2002 Steelmaking Proceedings

A Perspective Of Practicle Issues Relating To Tundish Development

Advanced Modeling Improves Efficiency Of Dofasco's Desulphurization Facility

Advances In Furnace Tapping

Analysis Of Alumina Inclusions Behavior In Ladle Refining

Behavior During Preheating Of Stopper Rod And Sen

BOF Bath Level Measurement For Lance Height Control At The Sparrows Point Plant

Carbon Solubility In Steelmaking Slag

CFD Aided Design Of A Multiple-Strand Tundish

Comparison Of Heat Transfer Through Tundish Sprays And Dry Vibratable Tundish Linings During Casting

Consensus And Conflict In The Steel Market

Continuous Caster Mold Level Control Study

CSP - Concepts For Stainless Steel And The First CSP Production Plant At AST/Italy

Decarburization Of Low Carbon Steel Melts With C02-02 Under Vacuum

Development And Implementation Of BOF Slag Splashing At Rourkela Steel Plant

DOFASCO Cut Plan And Optimization Project Conception To Results

Dynamic Gap Control At Bethlehem's Sparrows Point Caster No. 1 - Technology And Operational Results

Effect Of Surface Active Element Sulfur On The Interfacial Energies Between Gas, Solid And Molten FE-C-S Alloys

Elimination Of Ladle Fume Emissions

Elimination Of Surface Defects In Cold Rolled Extra Low Carbon Steel Sheet

Energy Recovery And BOS Stack Emission Reduction By Controlling The Combustion Of Waste Gas

EUROSTRIP - A Quantum Leap For Hot Band Production Via The Strip Casting Technology

Evaluation And Control Of Steel Cleanliness-Review

Experimental Study On The Spray Cooling Of High Temperature Metal Using Full Cone Industrial Sprays

Expert EAF Suite For Process Control Optimization

Fast Slab Quality Judgement By Means Of Fast Macro-Metallographic Laboratory

Heat Flux Calculations From Thermocouples-What Can Be Measured?

Imporvement Of The BOF Operation Using Fluxing Material Containing Fe-oxide And Silica

Improvement Of Energy Usage And Environmental Impacts In A Steel Plant

Influence Of AOD Practice On The Inclusion Defects On Cold Rolled Strips

Influence Of CaF2 On Viscosity And Structure Of Molten Slags

Innovations In Slab Casting

Interfacial Area In Top Blown Oxygen Steelmaking

Intermix Trials At The U.S. Steel Edgar Thomson Works Dual-Strand Caster

Is Globalization good For The North American Steel Industry?

Kinetic Study Of In-situ Si02 Reduction In Carbon-Bearing Refractories

Kinetics Of Alumina Dissolution In Molten Slags

Ladle Turret Slewing Bearing Replacement & Metallurigical Lenght Extension At Wheeling - Pittsburgh Steel Corporation

Mathematical Modeling For RH Refining Process Of Molten Steel

Mathematical Modeling Of Mold Powder Infiltration And Heat Extraction Near Meniscus In Continuous Casting

Maximum Casting Speed For Continuous Cast Steel Billets Based On Sub-Mold Bulging Computation

Methodology For Metallographic Study Of Defects In Carbon Steel Long Products

Methodology For Selection Of Mould Fluxes For Continuous Casting Of Medium Carbon And Stainless Steel Slabs

Mold Crack Formation Of The Funnel Shaped Mold During Then Slap Casting

Mold Fluxes Fluoride Content, Some Technological Considerations

Mould Powder Selection Model For Continuous Casting

Mould Thermal Evaluation In A Slab Continuous Casting Machine

New Technology For Oxygen Introduction In The Electric Arc Furnaces

Nucleation And Growth Of Alumina Inclusions During Steel Deoxidation

Optimiazation Of Narrow-Face Water Slots Design For The Siderar Slab Casting Mold.

Optimization Of Production Process In Shougang No. 3 Steel Plant

Optimizing The BOF Scrap Charge At Bethlehem Steel's Sparrows Point Division

Phase Relations And Activity Measurements For The Al2O3-SiO2-TiOx System

Physical And Mathematical Models Of Gas-Liquid Dynamics In BOF Converters

Recent Improvement Of The Caster Strand Monitoring Technology Of POSCO For Flow Path Management Of Continuous Casting Machine

Recovery Of Valuables And Stabilization Of Chrome(VI) In Stainless Steel Flue Dust Fines

Reducing Vessel Fume Losses And Recycling Of BOF Residuals

Solidification And Flow Behaviour Of Mould Fluxes

Sophisticated Monitoring Of Caster Turret Bearings And Structural Foundations

Study On Heat Diffusion Coefficient Of CC Mould Fluxes

The Chemical Wear Of The Sen-Slagline In The Continuous Casting Of Stainless Steels

The Continuous Charge Of Hot Metal And Preheated Scrap In The Electric Arc EAF With The Consteel Process

The Operation And Maintenance Of A Continuous Tundish Temperature System

Thermodynamic Modeling For Deoxidation Control Of Steel In LMF

Thermodynamics Of Carbon In Liquid Ferromanganese Alloys

Tundish Level Detector

User Benefits Of Modern Air Mist Nozzle And Secondary Cooling System Tehcnology