2000 Ironmaking Proceedings

A New Method For The Determination Of Iron Ore Reducibility Under Fluidized Bed Conditions

Air Emissions From The Electric Arc Furnace Operations In Luxembourgh

Air Over There - Compliance In Australia

Air Pollution Issues For Canadian Steelmakers For The Year 2000 And Beyond

Automated Microscopic Blend Proportion Analysis: A Good Tool For Monitoring Multi-Component Coal Products

Automatic Coal Bulk Density Control At U.S. Steel's Clairton Works*

Back-attack Action Of Gas Jets With Submerged Horizontally Blowing And Its Effects On Erosion And Wear Of Refractory Lining

Band-Aid Repair And Improvements To Siderperu Blast Furnace TERESA

Benefits Of Recycling Blast Furnace Waste Materials At Nation Steel - Great Lakes Division By Cold Bonded Briquetting

Carbon Monoxide Attack Of Carbonaceous Materials

Cast Copper Cooling Stave For Blast Furnace

Cast Copper Staves An Economic Alternative

Cementite Formation And Stability In Iron Carbide Process

Characteristic of 200kg/tHM PCI And Low Coke Rate Of BF In Baosteel

CO2 Emissions And The Steel Industry's Available Responses To The Greenhouse Effect

Coal Blend Testing At Jewell's Non-Recovery Coke Ovens

Coal Char Gasification In The COREX Process

Coal Char Reactivity And Structure - Effects Affecting PCI Operation In Blast Furnace

Coke Making Into The 21st Century -- Environment Protection Efforts At Shanxi Sanjia Coal-Chemistry Co. Ltd.

Coke Strength After Reaction Signification Regarding Various Furnace Operation And Various Cokes

Design And Calculations Of Gas Property Parameters For Constant Area Lance Under Conditions Of Friction Flow With Heating

Design Of The Blast Furnace Burden With Bauxite Addition

Determination Of Proportions Of Coal Char And Coke Fines In The Off Gas Blast Furnace Samples

Development Of A Technique In Sintering To Utilise Low Alumina Superfines

Development Of Charging Mode For Strengthening The Central Gas Flow

Development Of DR Pellets At The Iron Ore Company Of Canada

Dofasco's No. 4 Blast Furnace Hearth Management To Exceed A 12 Year Campaign

Efficient Furnace Wall Design With 4th Generation Stave

Evaluation Of The Cu To Be Used In Manufacturing Blast Furnace Bosh Cooling Staves

Experience Of Clean Air Management In China Steel Corporation

Experience Of Rotary Charging Unit In Bhilai Steel Plant

Fluid Flow In Metallurgy - Friend Or Foe?

Foaming Characteristics Of BOF Slags

History And Development Of Rolled Copper Staves

Hydraulic Modeling Study On Characteristics O Fluid Flow And Mixing In AOD Bath With Rotating Gas Jets

Improvement Of The Levelling Process To Reduce Emissions During Charging

Indicators Of The State Of The Blast Furnace Hearth

Investigation Of Iron Oxide Quality For COREX Plant

Low Cost Operation By A Large Blast Furnace With A Bell-less Top At Chiba Works

Lowering The Cost Of Iron Production: Improving Operating Cost Margins Without Capital Cost Exposure Pulverized Coal Injection For Sparrows Point

Mathematical Model Of Air Flow During Iron Ore Sintering Process

Measures For Increasing The Productivity Of Blast Furnace

Mineralogical Study Of Iron Ore Pellets Behavior Under Reducing Conditions: New Information Given By Individual Pellet Testing

Modeling Of Physico-Chemical Phenomena To Optimize Design And Operating Parameters Of Shaft Furnaces

New Process For Recycling Iron And Zinc Units From BOP Dust

Operation Of Pilot Scale Ovens To Produce Coke With Industrial Properties

Optimization Of The Iron Ore Pelletizing Process

Quality Assurance A Practical Approach

Results And Visualization From The First Campaign In LKAB's Experimental Blast Furnace In Lulea, Sweden

Simboul: A Software For The Simulation Of The Iron Ore Pellet Induration Process

Some Fundamental Considerations Concerning Gas Injection Operations In Steelmaking Ladles

Sulfur Metal / Slag / Gas Partitioning In The Direct Smelting Furnace

The Application Of FEM Techniques In The Development Of Copper Staves For The High Heat Load And Hearth Areas Of The Blast Furnace

The Rautaruukki Blast Furnace Neural System

Transient Flow Structures In Continuous Casting Of Steel

Tuyere Tipping, A Phenomena To Conquer

Utilization Of Movable Armor On Edgar Thomson No. 1 Blast Furnace

Water Quality Control At Bethlehem Steel Sinter Plant Using Magnets

Water Requirements For Blast Furnace Copper Staves