2000 Mechanical Working Steel Processing Proceedings

A Mechanism For Generating Aluminum Debris In The Roll Bite And It's Partitioning Between The Surface Of The Work Roll And The Surface Of The Sheet As Smudge

A Precipitation Model For Predicting Hot Ductility Behaviour In Microalloyed Steels

A Reappraisal Of Ductile Fracture In High-Strength Steels

A Study On The Edge Cracking Of Low Carbon Steel Sheets Manufactured By Mini-Mill Process

A Systems Approach To Simultaneous Design Of Roll Passes And Microstructure In Bar Rolling

A Tribute To Paul E. Repas

An Analysis Of Tensile Deformation Behavior And Microstructural Evolution In An Artificially Banded SAE 5140

An Improved Drive System For Tube And Roll Forming Mills

An Integrated Model For Microstructural Evolution And Its Application To The Properties Predictions Of Plate Steels

An Investigation Of Precipitation Reactions In 12Cr / 12Co / 5Mo Nickel Modified Martensitic Precipitation Strengthened Stainless Steel

Analysis Of Dynamic Recrystallization In Nb Microalloyed Steels

Application OF ESR Technology To The Manufacturing Of Bimetallic HSS Rolls For Cold And Hot Strip Mills

Bake-Hardenability And Aging Resistance Of High-Strength Nitrided Sheet Steels

Bench Marking And Validation Of Models Used For Hot Strip Mill Simulation

Carbon Distribution Between Matrix, Grain Boundaries And Dislocations In Ultra Low Carbon Bake Hardenable Steels

Cleavage Fracture Stress Of Plain Carbon Fully Pearlitic Steel Bars

Correlation Of Rolled-In Defects In IF Steel And The Thermal Fatigue Properties Of The Hot Strip Mill Work Rolls

Deformation Temperature And The Evolution Of Austenite Grains In Niobium Steels

Development Of As-Hot-Rolled Low-Silicon And Micro-Alloyed Dual-Phase Steels

Development Of High Carbon Wire Road For Pre-Stessed Concrete Applications In TSSI

Development Of Rolling Technique For Seamless Square Column

Development Of Ultrafine Grain Steels Using The Maxstrain Deformation Sumulator

Effect Of Carbon And Niobium Content On HAZ Toughness of HT590 Steel

Effect Of Chromate On The Corrosion And Fuel Resistance Of Resin Coated Steel Sheets For Automobile Fuel Tank

Effect Of Deformation Schedule On The Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of Thermomechanically Processed C-Mn-Si TRIP Steel

Effect Of Pickling Inhibitors On Surface Properties Of Steel Sheets

Effect Of Thermomechanical Histroy On The High Temperature Mechanical Properties Of A Microalloyed Steel And A Low Carbon Steel

Effect Of V And N On Processing And Properties Of HSLA Strip Steels Produced By Thin Slab Casting

Effects Of Double Zinc Coating On Steel Sheets

Examination Of Fully Bainitic Structures In Trip Steels

Formation Of Ultra-Fine Ferrite Grains In Common Carbon Steels Through Low Temperature Heavy Deformations

Galvannealing Behavior And Coating Performance Of Ti-IF And Nb-Ti-IF Steels

Grain Refinement By Danymic Recrystallization During Warm Deformation In (y+_) Region Of Low Carbon Microalloyed Steels

High Strength, Thin Gauge Strip By Heavy Ferritic Rolling Of Low Carbon Steels

Hot Deformation Of Low Carbon Steel In The Metastable Austenite Region

Hot Ductility Behavior Of Seamless Steel Pipes With Peritectic Carbon Content And Microalloyed Additions

Hot Profile Ring Forming

Improvement Of The Work Roll Performance On 2050 mm Hot Strip Mill At Iscor Vanderbijlpark

Influence Of Batch Annealing Soak Temperature On The Structure And Properties Of Fully Stabilized And High Strength, Fully Stabilized Steels

Influence Of Manganese, Silicon And Aluminium On The Transformation Behavior Of Low Alloyed Trip-Steels

Influence Of Microstructure On Secondary Cold Work Embrittlement Of IF Steels

Influence Of Precipitates In IF Steel On Galvanneal Coatings Structure

Influence Of Silicon On The Kinetics Of Metadynamic Recrystallization In Microalloyed High Carbon Steels

Influence Of The Roll Bite Conditions On The Surface Quality Of Hot Rolled Coil

Internal-Friction Measurements Of Ultra-Low Carbon Sheet Steels

Investigation Of The Secondary Work Embrittlement Of IF-Steels

Machinability Of Bi-S And Pb-S-Treated Free-Machining Steels

Martensite Determination In Multiphase Steels Using Neutron Diffraction

Mathematical Modelling Of Hot Rolling Of Steel Strip In Three Dimensions

Metallurgical Review Of Processes For Obtaining Strenght And R-Value In Galvannealed Sheet Steels

Microstructural Study Of Grade 100 Steel

Microstructure Evolution Of A State-Of-The-Art Ti-Nb HSLA Steel

Microstructure, Mechanical Properties And Wear Resistance Of High Speed Steel Rolls For Hot Rolling Mills

Microstructure-Property Relationships In Thermomechanically Processed Forgings

Mode II Crack Growth Analysis Of Spalling Behavior For Strip Mill Backup Roll

Modeling Hot Bar Rolling To Predict Surface Quality

On-Line Accurate Measurement Of Seamless Tubes

Phase Transforamtion During Annealing Of A Cold-Rolled Dual Phase Steel Grade

Physical And Mathematical Simulation Of Phase Transformation During Accelerated Cooling Of Eutectoid Steel Roads

Precipitation And Reheat Cracking Susceptibility Of A514-Type Steels Containing Sulfur And Boron

Precipitation Hardening Of Copper-Containing IF Steels

Question, Answers, More Questions Twenty - Five Years Of Experience In Discussing Rolls And Rolling Technology

Reciprocal Effects Of Roll Surface Conditions And Working Temperature On The Numerical Computation Of Rolling Force Of HSLA Steel

Role Of Structure And Microstructure In The Enhancement Of Strength And Fracture Resistance Of Ultra-High Strength Hot Rolled Steels

Roll Bite Deformation Of The Thin Scale Layer On A Plain Carbon Steel During Hot Rolling

Scheduling Of Rolls For Production Campaings In Both Cold Mills And Hot Mills

Stengthening Mechanism In Dual-Phase Acicular Rerrite + M/A Microstructures

Technology Enhanced Work Rolls For the Roughing Mill Application

The Centrifugal Casting Of HSS Roll For Narrow Strip And Rod Mills

The Effect Of Electro-Slag Remelting (ESR) Process On The Forgeability Characteristics of DIN 17350 (AISI L6) Tool Steel

The Effects Of Aluminum Nitride Precipitation On The Development Of Toughness In 9313 Steel

The Mean And Local Wall Thickness Change In Tubes During Their Reducing And Sizing

The Wear Of Tool SteelRolls During Hot Rolling Of Low Carbon Steels

Thermal Desorption Of Hydrogen From 4340 Steel

Ukrainian ESS LM HSS Rolls For Hot Strip Mills

Ultra Fine Grain Steels And Their Properties

Ultrafine Ferrite Production By Strain-Induced Transformation

Wetting Of Zinc Alloys On Steels Containing Silicon