2001 Mechanical Working Steel Processing Proceedings

A Study Of Load Spectrum Issues For Railroad Tank Cars

Alloy And Process Development To Improve In-Service Performance Of Forged Back Up Rolls Used In Hot, Cold And Plate Mills

Alloy Electrodeposition Of Sn-Zn From Acidic Electolyte

Alternative Strengthening Mechanisms For Interstitial Free (IF) Steels

Annealing 52100 Steel In The Austenite Plus Cementite Phase Field

Combined Roll Inspection

Compound Roll Inspection By Using Longitudinal Wave, Dual-Crystal Straight Probe

CSN's Strategy For Roll Performance Improvement In The Hot Strip MIll

Decarburization Annealing Of Extra-Low Carbon Steel For Shadow Mask

Delta Ferrite Effects On Post-Treatments Of AISI 304 Stainless Steel Produced By Strip Casting Process

Development Of A Deep Hardening Work Roll At Lehigh Heavy Forge

Development Of The Texture In MnCr Hot Rolled Dual Phase Steel: Influence On The r-value

Effect Of Aging On The Subsequent Mechanical Behavior Of A Bake-Hardenable Ultra Low Carbon Steel

Effect Of Batch Annealing On The Secondary Working Embrittlement Of TI-IF Steel

Effect Of Cu Content On The Mechanical Descaling Of Wire Rods

Effect Of Silicon Content On The Strenght And Toughness Of A Martensitic Stainless Steel

Effect Of Stamping And Styling On Dent Resistance

Effects Of Advanced Thermomechanical Processing On Mechanical Properties Of A High Strength Plate Steel

Effects Of Induction Tempering On Microstructure, Properties And Fracture Of Hardened Carbon Steels

Effects Of Substrate And Coating Hardness Levels On The Surface Friction Of Electrogalvanized Sheet Steels

Effects Of Zinc Rich Underlayer On Stone Chipping Resistance And Corrosion Resistance In A Zn-Ni Alloy Electrodeposited Steel Sheet For Automotive Body

End-Of-Life Structural Teardown Of Welded Tank Car Stub Sills

Evaluation Of Tube Materials For Tube Hydroforming

EWR Endless Weling Rolling Process In Long Pruduct Rolling Mills Results And Feedback From Operation Plants

Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Behavior Of Tank Car Steel TC-128B

Fcc Hcp Transformation-Related Anelasticity In Fe-Mn Alloys

Ferrite Grain Refinement And Precipitation Strenghtening In V-Microalloyed Steels

Formability Perfomance Comparison Between Dual Phase And HSLA Steels

Hot Dip Galvanizing Of Al Alloyed TRIP Steels

Improved Roughing Work Rolls For The Hot Rolling Of Low Carbon And Stainless Steel Grades

Improvement Of Microstructural Homogeneity In Thermomechanical Processed Nb Steels By Thin Slab Casting

Improvement On Degreasing Property Of Automotive Outerpanel In A Pretreatment Process For Automotive Body

Inadequate Hot Working Parameters And Its Effect On The Microstructure Banding Of Wrought Carbon-Steel

Increase In Hot Mill Roll Life

Influence Of Deformation On Hot Ductility In A Ti-Nb-B Microalloyed Steel

Initial Flow Behavior Of Dual-Phase Steels

Interpretation Of Sico Test For Rod Steels

Machinability Comparison Of Tin-Bearing Replacement For Free-Machining Steels (12L14/SAE1215)

Magneto-Thermo-Mechanical Processing Of Fine-Grained Steels

Mechanical Properties And Phase Transformations Of An Aluminium Alloyed Trip-Steel

Microstructural Evolution And Mechanical Properties Of Induction Heated Low Carbon Sheet Steel

Microstructure - Properties Relationships In Complex Phase Cold-Rolled High Stregth Steels

Mill Accident Induced Shell/Core Delamination

Numerical Model For Detection Of Microstructural Events Durin Rod Hot Rolling Of Austenitc Stainless Steel

Oxide Scale Growth And It's Pickling Characteristics Of Hot-Rolled Steel Strip

Physical Simulation Of Solid/Liquid Centrifugally Cast Bimetallic Interfaces

Power Estimation In Shape Rolling Using Neural Networks

Prediction Of Plastic Set In Sheet Steel Using Variable Radius Springback Measurements

Prediction Of Strain Inhomogeneity During Hot Strip Rolling Using The Finite Element Method

Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analysis Of Lading Loss In Railroad Tank Cars

Processing And Properties Of Cold-Rolled Trip Steels

Processing, Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of A Nb-Bearing High Strenght Linepipe Steel

Role Of Crystallographic Texture In Controlling The Springback Behavior Of Ultra-Low Carbon (ULC) Steels

Scale Structure Developed On The IF Steels Surface Through Hot Rolling

Static Strain Aging In ULC-BH Steels - An Overview

Steels For Tank Cars

Structural Response And Couple Forces During Tank Car Impacts

Tank Car Stub Sill Damage Tolerance Analysis (DTA) Sensitivity Studies

Texture Development In Intercritically Annealed TRIP Steels

The Baked Hardening And Ageing Behaviour Of Cold Rolled TRIP Steels

The Effect Of Secondary Metallurgy Processes On Mechanical Properties Of AISI 4140 Steel

The Effect Of The Prior Heat Treated Structure on a Cold Rolled and Annealed Mo-Nb Microalloyed TRIP Steel

The Influence Of Martensite On Line Broadening In Neutron Diffraction Spectra

The Limitations And Capabilities Of Ultrasound Testion Of Bimetallic Work Rolls And Steel Back-up Rolls

The Physical Metallurgy Of 4% Chromium Forged Steel Cold Mill Work Rolls

The Precipitation Behaviors In The Matrix And The Case For A High Temperature Plasma Carburized TI-Modified 8620 Steel

The Predictive Ability Of Thermal-Mechanical-Microstructural Modeling of Shape Rolling

The Transformation Behaviour Of High Strenght CMn Steels

The Ways Of Raising Draft Per Pass At Cold Tube Pilger Mills

Ultra High Strenght Steels Hot Rolled And Cold Rolled Hot Dip Galvanized

Ultra Refinement In Austenite Grain Size Through The Spontaneous Reverse Transformation Due To Adiabatic Deformation Heating

Ultraefinement Of Ferrite Grains By Warm Heavy Deformation In Austenite Field In Plain Low Carbon Steels