2000 Steelmaking Proceedings

A Computational And Experimental Study Of Residence Time Distributions (RTD) In Different Tundish Designs

A New Slag Making Method For Ulta-low Carbon Steel

An AISI-Sponsored Collaborative Project On FeO-Type Sliver Defects

Analysis Of Melt Flow And Heat Transfer In An Asymmetric Slab Casting Mold

Analysis Of Thermal And Mechanical Behavior Of Copper Mould During Then Slab Casting

BOF Scrubbers Solids Recycling With Hot Slag At The BSC Sparrows Point Division

Caster Spray Chamber Corrosion

Continuous Casting And Hot Strip Mill Water Treatment At Rautaruukki Steel

Continuous Casting Technologies Of 8m/min Casting Speed By Sumitomo's QSP Process

Conversion Of CC No. 2 From Curved To Straight Mold At Sollac FOS SUR MER

Development Of Commercially Pure Iron With Extra Low Inclusions At NKK Keihin Works

Development Of Doloma Tundish Nozzles To Reduce Alumina Clogging

Development Of Temperature Control System In The Steelmaking Process

Effects Of Clogging, Argon Injection And Casting Conditions On Flow Rate And Air Asperatin In Submerged Entry Nozzles

Establishing Mold Thermal Stability And Lubrication During Continuous Casting Of High Carbon Steel Grades

Evaluation Of The Mannesman Demag Mold Thermal Monitoring System At The A-L's Brackenridge Slab Caster

Fluid Flow In Metallurgy - Friend Or Foe?

Fluxes Design In Advanced Thermal Mold Monitored Environment

Hot Metal Kimming At Sparrows Poin: Its Impact On Yield And Turn Down Sulfur

Improvement In Oxygen Lance Life

Improvement In Steel Ladle Refractory Life At Bethlehem Steel Corporation Sparrows Point Division

Improvement Of Decarburization Capacity Of RH Degasser By Revamping At Kwangyang Works, POSCO

Improvement Of Oscillation Marks On Continuously Cast Type 304 Stainless Steel Slabs

Improvements In Acesita's B.O.F. Lining Life

Improvements Of Steel Ladles At Granite City Steel

Improvements Of Surface Qualities For Carbon And Stainless Steel Products At CSC

In Situ Observations Relevant To Clean Steel: Disslution Of Alumina Particles In Slags

Infra-red Imaging For BOF Slag Detection

Investigation Of Shrinkage Pipe And Reduction Of Crop-End Loss For Continuously Cast Slabs

Ladle Free Open And Choke Free Improvement At Stelco Hilton Works

Maintenance Management Software For The Continuous Caster At Sparrows Point

Mechanism Of Bleeding At The Corner Of Solidified Shell In Mold

Meniscus Thermal Analysis As A Tool For Evaluation Slab Surface Quality

Microstructure & Properties Of Fe-36%Ni Invar Alloy Produced By Twin-Roll Strip Casting Process At POSCO

Mold Corner Infiltration Breakouts In CCM Of SIDERAR

Mold Oscillation Monitoring Operational & Maintenance Tool

New Scrap Hadling Facility At Bethlehem Steel, Sparrows Piont, Maryland

North Star BHP Steel Ltd. Issues At Startup On The SMI/SHI Caster

Opening The Black Box: PIV And MFC Measurements In A Continuous Caster Mold

Optimal Ladle Slag Conditioning Using U.S. Steel's DepthWave Non-Contact Slag Measurement System

Prevention Of Nozzle Clogging During The Continuous Casting Of Al-Killed Steels

Reoxidation Behavir In Al Killed Steel During Casting

Stainless Steel Refining In AOD With Vacuum System

Study Of Tundish Working Linings

Technical Advances In Refractories For Steel Ladle Linings

The CARBOPLAST Technology Stress And Wear Minimized MgO-C-Bricks

The Design And Start - Up Of The Granular Mold Flux Feeder At Stelco Hilton Works Slab And Bloom Casters

The Economic Benefits And Productivity Improvements Associated With Transfer Ladle Desulfurization At Lake Erie Steel Company

The Effect Of Steel Chemistry And Process Changes On Corner Cracking And Mechanical Properties Of Dofasco Tinplate

The Integration Of Predictive Maintenance Technologies In Dofasco's Steelmaking Facility

The Latest Results Of Dynamic Soft Reduction In Slab CC-Machine

The LSHR Method For Determination Of Inclusion Characteristics During Steelmaking And Casting

Voest-Alpine's High Performance Combination Caster At Birmingham Southeast, LLC Cartersville, Georgia

Waste Oxide Recycling During Oxygen Steelmaking