2001 Steelmaking Proceedings

A Comparison Of Different Techniques For Determining The Crystallization Temperature Of Slags

A Static Model Approach To Study Growth And Removal Of Inclusions In Gas And Induction Stirred Ladles

A System for Optimal Melt Shop Production Planning

A Systematic Approach To Achieve Highest Converter Life In India

Alumina Pick-Up And Mould Flux Crystallisation

Analysis Of The Influence Of Slag, Metal And Inclusion Chemistry On The Cleanliness And Castability Of Steel

BOF Oxygen Lance Impovements at Sparrows Point

Byproducts Recovery At WCI Steel

Castability - From Alumina To Spinels (and More)

Combination Casting on Multi-Strand Billet/Bloom/Beam Blank Machines

Comparison of Various Calcium Aluminate Fluxes for Hot Metal and Liquid Steel Desulfurization

Continuous Casting Of Resulfurized Stainless Steel

Current Situation and Future Development of Clean Steel Production Technology in China

Deoxidation Equilibrium Of Liquid Fe-Cr Alloy In The Stainless Steelmaking Process

Development Of A Process O Ceramic Coating By Plasma Spraying On AI203-C Refractpries For Improving Hot Abrasion And Corrosion Resistance

Development of Full Services at BOF II of Altos Hornos de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Dust, Scale, Slags, Sludges... Not Wastes, But Sources of Profits

Effect of Turbulence Inhibitors on Slag Emulsification in the Continuous Casting Tundish

Energy Optimization By Means Of Process Integration In An Integrated Steel Plant With Surrounding Community

Exceeding The Casting Speed of Bloom CC Machines By Three Times

Experimental and Theoretical Study On The Cleanliness of Steel

Extending The Life Of Components Used In Then Continuous Casting Of Steel

Fluid Flow And Reaction Kinetics Of Tank Degassing

Formation Mechanism Of Spinel Type Inclusions In 304 Stainless Steel Deoxidized With Ferrosilicon Alloys

Fracture Testing of Carbon-Containing Refractories

Fundamental Study of Gas-Liquid Flows in CC Machine

Graphite Injection: A Countermeasure For Slide Gate Air Aspiration

High Performance Casting at Northwestern Steel and Wire, Sterling, IL

High Speed Laser-Scanning Station With LaCam Designed For Noncontact Areas Of Steelcasting Ladle Refractory Linings At Corus Group Aldwarke Works, U.K.

High Spped Decarburizing By Modernized RH-OB And New Decarburizing Technology Under Reduced Pressure By CAS-OB

Improved Product Quality, Increaded Cast Speed, And Extended Equipment Life With Thin-Slab Cassette Funnel Molds

Improvement In Refractories For Steel Ladle Linings At Nippon Steel-Nagoya Works

Improvement Of Cleanness In Melt Of Ferritic Stainless Steel By Control Of Stirring Power

Improvement of Technology for Segment Life Prolongation in Continuous Caster

Inclusion Control For Castability Of Resulphurized Steels

Inclusion Formation And Agglomeration In Aluminum Killed Steels

Influence Of Properties Of Carbonaceous Materials On Carbon Dissolution Into Iron

Influence of Top Slag Chemistry on Micro Inclusion Characteristics and Sulfur Refining for LCAK Steel

Innovations In Rotary Joint Technology For Temperature Control of Water Cooled Rolls

Innovative Monitoring Technology Improves Caster Operation At Dofasco

Intermix Traials at Gary No. 2 Caster Using Different Tundish Configurations

Investigation Of Foaming Behavior Of Reductive Slage For Steel Refining In Ladle Furnace Process

Kinetics Of Vacuum Decarburization Of Ultra Low Carbon Steels

Ladle Refractory Trials - Multiple Viewpoints

Lake Erie Steel Hot Metal Desulphurizing Performance

Mathematical And Physical Modeling Of CST's RH Degasser Ladle

Mathematical Modeling For AOD Refining Precess Of Stainless Steel

Mechanism Of Longitudinal Midface Interdendritic Surface Crack In Continuous Casting Of Steel

Metallurgical Measures For The Achievement Of Ulta Low Carbon Contents At Killinger Huttenwerke

Modeling Of Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Characteristics In AOD Nozzles

Modeling Of The Ladle Furnace With Emphasis On Electromagnetic Phenomena

Monitoring Of Continuous Caster Oscillator For Reliability

Online Mold Friction Monitoring System In Continuous Casting

Optimisation Of Calcium Treatment To Improve Castability

Patition Behaviour Of Niobium Between Carbon Saturated Iron And Slags From The CAO-Al202-SiO2-MGO System

Physical Modeling Study of Effect of a Turbulence Suppressor Device on Flow and Mixing in the Dual Strand Tundish

Practice Of Producing Clean Steel By VD

Precise Slab Width Measurement & Control Using Laser Technology

Pyrometallurgical Stabilization of Steelmaking Slags

Quality And Productivity Improvements With A Revised Tundish Flow System At AK Steel's Middletown Works

Recent Experience With Tundish Dry Vibe Materials And Application Equipment

Reduction of Breakouts at Ispat Inland Inc.

Refractory Clogging Chronological Milestones of Improvement At Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corporation

Reoxidation Of Laboratory Hot Briquetted Iron

Seven Ways To Shut Down The Caster

Simulation Of Nozzle Clogging During The Continuous Casting Of Aluminum-Killed Steel

Start Up And Operationg Results of Nucor's New Plate Mill Facility In Hertford County, North Carolina

Static Nozzle Accretion Study To Understand Nozzle Clogging During Continuous Casting

Steel Refining in Tundish of a CCM

The Castability Of Aluminium Killed Resulfurised Billets At ONESTEEL Whyalla

The Effect Of Straightening And Bulging On Intercolumnar Cracking Of Slabs

The Evolution And Future Direction Of Predictive Maintenance Strategies

THERMACOAT: An Alternative To Fibers

Tundish Nozzle Clogging - Application Of Computational Models

Vacuum Degassing At VOEST-ALPINE Stahl Linz Impact On Productivity And Metallurgy

Vesuvius LV-80 Ladle Slide Gate Technology at Stelco Hilton Works