2003 AISE Annual Convention and Exposition

A Cost Effective Automatic Shape / Flatness Control System

A Creative Approach To RCRA Corrective Action At An Integrated Steel Plant

A Discussion of the Coordinated Application of Roll Gap Lubrication, Work Roll Cooling,and Anti-Peeling Systems in Hot Rolling Mills

A Model for Product Specifications in the Production Life Cycle of SBQ Steel

A model for the communication of the product recipe tothe rolling mill control system for the production of longproducts

A New Method of Inspection for Roll Life

A New Process of Iron Ore Smelting Without Hard Coke

Advanced Radiant Tube Heating System for High-Output Strip Heating

Advanced Spectral Analysis

Advantages of Continuous Monitoring of Partial Discharges inRotating Equipment and Switchgear

AISE Convention and Expo 2003 Conversion to Fully Automatic Operation at a Major Hot Strip Mill Slab Yard

All Crane Electrical Cables and Reels Are Not Created Equal

Alternative Iron Making Process Using Cold-Bonded Pellets

An Advanced Strip Temperature Controller for Hot Rolling Mills

Analysis of the Stress Fields Within Coils During Annealing

Application of Fuzzy technique for on-line planning of coalblend in an integrated Steel Plant

Application of Sand-Ballasted Settling Technology in High Density Sludge Process

Are Regenerative Burners OK for large Reheating Furnaces?

Argon Injection Optimization at the CST Continuous Casting Machine

Assessing Plant Potential for Asset Management

Automatic Leveling and Flatness Control in a Steel Hot Strip Mill Based on Loopers with a Tension Measurement Device

AvestaPolarit 353 MA® - A Problem Solver for the Steel and Metals Industry

Basic Principles of Modeling in Metallurgical Design of Flat-Rolled Steel Products

Benchmark Study of the EAF Plants Using KT Injection System (Case of Long Products Carbon Steel Production)

Best Practices For Shutdown Maintenance “A Recipe For Success”

Blast Furnace Lining And Cooling Technology

BOF Water Cooled Tap Hole Drill

Boiler and Combustion Safety What You Don’t Know CAN Kill You!

Build Up (Ridges) A 40 Year Odyssey

Centralized Lubrication Systems - Quick Venting Injectors for Single Line Systems.

Coil Protection

Coke Oven Management Information Technology

Cold Rolling of Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel

Comparative Analysis of Dolomitic Lime and Chinese Magnesite Practices in Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking Slags

Comprehensive Caster Monitoring at Dofasco’s #2CC

Comprehensive Mold and Oscillator Monitoring

Continuous caster roll improvements from machine head through horizontal section

Continuous Casting: Benefits of CyberLink˙ Technology

Conversion from a DC Furnace Conductive Bottom to a SMS Demag Pin-Type Bottom Electrode

Danieli for Duferco La Louviere Belgium EAF DC Production Record

Deformation and Recrystallization Texture in Tin Plates Microstructure

Design Aspects of the Ideal LD Steelmaking Converter

Developing a Report Generator for the Automatic Analysis of Rolling Data in Heavy Plate Mills

Developing and Implementing an Enterprise Reliability Strategy (ERS) in Steel Operations

Development of the Next Generation of Bath Hardware Materials

Dofasco Inc. #2 Hot Mill Profile and Flatness Control Upgrade

Dongbu Steel's New Cold Rolling Complex — From Commissioning to Full Production

Effects of Alloying Elements on the Mechanical Properties of the High Purity Steel

EFS: The new Ezz flat Steel Minimill for flat products

Energy Optimization For EAF Melting Operations Using Goodfellow EFSOP˙

EWR® “Endless Welding Rolling” and “Spooler lines”. The results of innovative equipment for effective cost saving operating plants

Exfoliation Corrosion in the Spray Chamber of Dofasco's #1 Continuous Caster (A)

Fleet Tracking at Nucor Steel Crawfordville’s Direct Strip Caster

Fluid Viscosity Selection Criteria for Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

From Blast Furnace to EAF: The Technology for the Conversion from Integrated Producer to High Quality Electric Minimill

Grease Selection for Continuous Casting and Other Harsh Applications

Guide & Restbar Solutions for Vertical Stands

Higher Efficiency in the Production of Steel Strips by Online Material Testing EGM

How to get the Best from Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Hydraulic Fluids Over View

Implementation of Optimizations Methods for Quality Control atContinuous Casting #2 in U.S.Steel Koţice

Improvements in Load Capacity of Continuous Caster Roll Bearings from Developments in Bearing Housing Design.

Improving the Reliability and Performance of Dofasco’s Hot Strip Mill Descale System

Industry in the 21st Century has more pressure to successfully perform than ever before in history!

Influence of the Chemical Composition of Low Carbon Steels on their Hot Ductility at Dropping Temperature into the Low Ductility Region

Innovations in Industrial Marking

Innovations in Measurement Services

Instituting a Cost-Effective Preventing Maintenance Process

Integration of Health and Safety Practices and Initiatives with Equipment and Process Improvements at Dofasco's Blast Furnaces

Intelligent Solutions for the Slab-Caster Machine Head

InterMix Computer Prediction Model an Effective Way to Control and Identification the Intermix Area.

Latest Developments of In-Line Gauging for Hot Rolling of Long Products

Lecture of Roll gap adjustment facilities in a narrow 20-high mill

Lubrication as a Reliability Partner

Measurement of Deflections in Steel Columns Using Laser Scanning Technology

Measuring Maintenance Effectiveness: The Bulls and the Bears

Mechanical Behavior in Coil Banding

Minicold 21˙ - Cold Rolling for the 21st century

Modeling and Implementation of the System for Indirect Bath Temperature Measurement at an LD Converter

Mold Water Cooling System and Emergency Cooling System Improvements

More Efficient Hydraulic Descaling Header Designs

Multimedia Environmental Audit Issues Confronting Steel in the 21st Century

New Achievements in Quality Control Systems for Hot Band

New Skid Button Design for Hot Strip Mill Re-heating Furnace Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Yoshihide Shida, Shinji Amako KUBOTA Corporation Steel Casting Manufacturing Dept. JAPAN

NSR Reform: Update on the New Regulations and their Impact on Air Permitting at Iron & Steel Production Facilities

Oil Contamination Effects and Filtration Requirements for Journal Bearings

Oil Recovery Systems

Operational Advantages of Hot Metal Charging in an Electric Arc Furnace

Performance Results of PTI’s JetBOx˙ Technologyfor Oxygen Injection and Chemical Energy Introduction

Planning & Implementation of a 3-roll Reducing & Sizing Blockas a Means of Increasing Quality and Productivity in Rod and Bar Mills

Predicting Service Performance of Prepainted Steel Using the Prohesion Test

Predictive Maintenance of DC Drives on Process Lines

Profit Centered Maintenance Eliminating the Cost of Hope

Project Financing — Lender and Investor Concerns

Reliability Based Approach to Mill Drive Spindle Maintenance

Reliability Based Design - Annealing Furnace Helper Roll Bearing Upgrade

Reliability through service supplier partnerships

Replacement of the collecting mains at the Acominas CokePlant (Brazil) while maintaining production

Revamp of the Two DC Furnaces at Nucor Steel - Decatur

Rolling Mill Applications of Rolling Mill Applications ofComputerized Vibration and Computerized Vibration andTemperature Monitoring System Temperature Monitoring System

Scale Basin Design Criteria for Effective Mill Scale and Oil Removal

Slab Caster Spray Chamber Corrosion

Start-up and Operating Results of the CoJet® Sidewall Injectors on a Consteel furnace

Start-up of the Blast Furnaces at ISG Clevelend Inc.

Status of Developing Iron & Steelmaking Technologies New technologies nearing commercial reality

Steel Dynamics Inc. Meltshop and Bloom / Beam Blank Caster Design and Commissioning

Steel Facility Harmonic Filter System Application

Sublance Control. Sublance and dynamic control: the ultimate tool in steelmaking

Surface Evaluation Methods of Coated Sheets of USSK

System Conditioning and Improved Reliability for New or Existing Hydraulics and Gearboxes

System for Inspection of Pickled Surface

Techint Innovative Combustion System (I.C.S.®)

Technological challenges in high productivity stainless castingat Outokumpu Stainless Tornio

Technological packages for the effective control of SlabCasting

The China Experience on Incorporating Long Products Technology

The Development of Coke Properties for the Improvement of Blast Furnace Operations

The Effect of Surface Oxide Films on Heat Transfer BehaviorIn the Strip Casting Process

The Impact of Installation Issues on Bearing Currents in PWM Inverter Applications

The Implementation of Ultralife˙ Copper Casting Technology in the EAF

The MULTILINE High speed wire rod mill

The Practical Application of Coke Plant Automation Systems

The Switch from Reactive to Proactive Maintenance: Crawfordsville Cold Mill

Theory of Heads and Tails

Theory, Validation and Application of a Microstructure Evolution Model Used for Hot Strip Rolling

Tight and Efficient Electrical Arc Furnace Fume Exhaust Control by New Automation Techniques

Tips on Industrial Water Conservation, Treatment, Recycle, and Reuse

Two-Stage Real-time Surface Defect Detection in Hot Rolling Process

VAiron Operator Guidance System Installation at USA’s Largest Blast Furnace

Valbruna: new CCM for stainless steel

Waterless, Non-Consumable, High Efficiency EAF Injector

Zinc in Iron and Steelmaking — Proposal for an Internal Recycling System for Zinc- Containing Wastes