2002 Mechanical Working Steel Processing Proceedings

3D Transient FEM Analysis Of Width Variation During Hot Rolling

A Mathematical Model To Predict Microstructural Changes And Final Mechanical Properties Of API-Grade Steel Plates Produced By Thermomechanical Control Processing

Air Knife Coating In Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Al-Oxid Layer On Hot-Dip Galvanised Steel Sheet: Characterisation And Influence On Weldability

An Analytical Model For The Lateral Spread And Shape Defects From The Rolling Of A Ridge Profile Or Edge Drop

Analysis Of Strip Track-Off During Flat Rolling

Analytical Modeling Of The Phase Transformation Kinetics Of Intermetallic Particles Suspended In Hot-Dip Galvanizing And Galvannealing Baths

Application Of Hot Strip Shape Comprehensive Control Strategy At 1780 Hot Strip Rolling Line In Anshan Iron And Steel Complex

Bi-Metallic Rolls Including High Speed Steel Work Rolls Made By ESS LM

Boiling Heat Transfer During Water Jet Impingement On A Run-Out Table

Carbide-Enhanced Graphitic Cast Iron For Finish Rolling Of Hot Strip - A Total Performance Survey

Causes Of Variation In Yield Strength In HSLA Strip Steels

Characterization Of Dual Phase Steels By Electron Backscattered Diffraction Techniques

Coil Set In Emboss Tempering

Comparison Of Different Longitudinal Plug Tube Rolling Schemes

Control Of Roll Contour For Strip Profile And Flatness In Hot Rolling

Control Of Rolled In Scale Defects At Dofasco's Hot Strip Mill

CPC HSS Rolls For The Last Finishing Stands In Hot Strip Mills

CPC Roll Performance At Dofasco's 68-Inch Hot Mill

Current Trends For Cold Rolling Applications With HSS Rolls

Decarburization And Oxide Formation Minimization In Steel Reheating Furnaces

Deformation Behavior Of Ferritic Rolling And Improvement Of The Rolling Force Model

Derivation Of An On-Line Model For The Prediction Of Roll Force And Roll Power In Hot Strip Rolling By FEM

Determination Of Crash-Relevant Material Parameters By Dynamic Tensile Tests

Determination Of The Optimal Parameters For The Thermo-Mechanical Treatment Of Chromium-Molybdenum Martensitic Steel With Alloying Nitrogen

Development And Application Of Forged Rolls For Cold Strip Mills

Development And Applications Of CPC Type High Speed Steel Roll For Cold Rolling

Development Of A Comperhensive Roll Inspection System

Development Of A High Performance Vacuum Rolling Mill

Development Of Galvannealing And Coating Weight Control System

Development Of HDGI/HDGA Dual Phase Steel Family (DP500, DP600, DP800, DP1000) At National Steel Corporation

Development Of High Order Phase Diagrams For Practical Applications In Galvanizing

Development Of Rolling Technique For Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe With Plug Mill Process

Development Of Spincast Hot Rolls Through Microstructural Optimization

Development Of Steel Matrix Composite For Forming Tools

Development Of The Predictive Type FF-AGC For Plate Rolling

Distribution And Composition Of Surface Oxides On High Strength IF-Steels After Recrystallisation Annealing

Dross Formation And Control During Transitions From Galvannealing To Galvanizing

Dynamic Thermal Profile Development Of Work Rolls For IPSCO Steckel Mills

Effect Of Annealing Temperature On Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of Mn-Added Extra-Low Carbon Steel

Effect Of Deformation Parameters In the Region On The Ferrite Morphologies In Low-Carbon And Microalloyed Steels

Effect Of Deforming High Temperature Phases On Hot Ductility In Microalloyed Steels

Effect Of Matrix/MnS Particle Interaction On Hot Workability Of S Free-Cutting Steels

Effective Technology Of Heat Treatment Of Large-Sized Punch Tools Made From Half-Heat Resistance Steels

Effective Tension Levelling Processes For Steel Strips

Effects Of Alloying On The Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of High Strength Plate Steels

Effects Of Austenitization, Cooling Path, And The Divorced Eutectoid Transformation On Spheroidization Of 52100 Steel

Effects Of Bearing Design On The Wear Of A Journal Bearing Sliding In Molten Zinc

Enhanced Hot Dip Galvanising By Controlled Oxidation In The Annealing Furnace

Environmental Improvements By Using Water-Based Synthetic Lubricants In Steel-Strip Rolling

Evolution Of Hot Rolling Mill Rolls With CPC Type High Speed Steel Rolls

Experimental Investigation And 3-D FEM Simulation Of The Process Of Rolling Of Bimetallic Rods

Factors Affecting Surface Friction Of Galvannealed Steel Sheet

Fatigue Behavior Of Advanced High Strength Steels For Automation Applications

Fatigue Of A Steel And Embrittlement By Liquid Metals

Fe Solubility In The Zn-Rich Corner Of The Zn-Al-Fe System For Use In Continuous Galvanizing

Finishing Mill Upgrade In High-Speed Mills

Finite Element Analysis Of Three Dimensional Strip Temperatures In Hot Strip Rolling

Flexible, Top Quality, Low Cost Rod And Bar Production

Friction And Surface Roughness In Hot Strip Rolling

Friction Measurement In Hot Rolling Of Steel

High Strain Rate Behavior Of Advanced High Strenght Steels For Automotive Applications

High-Strength Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Grades: A Critical Comparison Of Alloy Design, Line Configuration And Properties

Improvement Of Pickling Characteristics Of Hot-Rolled Strip Through Heat Treatment Of The Oxide Scale

Influence Of Galvanneal Coating Structure On Press Formability

Influence Of Substrate Characteristics On The Inhibition Layer Breakdown and Galvannealing Kinetics

Integrated On-Line Work Roll Surface Observation At The Sidmar HSM

Integrated Process-Metallurgy Modeling: Example Of Precipitation During Coil Cooling

Intelligent Stretch Forgin Of Slab With Automatic Design Of Forging Sequence Using One-Step Finite Element Analysis

Inverse Engineering Approach In Selecting Process Parameters For Optimum Bar Rolling

Key Features In The Landscape Of Hot Dip Galvanizing

Metallurgical Aspect Of Multi-Component White Cast Irons For Hot Rolling Mill Roll

Microstructure Development In TRIP-Sheet Steels Containing Si, Al, and P

Microstructure Evolution During Annealing Of A Boron-Containing IF Steel

Modeling Of Austenite Decomposition In Advanced High Strength Steels During Run-Out Table Cooling

Modeling The Effects Of Alloying Elements On The Ferrite Formation Kinetics

Modelling Of The Cold Rolling Of Thin Strip With Lubrication By Finite Element Method

Modelling The Microstructural Evolution During Hot Strip Rolling

Modern Simulations Of Strip And Rod Hot Rolling

New Grade CPC Roll And A Centrifugal Cast HSS Roll With CPC Outer Shell Chemistries

Novel Strategies To Improve Properties Of Long Products

Numerical Analysis Of The Effect Of Temperature Variation On Flow In A Continuous Galvanizing Bath

On Modeling The Shape Chaqnges And Microstructural Evolution In The Steady State Rolling Process

On The Pickling Mechanisms Of Hot-Rolled Steel Strip

Oprimization Of Groove Design For Rolling Of Long Products

Particle Size And Composition Of Dross Particles From Galvanize And Galvanneal Operations

Possibilieties Of Mathematical Modelling Of Deformation Of Samples With Mushy Zone

Precise Prediction Of Three Dimensional Thermaland Metallurgical Behavior Of Strip On Run-Out-Table In Host Strip Rolling

Preduiction And Controlling Of Cracks In Metal Forming

Process Optimal Design In Tandem Cold Rolling By Genetic Algorithm

Progress And Prospect Of Steel Rolling Technique In China

Realization Of The U-Shaped Coiling Temperature Control On HSM Of Baosteel

Research On The Constitutive Equation Of Twin Roll Strip Casting Process

Retention And Deformation Characteristics Of Austenite In A TRIP Aided Hot Rolled Steel

Roll Grinding And Roll Texturing In Modern Fully Automatic Roll Shops

Silicon And Aluminium In Low Alloyed Trip-Steels

Simulations And Industrial Trials Of Microstructural And Thermal Fields In Heavy Steel Forgings Quenched In Water-Air Mixture

Solubility Products For VC and NbC in Baked Hardenable ULC Steels

Strip Profile Modeling Software Development For IPSCO Steckel Mills

Strip Shape Analysis In Cold Rolling

Study Of Metadynamic Recrystallization Phenomena In Coarse Grained Nb Microalloyed Austenite

Study On Backup Roll Contour Of Hot Strip Mills Based On Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

Study On Shifting Force Of Roll Axially Shifting Mills

Study On The Behaviors Of Profile And Flatness Control For Plate Mills

Successful Implementation Of A Physical On-line Model For Coiling Temperature Control in CORUS' Hot Strip Mill #2 at IJmuiden

Super Flatness Analysis And Control System For Cold-Rolled Wide Strip Steel

Superior Formability And Impact Toughness Of Hot Rolled Nb-Ti Microalloyed Steels In Relation To V-Cb Microalloyed Steels

Synchronous Learning Algorithm With Gain Scheduling Fo Both Time-Variant And Rolling Conditional Factor

The Application Of Simulated Annealing Algorithm To Improve Wear Models For Rolls In Plate Mills

The Cause Of Hardness Fluctuation For Hot Rolled Strip And Imporving Measurement

The Effect Of Market Demank And Operation Philosophy On The Productivity In A Bar And Wire Rod Mill

The Effect Of Roll Roughness And Lubricant Viscosity On The Rolling Parameters During Cold Rolling Of Low Carbon Steel Strips

The Effect Of Vanadium On Mechanical Properties And Forgability Of Air-Cooled Microalloying Forging Steels

The Formation Of Craters Within Galvanneal Coating And Their Effects On Processing Properties

The Use Of EDT Textured Rolls In A Wide Range Of Applications

Three-dimensional Numerical Analysis Of Microstructure Evolution During And After Bar Rolling Processes

Three-Dimensional Simulation of Snake Motion In A Tandem Cold Mill

Using The Aspect Ratio Of Surface Void-Volumes To Quantify Surface-Topography Directionality

Variation Modeling For A Steel Cold-Rolling Stand Using Principle Component Regression

Work Hardening Behavior Of High Strength Steels

Zinc-Based Coating Production Capabilities For Steel Sheet: Current Technical Topics And Scientific Needs