Pohang No. 3 - 3 Machine

Energy & Graphite Electrodes Saving In Ori Martin, Brescia-Italy

Energy Optimization for EAF Melting Operations

Equipment and Practice Enhancements at Dofasco's Vacuum Degas Tank for ULC Steel

Evolution of Feed Materials for the Electric Arc Furnace

Exfoliation Corrosion on Dofasco's #1 Continuous Caster

Experiences and Results obtained in the BOF's of AHMSA when fabricating in plant its own synthetic slags

Experimentally Simulating Heat Transfer Condisions at the Meniscus

Extending the Performance of Caster Components at Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel

Extension of No. 3 coke oven service life at JFE-Fukuyama works

FASTEEL: The Next Step in Steelmaking

Fundamental Analysis on the Heat Transfer of the Double Hot Thermocouple for the Measurement of Thermal Diffusivity off Molten Slag

HBI as a Balance to Productivity and Residual Control in Steel Plants

Heat Balance of Siderar Continuous Casting

High efficiency Hot Metal Desulfurization Process with Propane Gas Top Blowing Method

High Quality and High Speed Casting Technologies for Round Billet Caster

High-Temperature Solid-state Phase Transitions in Steel

History-based Prediction Model for Sinter Plant

How to Establish Continuous Improvement in Steelmaking

Hydrogen and Nitrogen Control In Ladle and Casting Operations

Ideal Taper Prediction for Billet Casting

Ideal Taper Prediction for Slab Casting

Improvement of Campaign Life of No. 2 Blast Furnace at Capital Iron and Steel Group Co.

Inclusion Analysis to Predict Casting Behavior

Inclusion Investigation during Clean Steel Production at Baosteel

Inclusions are not just Inclusions but a Catalyzer for the Heterogeneous Nucleation

Inclusions in Aluminum-Killed Steel with Varying Calcium Additions

Instant Control of Metallurgical Slags in EAF and Ladle Utilizing an Electro-Chemical Sensor

Interfacial Friction-Related Phenomena in Continuous Casting with Mold Slags

Interfacial Phenomena during Interactions of Graphite-Alumina Refractories with Liquid Steel

Investigation on Mold Powder of Low Carbon Steel for CSP Thin Slab Continuous Casting

Isolated Integration - A Multi-Layered Fiber Network installation in the Slab Group, Sparrows Point Division, Bethlehem Steel Corporation

Kinetics of Carbon Injection into Electrical Arc Furnace Slags

KOBM Versus EAF Steel - Which is Cleaner?

Ladle eye Detection Using Multi-Variate Image Analysis

Lightweight, Long Life Copper Stavelets - further Design Improvements and Test Results in a 9,75 m Blast Furnace

Limestone and dolomite reactions in pellets made of magnetite concentrate

Maintaining Casting Performance and the Continuous Improvement Process at Ispat Inland's No. 7 Blast Furnace

Mathematical and Physical Modeling of a Novel Metal Delivery System for Strip Casting in Single-belt Casters

Mathematical Modeling & Simulation of DR Shaft Furnace at HADEED DR Plant

Mathematical Modeling of Blast Furnace Oil Injection

Mathematical Modeling of DC Electric Arc Furnace Operations

Mathematical Modeling of the Effect of Flow Controllers on the Inclusion Trajectories, Heat and Mass Transfer in Continuous Casting Tundish

Measurement and Control of Mold Flux on a Continuous Caster

Measurement of the Wobble in a Mold Continuous Casting of Steelmaking

Melt Flow Control in a Complex Geometry Tundish At High Casting Rates

Merely Compliant or Safety Leadership?

Metallurgical Coals from Indiana Geological Survey Database

Metallurgically Engineered Flux for Liquid Steelmaking

Microstructure and Impact Properties of Welds in a HSLA Steel Prepared with ER70S-2 and ER70S-3 Electrodes

Mineralogical Impact of Boudouard's Equilibrium During Induration

Monitoring Sytem of Blast Furnace Lining Condition and Its On-line Application in Jinan Iron and Steel Co.

More Steel Out of Less Hot Metal During the Reline of a Blast Furnace

New Coke Oven door with Pressure Equalization Duct

Nitrogen behavior in an AOD converter

Nitrogen Strain Aging in Microalloyed Steels

Observation of the Effect of Droplet Size on the Contact Angle between Liquid Iron and a Single Crystal, Alumina Substrate at 1873?

Optimal Control of Cupola Operation

Optimization of Tuyere Parameters for Natural Gas Injection and Control of Heterogeneity of Blast Furnace Operation

Overview of the Japanese Cokemaking Technology

Peritectic Transition in the Hypoperitectic Iron-Nickel System

Phase Equilibria of Two-liquid CaO-MgO-FetO-P2O5-Si02 Slag Phase Saturated with (Mg,Fe)O and Its Refining Ability

Phase-Filed Modeling for Solidification of Steels

Physical and Mathematical Simulation of Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Particle Motion in a 6-Strand Continuous Casting Tundish

Powder Consumption and Heat Transfer for Mould Fluxes

Prediction and Prevention of Slopping in the BOF

Prediction of VAR Solidification Conditions by Using Numerical Analysis

Production of Direct Reduced Iron by a Sheet Material Insertion Metallization Method

Production of Linepipe Steels at Imexsa

Production of ULC IF Steel Grades at Voestalpine Stahl GmbH, Linz

Radio Wave Interferometer Measurements of Slag Depth

Recent Operating Experience with Dry Running Vacuum Pumps on Vacuum Degassing and Vacuum Oxygen Decarburising Systems

Recycling of ladle slah and spent refractories by injection into EAF

Reduction of Energy Consumption in Iron Ore Induration by High Utilization of Coke Breeze

Relationship Between Nozzle Deposits and Inclusion Composition in the Continuous Casting of Steels

Requirements on residual materials for the injection into blast furnaces

Results of Goodfellow EFSOP at Birmingham Steel Corp., Seattle, WA, USA

Revamp of the Two DC Furnaces at Nucor Steel - Decatur

Scrap Optimization Strategy for a New Era of Steelmaking

SMI-Texas Operating Results Using Module Technology from MORE

Snort Valve Replacement at WCI Steel

Softshooting Lighter Materials into the Depth of a Liquid Pool

Some Factors Affecting the Ductility of Steel at High Temperatures

Start-up and Operating Experience of the CASTRIP Process at Nucor Crawfordsville

Status, Results and Application of the EUROSTRIP Twin Roll Strip Casting Process

Steel Cleanliness at SIDMAR

Steel Ladle Campaign Improvements at Bethlehem Steel Sparrows Point

Steel Sampling to Study Inclusions

Steel Slag Asphalt: Pavement of the Future

Study on Effect of Nozzle Arrangement Manner in Secondary Cooling Zone on Slab Quality for No.1930 Slab Caster in Baosteel

Study on Level Fluctuation and Fluid Mixed Characteristics in Mold for Twin Roll Strip Caster by a Water Model

Surface Temperature Differences in Refractory Lining Deduced from Post-Mortem Analysis

Technological Evolution of Magnesia-Carbon Bricks for Steel Ladles in Argentina

The Application of Cigar IR Camera System at No.3 and No.4 BF of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co.

The Control of Tundish slag Behavior in Continuous Casting Process

The Effect of Flow Modifiers on the Hydrodynamic Performance of a Delta-shpaed, Four-strand Tundish

The Effect of Mold Flux Films on Radiative Heat Transfer on Copper

The Effect of the Presence of Liquid Films on a Copper Mold Surface on the Rate of HeatTransfer during the Solidification of Steel Droplets

The future for lance-based vision and sensing systems in the steel industry

The Impact of Casting Parameters on Electrode Quality and VAR Behavior in High Ti Ni-Fe-Cr Alloys

The Integration of Multiple SVC's on a Single EAF Bus

The Investigation of Predicting the Coke Rate Based on BP Neural Network

The Iron Ore Industry Fatal Attraction or Real Returns?

The Mesabi Nugget Project New Iron Making Technologyh of the Future

The Mysteries of Slags- Structure, Properties and Applications

The Performance and Actions of Saving Energy for Sinter Plant in CSC

The Process Metallurgy of Ladle-Tundish-Mould Operations for Continuously Casting Slabs, Blooms, and Billets

The Production of Free Cutting and Improved Machinability Steels, with and without Lead Additions, at Acindar's Steelmaking Shop

The Production Practice of High coal Injection Rate with Low Oxygen addition in Iron-making Plant Shougang Group

The Reaction Kinetics of Nitrogen with Liquid Iron Containing Surface Active Species- Is Nitrogen in Steelmaking an Old Subject or a Modern Topic? -

The Removal of Tin from Liquid Steel by Calcium Injection

The Role of CFD Modeling in Development of the Hismelt Process

The Shape and Movement of Hearth in the Furnace For a New Ironmaking Process

The Strength After Partial Reduction of Commercial Iron Ore Pellets

The Strength Controlling Porperties of Coke and Their Relationship to Tumble Drum Indices and Coal Type

The Supply and Use of Vanadium

The U.S. Coal Industry in 2002 and 2003

The Use of Fundamental Models in Developing Practical Process Control Models for sulfur and Hydrogen Refining

The Use of Fundamentals to Control Dissolved Gases

Thermal Control System of CST's Steelmaking Plant

Thermodynamic Behavior of Chlorine in Blast Furnace Slag

Towards Bulk Amorphous Sheet Materials on a Single Belt Horizontal Caster?

Tundish Slide-Gate System for Enhanced Performance, Reduced Alumina Clogging, and Extended String Length

Turbulent Flow and Particle Motion in Continuous Slab-Casting Molds

Twin Casting Process in the Continuous Slab Caster #2 Companhia Siderurgica de Tubarao (CST)

Understanding Energy Use in The EAF: Practical Considerations and Exceptions to Theory

Unusual Arcing Phenomena in Modern Arc furnaces: An Update

Used Motor Oils - Source of Environment Contamination or Fuel for Blast Furnaces?

Utilization of Mid-Volatile Coal Resources to Satisfy Present Blast Furnace Coke Quality Demands

VAI-CON Desulf- A Pioneering Process for Hot-Metal Desulfurization

Value-In-Use and Yield-In-Use from Iron Ore Through DRI and EAF for Sales-Limited and Production-Limited Operation

Water Model Study of the Spout and Eye Formation in a Gas-Stirred Ladle

Web-Based Computer Model for Blast Furnace Performance Analysis

X-ray Observation of Blast Furnace Burden

Yield Improvements During Iron Desulfurization When Utilizing Flow Aided Compounds for Modifying Slag Characteristics