2001 Ironmaking Proceedings

21st Century Stoves For China, The World's Largest Ironmakers

A Bethlehem Steel Change In Reline Strategy For L Blast Furnace

A Blast Funace Model To Optimize The Burden Distribution

A Feedstock Recycling System Of Waste Plastics In A Blast Furnace At NKK

A New Process Of Coal-Based Direct Reduction Of Iron Concentrate Pellets-CBP Process

A New Process To Produce Iron Directly From Fine Ore And Coal

An Alternative Use For Coal Tar Distillates

An Investigation Of Dolomite Type Limonite Pellets

Analysis Of The Influence Of Slag, Metal And Inclusion Chemistry On The Cleanliness And Castabiltiy Of Steel

Assessment Of The Blast Furnace Lower Zone Permeability Based On Liquids Flow Distribution

Bat On The Blast Furnace - Stock - Taking Of Current Environmental Protection Technology At Blast Furnaces

Blast Furnace Design

Buden Distribution Studies For Gary No. 4 Blast Funace

Characteristics And Behaviour Of High Alumina Iron Ore Sinter

Characterization Of The Permeability Of The Blast Furnace Lower Part

CO2 Emissions For The Blast Furnace/Converter Route - Comprehensive Evaluation And Potential

Coal Slection Methodology For Blast Furnace Injection

Coke Degradation In Bhilai Blast Furnaces

Commissioning And Operating Experience Of Computerized Process Control System On Coke Batteries

Continuous Casting Of Resulfurized Stainless Steel

Continuous Improvements In Sinter Production At Siderar's Sinter Plant

Control Of Charging Is The Most Important Factor Of Blast Furnace Efficiency

Correlation Among Iron Ores In The Process At Acominas' Sintering Plant

Current Practice And Future Trends In Iron Making Refractories

CVRD Methodology To Evaluation Iron Ore For Sintering Process

De-NOx System In Sinter Plant Of China Steel In Taiwan

Deoxidation Equilibrium Of Liquid Fe-Cr Alloy In The Stainless Steelmaking Process

Design And Utilization Of The Mult-Points Vertical Probing On Sollac Blast Furnaces

Determination Of The Liquid Level In The Hearth Of The Blast Furnace

Development Of Magnetic Segregation Feeder For Sintering Machine

Development Of Ternary Diagrams Applied To The Formation Of Iron Carbide (Part I)

Dusts, Scale, Slags, Sludges... Not Wastes, But Sources of Profits

Evaluation Of On-Line Strenght And Decompostion Of Sinter

Evaluation Of Operational Data From The LKAB Experimental Blast Furnace

Experience with Heat Recovery Coke Use At Ispat Inland No. 7 BF

FASTMET Dust Pellet Reduction Operations Report On The First FASTMET Waste Recovery Plant

Flow Experiments Of Slag And Metal At 1400-1600C Through A Packed Coke Bed

Fluid Flow And Reaction Kinetics Of Tank Degassing

Formation Of Deposits In Gas Pipe Lines Carrying Coke Oven Gas Mixed With Blast Furnace Gas

Friendly Environmental Utilization Of Coking Plant Waste Material

Fundamentals Of Titanium-Rich Scaffold Formation In The Blast Furnace Hearth.

Harmonic Mean Pellet Diameter- Effect On Pelletizing Operations

Hybrid Model Of Burden Distribution In The Blast Furnace

IAS Contribution To Cokemaking Technology

Implementation Of Ironmaking Supervisory Control Systems

Improvements At Siderar's Coke Oven Batteries To Extend Their Useful Life

Inclusion Control For Castability Of Resulphurized Steels

Inclusion Formation And Agglomeration In Aluminum Killed Steels

Influence Of Properties Of Carbonaceous Materials On Carbon Dissolution Into Iron

Insight Into The Charging Process, As Rotary Charging Unit Is Used

Installation Of A Heating Efficiency Control System

Installation Of A Low Purity Oxygen Plant For Blast Furnace Injection At LTV Steel Cleveland Works

Investigation Of Combustion Behavior Of A PCI Coal And Unburnt Char Carryover In A US Steel Blast Furnace

Investigation Of Non-Uniform Material Distribution Of Top Charging Systems At Gary Works No. 13 Blast Furnace

Investigation Of Organic Emissions (VOCs And Dioxin) In The Sintering Process

Ironmaking Technology As Practised In The Blast Furnaces Equipped With The Rotary Charging Unit

Ladle Refractory Trials - Multiple Viewpoints

Maximizing Quality Of QCM's Direct Reduction Grade Pellets

Modeling Of Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Characteristics In AOD Nozzles

Modeling The Drainage Of The Blast Furnace Hearth

No. 1 Blast Furnace: Operation Experience Since The 1996 Reline

One Year Of Operation And Maintaining A Compact Bell-Less Top

Operations Results Of BL Direct Reduction Process

Optimisation Of Calcium Treatment To Improve Castability

Partition Behavior Of Niobium Between Carbon Saturated Iron And Slags Frm The CAO-AL203-SIO2-MGO System

PCI At The Start Of The 21st Century

Phases And Microstructures In LKAB's Olivine- And Dolomite-Fluxed Pellets

Predicting The Effect Of Taphole Clay Degradation On Liquid Flow From A Blast Furnace

Problems Relating To High Coal Rate Injection Into Blast Furnaces And The Prospects Of Ironmaking Technology

Process Control Changes On L Blast Furnace

Protective Coatings For Copper Blast Furnace Tuyeres

Pulverized Coal Combustion In The Blast Furnace Raceway, Using A 3D Numerical Simulation

Quality Assessment Of Ferrous Burdens: Utopian Dream?

Relationships Between The Properties Of Coals, Their Blends And Their Cokes

Reline Of Blast Furnace II In Stahlwerke Bremen

Reoxidation Of Laboratory Hot Briquetted Iron

Results Of Tuyere Coke Sampling With Regard To Coke Size And Coal Injection

SESA Energy Recovery Ovens

Seven Ways To Shut Down The Caster

Simulation Of Nozzle Clogging During The Continuous Casting Of Aluminum-Killed Steel

Static Nozzle Accretion Study To Understand Nozzle Clogging During Continuous Casting

Stavelets-The Next Logical Step In Copper Stave Technology

The Blow-in Charging Measurement of 2500M3 BF At Shanghai No.1 Iron & Steel (Group) Co. Ltd

The Castability Of Aluminium Killed Resulfurised Billets At ONESTEEL Whyalla

The Correlation Of Alkali Capacity With Optical Basicity Of Blast Furnace Slags

The Design And Development Of An Electric Ironmaking Funace (EIF)

The Development Of Process Control Systems And Strategies At Lake Erie Steel Company's #1 Blast Furnace

The Effect On Blast Furnace Process Of Changed Pellet Size As A Result Of Segregation In Raw Material Handling

The First Campaign Relining Of NO.3 Blast Furnace In CSC, Taiwan

The Fully Automatic Blast Furnace - Only A Vision?

The Investigation Of The High Temperature Properties Of The Coke Used In Blast Furnaces Of Cisco

The MIDREX DR Plant At IMEXSA: Setting A New Standard With World-Record Production And Improved Quality DRI

The MIDREX DR Plant at IMEXSA: Setting a New Standard With World-Record Production And Improved Quality DRI

The Sao Luis Pelletizing Plant - A New Source Of Pellets For DR and BF Processes

The Study Of The Physical Properties Of BF Slag Containing High Titania In Neutral Condition

Theoretical Limits On Operation Under High Oxygen Enrichment In The Blast Furnace

Topside Rehabilitation Of B Battery At The US Steel-Clairton Works

Tundish Nozzle Clogging-Application Of Computational Models

Using Spool Piece Thermocouples And Finite Element Analysis To Determine The Taphole Condition At The U.S. Steel Gary Works No. 13 Blast Furnace

Why Low Volatile Granular Coal Is The Choice For Coal Injection At Bethlihem Steel's Burns Harbor Blast Furnaces