2002 AISE Annual Convention and Exposition

A new approach to coating weight model and control logics in continuous galvanizing line

A Novel Steel Order Optimisation System

A Patented Process for Using Scrap Tires As A Charge Carbon And Chemical Fuel in the Electric Arc Furnace (1)

A prediction and control system for the material properties of hot rolled steel

A Review of the Development and Commercial Application of the LNI (Low Nox Injection) Technique

A Technique for the Detection and Measurement of Chatter Marks in the Surface of Rolls

Addition of Acrylic Roll Coater to the No. 4 Hot Dip Coating Line

Advances in Tunnel Furnace Rolls

AISE Joint Paper with GE Betz and US Steel Clairton Treatment of a Coke Plant Byproducts Cooling Tower

All-Organic Inhibitor Improves Performance of Caster Cooling

Applying EAF Steelmaking Technology at the Operating Level

As Fast As Possible Makes Cheapest Steel

Automated Monitoring of Roll Grinders for Chatter-Inducing Vibration

Automating and Optimizing Coil Storage Facilities

Auxiliary Motors and Gear Motors for the Steel Industry -Applications and Solutions in Combination with VectorControlled Frequency Converters

Batch Annealing Modernization at California Steel

Bearing Remanufacturing for the Steel, Aluminum, and Paper Industry

Bosh Stave Repair Techniques for RTI No. 3 Blast Furnace

Burns Harbor's Crane Wheel Assembly Program

Clean Steel Metallurgy

Coal Blend Rank Changes and Resultant Coke Quality From IHCC Heat Recovery Cokemaking

Cokemaking in Europe Trends and Directions

Continuous Development For A Longer Battery Life at the Rautaruukki Steel Coking Plant in Raahe, Finland

CONTinuous Induction FURnace (CONT - I - FUR)

Department of Energy Office of Industrial Technologies R&D

Design for Maintainability at U.S. Steel

Design, Installation and Commissioning of North America’s First Induction Type Edge Heater at Dofasco's Hot Strip Mill

Development of Life Prolongation Technology for Crane Wire Rope

Developments and Trends in the Design of Fluid Systems for Continuous Casting Machines

EBROS Endless Bar Rolling System

Edging In Hot-Strip Mills Design, Technology and Product Improvements

Effect of Cooling and Stacking on Buckling of Plates

Efficient Steelmaking has Environmental Benefits

Electric Arc Furnace Harmonic Filter Failure, Analysis and Repair

Elements of a Delay Reporting System to Evaluate Trends of Predetermined Variables

FASTMET®: Proven Process for Steel Mill Waste Recovery

Four Years Operating Experience of A Nite-Denite System With A High Strength Coke Plant Wastewater

From Innovative Ideas to the Successful Implementation of New Technologies

Future Billet/Sbq Production

Harnessing the Power of eBusiness to Deliver Value

Heavy Gauge Hydraulic Coiler Installation at U. S. Steel - Gary Works

High Speed Casting Of Quality Steels Severstals New Vaipomini Caster

HiTENSION® Tension Free Interstand System New Technology to Control and Monitor a Rolling Process

Hot Sprays and Strip Edge Shape Control

Hydraulic Piping Systems Mechanical Joint -vs- Welded

Improvements in Thermomechanical Processing for High Speed Rod and Bar Rolling with Reducing Sizing Mills

Increases in Productivity in BOS Operations due to New Equipment and Process Improvements

Induction Or Gas Stirring In Ladle Furnaces A Comparison

Installation of Copper Staves in Blast Furnace Hearths and their Influence on Refractory Design

ISO 14001 Certification of an Integrated Steel Mill - Management Perspectives, Plant Perspective and Consultant Perspective

Ladle Furnace Peripheral Fume Extraction

Last Achievements in Rolling Mill Finishing Ends

Material allocation optimization in the steel industry

Material and Heat Treatment Related Failures Of Large Mill Gears - Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

Measuring the Effective Use of Wire and Processing Mills

Medium Volatile Coal The Solution for Coke Oven Blends with Reduced Low Volatile Coal Content

MET2000® Production Management, Execution and Tracking

Microsoft's Component Object Model and its use in Metal Rolling Applications

Modern Control System for Hot Strip Mill #1 in ILVA - Taranto, Italy

New Advances in Temper and Skin-Pass Rolling Technology

North American Stainless Modern Steelmaking and Casting Facility for Stainless Steels

Opacity Monitoring for Electric Arc Furnaces

Optimal Production Scheduling of a Plate Mill

Perfect Sinter -The Dream of the Blast Furnace Operator

Pickle Line Tandem Cold Mill Fire Recovery Project at USS-POSCO Industries

Plant and Process Monitoring Systems (PPMS)


PRIMUS - A New Process for Iron from Ore

Productivity is red hot at automated titanium rolling mill

Refractory Properties Of Hot Blast Stoves

Reheat Furnace Optimizing Control System (Level 2) at STELCO Inc. Hilton Works Canada.

Reliability What to Work on and How to Manage the Improvements

Results and Perspectives For the Hot Metal Charge In the EAF, A Road Toward A BOF to EAF Conversion

Roll Profile Optimization Using the Linear Programming Method

Simulation of the Refining Stage of the EAF Process

Stabilization and Performance of #4 Blast Furnace Bosh

Structured On-the-Job Training - Methodology and Payback

The AusIron Direct Smelting Technology

The Effect of Blast Furnace Gas Quality and Combustion Control on Hot Blast Stove Performance

The Impact of Changing Charge Material at Georgetown Steel Corporation

The Innovative Dynamic Self-Adjusting DANIELI Electric Arc Furnace

The Installation of Supersonic Oxy-Fuel Burners on Bethlehem Lukens Plate's Electric Arc Furnace

The Intranet as a Plant Wide Reporting System

The Medium-Thin Slab Caster with Backwards Integration to the Existing Finishing Mill at Anshan, PRC

The new Continuous Slab Caster # 3 and the Twin Slab Caster # 1 at Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH in Duisburg / Germany

The Upgrade of the Rouge Steel Hot Strip Mill

Timken SES Partners in Predictive Maintenance

Training: The Human Factor

Using the Internet to Access Steel Plant Equipment, Services, and Technology

Vacuum Circuit Breakers as Furnace Breakers A Special Challenge

VAI (UK)’s Blast Furnace Rebuilds 2001

VAI-CON® Cept The performance package for AODconverters

VAI-Q Slab Quality Control for Slab Casters

Variation Analysis Of Cold-Rolled Steel Manufacturing

Verification of the Correlation Between TriboelectricBroken Bag Detector Signals and a Continuous Opacity Monitor on an EAF Baghouse

Water Quality and How it Relates to Electro-Magnetic Stirring Unit Service Life and Performance

Water Quality and How it Relates to Electro-Magnetic Stirring Unit Service Life and Performance

Wear Characteristics of Back-up Roll Materials

Weld Overlay of Inconel 625 on BOP Hoods to Improve Facility Reliability

What are the Best Practices for Preventive Maintenance (PM)?