2001 AISE Annual Convention and Exposition

A Better Way to Do Business The Columbus Coatings Company Contract Converting the LSII Electrogalvanizing Line into the Columbus Coatings Company Hot Dip Galvanizing Line

A Model for Detail Production Scheduling & Control of a Steel Rolling Mill

A new Quick and Non-destructive Method for Measuring the Amount of Iron Fines on Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steel

A Novel Method to Eliminate Steelslab Skidmarks in ReheatingFurnaces

Acid Free Cleaning

Adaptive Rolling Model for a Cold Strip Tandem Mill

Advanced Production Planning as the core competence of a Supply Chain

An Investigation of Coil Break Behaviour in Hot Rolled Steel Strip

An Overview of Oxygen Sensor Technologies for the Monitor and Control of Combustion processes

Application Of In-Situ High Temperature Oxygen Sensors To The Steel Reheat Process

Automatic vibration analysis and trending as a predictive maintenance tool relating to complex mill drives, rolling mills and cutting lines

Batch Annealing Facility Automation

Beaming to Success — VAI Beam Blank Casting Technology

Best Available Blast Furnace Technology as a Result of the SMS-Demag Merger

BOF Taphole Drill

BOP Vessel Replacement at United States Steel LLC’s Edgar Thomson Plant

CFD in Design and Operational Aspects of Tundish and Mold in a Continuous Casting System

Combustion Stack Damper Repair Under Operating Conditions

Comparison Of A Continuous Opacity Monitor and Method 9 Observations to Broken Bag Detector Signals on an EAF Baghouse

Computer Era And Mill Building Design

Construction and Start-up of the Nakayama Hot Strip and Plate Mill

Continuous Development For A Longer Battery Life At The Rautaruukki Steel Coking Plant In Raahe, Finland

Control of Molten Steel Level in a Continuous Caster using an Iterative Procedure

Conversion of Cidmed 5-Stand Tandem Cold Mill to a FullyContinuous Rolling Mill in Sagunto, Spain

Corrosion / Erosion Protection for Water Cooled Components of the EAF/BOF

CSP® Concepts for Stainless Steel and the First CSP® Production Plant at AST, Italy

Descaling Of Long Products

Descaling System Technology Prefill Options

Design, Supply, and Installation of a Unique LMF Facility at Algoma Steel

Development and Applications of The DepthWaveTM Slag Depth System

Developments in eBusiness for Metals - Siemens references, highlights and trends

Distributed Control Systems using CTNet

Dofasco’s No. 3 Blast Furnace Two Stove Operation

Due Diligence Of The Sesa-Kembla Cokemaking Technology

eBusiness, The Opportunities Now

Edging In Hot-Strip Mills Design, Technology and ProductImprovements

Electric Arc Furnace Productivity - A Never Ending Story

Enhancing Raw Material Ingredient Screening Using an Interactive Database Application

Ensuring Effectiveness of Capital Projects Through Analysis of Maintenance and Operational Practices

Environmental Comparison Sun Coke Company's Heat Recovery Coke Technology And Competing Technologies

Erection of a supervision control system at the bell-type annealing plant of TISCO Tata Iron & Steel Company in Jamshedpur, India

Evaluation of Thermal Profile Models Using Various Solution Methods

Exchange of the 120 t LD-converter at SSAB Luleĺ; Introduction of the VAI-CON® Force Weighing System

Fatigue of Crane Runway Girder Connections to Column Cap Plates

Finishing Mill Upgrade in High-Speed Mills

Forced Coil Cooling In an Optimized Transportation EnvironmentOf a Hot Rolling Mill

Fume Suppression Technology For Moltin Metal Transfer And Scrap Cutting

Geographic Information Systems Mapping Your Facility

High-Speed Microsand Settling: An Innovative Process For Treatment Of Steel Plant Effluent

Hot Metal Crane Cable Change

Hot Metal in Electric Arc Furnaces

Hot Metal Processing In An EAF A New Technological Route For Integrated Steel Plants

How Pass Line Levelness Affects Cold Mill Drive Systems

IEGT Inverter for Main Drives in the Steel Industry

Impact of Novel Cold Rolling Oil Technologies and Novel Materials on Strip Cleanliness

Implementation of An Advanced Coking Process Control and Management System

Improving Combustion Safety & Efficiency through Better Measurement

Improving Flow Measurement in the Steel Industry through Better Measurement and Advanced Diagnostics

Improving the Desulphurization Process Using Adaptive Multivariate Statistical Modeling

In Line Bar Joining, A Key Technology for Endless Hot Rolling

Innovations In Rotary Joint Technology For Temperature Control Of Water Cooled Rolls

Installation of Two New U-Tube Cars at Great Lakes No. 5 Battery

Integrated condition monitoring: the future Direction of predictive maintenance strategies

Introduction Of Ceramic Burner Technology In The No. 5 Galvanizing Line At Ispat Inland Flat Products

KIDC (WC) Kress Indirect Dry Cooling (Wharf Cake)

Ladle Turret Slewing Bearing Replacement & Metallurgical Length Extension at Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corporation

Making the Grade: The Combination of the Non-Recovery Process with the Stamp Charging Technology

Manufacturing's High-Tech Revolution

Modernisation of Slab Casters at SSAB Tunnplĺt, Sweden

Modernization of the Four-Strand Billet Caster at SMI Steel, South Carolina/USA

Morgan High-Speed Shear for Increased Profitability

Multi-Level IGBT Medium Voltage AC Drives on a Common DC Link

New Bosh Design At Erdemir’s Blast Furnace No. 2 “ Zubeyde “

New Features Of The Corex® Technology Realized Improvements and Future Potentials

New method of controlling a gate unit during converter tapping, by means of an infrared camera, at VOEST-ALPINE StahlLinz

New Process Control System for the Sendzimir Reversing Cold Mill of ACERINOX,S.A.

New Process For The Recycling Of Steel Mill Waste Oxides

New technology for on-line surface inspection in continuous casting

Newest Technologies For The Economical Production Of Sections

Newton and Descaling Part III - Descaling Force in Cracks and Spray Patterns

Non-Destructive Testing For The Metals Industry

NOx Controls for Steel Industry Sources

Nuclear Gauging-The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Numerical Simulation Of Soft Reduction During Continuous Billet Casting

Operating Parameters and Performance of Bethlehem Steel Burns Harbor Blast Furnace

Operational Experience And Productivity Improvements In Rod And Bar Mills With ABB IDC, Interstand Dimension Control

Optimization of Coil Storage and Stack Building for Bell Annealing

Optimizing Standardization of Crane Wheel Assemblies at Burns Harbor

Plate Cooling: Technologies and Market Requirements

Preparing for a Multi-Media Audit and Sustaining EnvironmentalCompliance

Present Electrode Regulator Technology What Electrical Maintenance Needs to Know

Project Management of the Forge Shop Expansion atTitanium Metals, Toronto, Ohio

Project Management of the New Rolling Mill at SMI Steel

Prolonging Off Gas Duct Life With Spray-Cooling

PVDF Headers, Nozzles, and Components Increase Productivity on Pickling Lines

Replacement Of Dofasco's #6 Battery Collecting Mains

Sinter Plant Automation On A New Level!

Slag Free Tapping FAST

Spline Technique Outperforms the Classical EAF Optimization Technique: Comparisons and Results

Start Up and Operating Results of Nucor’s New Plate Mill Facility in Hertford County, North Carolina

The Advanced “KT Injection System” For Electric Arc Furnace With High Productivity

The Advantages of High Temperature Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) Membrane Filter Bags in Steel Electric Arc Furnaces Applications

The Availability of Crane Control Electrical Spares And Its Impact on Users: A Crane Control OEM Perspective

The CASTRIP˙ Process for Twin Roll Casting of Steel Strip

The Continuous Charge of Hot Metal and Preheated Scrap in the Electric Arc EAF With The Consteel® Process

The DYNAFLEX Oscillator A Technology Breakthrough in Billet Casting —First Industrial Application at Lech-Stahlwerke, Germany

The Energy Projects Developer: Going Beyond Providing Electricity-Pulverized Coal Injection For Industry

The MIDREX OXY+˙ System at Georgetown Steel: A Source of Additional H2 and CO

The MoldEXPERT by VAI A Mold Monitoring System for best Casting Performance

The Mystery of Coil Winding

The Steel Making Shop Supervision System at Rautaruukki Steel’s Raahe Steel Works

The Unique Conversion Concept from Curved to Straight MoldSuccessful Realization at SOLLAC & LTV

Topside Rehabilitation Of “B” Battery At The US Steel-Clairton Works

U. S. Steel Gary Works 20/20 Project

Upgrade of EAF Productivity at Aceria Compacta de Bizkaia, S.A. Spain

Use of FEM Simulation to optimize continuous casting moulds

USX Mon-Valley Cold Mill Modernization

Utilizing Advanced Technologies To Implement Condition-Based Maintenance

VAINOX® — Latest Developments in Stainless Steel Casting Technologies

Waste Gas Management

Wide Caster Installation Project Bethlehem Steel CorporationSparrows Point Division

“Improving Capital Effectiveness Through Culture Change”