2001 Electric Furnace Proceedings

Achieving MgO Saturated Foamy Slags In The EAF

Adopting The IEC Voltage Flicker Methodology In The United States

Alumina And Magnesia-Based Castables Containing Graphite: Comparison

Behavior During Preheating Of Stopper Rod And Sen

Behavior Of Liquid And Solid Inclusions At Advancing Planar And Cellular Fronts During The Solidification Of Steels

Cannon Balls To Consteel Ameristeel - Knoxville's Melt Shop Modernization

CFD Simulation Of Post Combustion In The Electric Arc Furnace Part I Model Development And Application To Flat Bath

Continuous Charging Of Hot Metal And Preheated Scrap In The EAF

Corrosion Behavior Of Al2O2-C Based Refractories In Melts Of Smelting Reduction With Iron Bath

Crack Occurrence On The Surface Of AISI 304 Stainless Steel Stip Produced By Strip Casting Process

DC Furnace Improvements At SMI Steel-Alabama

Direct Reduction/EAF Steelmaking The Environmentally Friendly Route

Distribution Of Vanadium Between Molten Iron And CaO-SiO2-MgOsat.-FetO Slag

Economical Iron Production In The Submerged Arc Furnace

Effects On Steel Surface And Slag Movement During Heating With Electrodes

Efficient Steelmaking Has Environmental Benefits

Elimination Of Ladle Fume Emissions

Enhancing Electrochemical Reactions In Smelting And Refining Operations

Evaluationg Practices To Reuse/Recycle Spent Refractory Materials In The Steel Industry

Factors Influencing The Total Energy Consumption In Arc Furnaces

Grain Refinement Of Fully Austenitic Stainless Steels Using A Fe-Cr-Si-Ce Master Alloy

Hydraulic Piping Systems Mechanical Joint - vs - Welded

Implementation And Operating Results With CoJet Gas Injection System At SIDOR With DRI Charging

Improvement Of De-S Efficiency Using Slag Volume Measuring In Ladle Furnace

Influence Of Ferrochromium Additions On Inclusions In Steel

Laser Analysis Of CO and Oxygen In EAF Off-Gas

Mathematical Modeling Of The EAF Process Using Direct Reduced Iron

Methodology For Metallographic Study Of Defects In Carbon Steel Long Products

Modeling Of Oxygen Lance Jets

Modeling Of The Continuous Casting Of Steel - Past, Present And Future

New Refractory Cement For Magnesia-Carbon-Bricks

New Technology For Oxygen Introduction In The Electric Arc Furnace

New Technology For The Manufacture Of Cast Copper Cooling Blocks

North American Refractories Company ZAAG (Zero Air Aspiration Gate) Ladle Shrouding System Used At Steel Dynamics Inc. USA's First Installation

Numerical And Experimental Study Of Tundish Flow During Continuous Casting Of Stainless Steel

Numerical Modeling Of Enhanced Nitrogen Dissolution During Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Off-Gas Measurements For Mass And Energy Balances Of A Stainless Steel EAF

Operational Improvements Achieved In Davsteel, A Division Of Cape Gate (PTY) LTD, South Africa, Utilizing The New Techint KT Injection System And TDR Digital Regulation: A Case Study

Orinoco Iron Alloy HBI

Oxyfines - A New Technology For Direct Recycling Of EAF Dust And Sludge

Preventative Maintenance Techniqes As Applied To Electromagnetic Stirrers For Billet And Bloom Casting Machines

Reactions Between Refractories And Molten Iron In Steelmaking Processes

Real Time Characterization Of Metals Continuously In Hot EAF Fumes

Scrap Melting In An Oxy-Fuel Fired Rotary Furnace

Service And Maintenance Of Electric Arc Furnace Transformers

Shotcreting Monolithic Steel Ladle Safety Linings At Dofasco

Simulation And Validation Of Multiphase Flows In Gas Stirred Vessels

Solidification Of Mould Fluxes

Some Ideas Of Determining The Macro Inclusion Characteristics During Steelmaking

Statistical Analysis And Optimization Of EAF Operations

Steel From Hot Metal Melted By Oxy-Fuel Furnaces Energy, Environment, Cost & Quality Benefits

Study On The Chemical Aspects Of Non-Metallic Inclusions In Ladle Treatment

Study On The Discharging Property Of Tundish Slag For An Impoved Hot-Tundish Recycling Process

Success Of VAI's Vainox Technology In Latest Stainless Steel Projects

SVC Light: A Flicker Mitigator For Steel Manufacturing

The CASTRIP Process For Twin Roll Casting Of Steel Strip

The Joslyn Furnace Switching Solution New Developments, Maintenance Benefits And Practices

The Shinseiko Project: Advanced Packed Bed Type Steel Scrap Melting Process

The Steelmaking And Casting Of Ti Stabilized Stainless Steels

Thermocouples - What Temperature Are They Measuring?

Transformer Life Assessment And Advanced Diagnostics As Tools In Pro-Active And Advanced Risk Asset Management

Use Of Briquetted Coke Breeze As Charge Carbon In The Electric Furnace

Use Of Circal HBI In EAF Steelmaking At North Star Steel Texas

Zinc Recovery From EAF Dust By The Iron Reduction Distillation Process