2000 Electric Furnace Proceedings

100 MW ARBED DC EAF In Esch-Belval (Luxembourg): Performance And Reliability

A Closer Look At Fastmet And Fastmelt

A Fundamental Study On Recycling Of Wastes From Stainless Steel Plants Via The Electric Arc Furnace

A Near-IR Optical Process Sensor For Electric ARC Furnace Pollution Control And Energy Efficiency

A New Era For Slag Sampling

A New Minimill Concept: Mini Blast Furnace With Shaft EAF/LF/CC

A State-Of-The-Art Immersion Ultrasonic System For Steel Cleanliness Evaluation At Allegheny Ludlum

Abatement Of Organic Emissions In EAF Exhaust Flue Gas

Accurate Argon Stirring In The Ladle By Vibration Measurement

Al2O3-MgO-C Castables For Steelmaking Ladles Recent Developments And Improvements

Alternative Ironmaking At BHP New Zealand Steel

Alternative Materials For Primary Deoxidation And Desulphurisation Of Silicaon And Aluminum/Silicon Killed Steels

An Anatomy Of Furnace Refractory Erosion: Evidence From A Pilot-Scale Facility

Application Of Mold Thermal Monitoring System For Improving Slap Surface Quality At POSCO Stainless Steel Works

Application Of New Inclusion Control Process For High Added Value Products

Behavior Of Phosphorus In DRI/HBI During Electric Furnace Steelmaking

Breakthrough Direct Reduction Technologies For The New Millinnium

Chemical Energy In The EAF: Benefits And Limitations

Comparison Of Electric ARC Models With Industrial Date

Computational Fluid Dynamic Modelling Of Canopy Hood Modifications For Improved Fume Capture In An EAF Meltshop

Considerations For The Feeding And Use Of Alternative Iron Materials In The EAF

Continuous Slag Composition Control And Sufficient Gas Generation - Key Factors To A Successful Foaming Slag Practice In Electric Stainless Steelmaking

Cost-Effective Refractory Lining Of EAF-Bottoms With High-Performance MACARBON Bricks

Crystallization Phenominon In Slags

Culture And Its Impact On Production And Safety

Current Status Of Stainless Steelmaking Within Avesta Sheffield AB

DC Arc Processing Of Vanadium Bearing Titanomagnetite Concentrates

DC Fin-Type Bottom Anode

Developement Of High Effective Stainless Steelmaking By Chromium Ore Smelting Reduction Method

Development Of High Speed Casting In Conventional CC Stainless Steel Slab Production

EAF Process Optimization Through Off-Gas Analysis And Closed-Loop Process Control At Deacero, Saltillo, Mexico

ECOARC Technology

Effective Use Of Scrap Optimization In Melt Shop Operations

Energy And Environmental Savings In Steel Making By Means Of SVC Light

Energy Efficient, Labor Saving Tundish Lining Application Equipment

Establishing Peak EAF Cooling Water Performance

Evaluation Of Stirring In Electric Arc Furnaces

Evolution Of Refractory Performance And Metallurgical Practices At IMEXSA

Foamability Of Stainless Steelmaking Slags In An EAF

High Metallization Of DRI And Its Benefit In IMEXSA's EAF

High Productivity Meltshop For The Production Of High Quality Steel Grades

High Speed Laser-Scanning Station With LaCam Designed For Noncontact Areas Of Steelcasting Ladle Refractory Linings At Corus Group Aldwarke Works, U.K.

Implementation Of Slag Engineering Techniques At CO-Steel Raritan To Improve Melting And Refining Practices

Improvement Of Surface Quality For The HCR Practice Of 304 Stainless Steel Slab

Improvements In Ladle Refractory Practices At IPSCO-Muscatine

Influence Of Electrical Parameters On The Specific Energy Consumption And Quality Of Ferrochromium Produced In Submerged Arc Furnace

Influence Of Tap Carbon And Arc Voltage On Electrode And Energy Consumption

INMETCO Technology For Steel Mill Waste Recycling

John Deere Foundry Melt Shop Revitalization Project

Ladle Bottoms At Atlas Specialty Steels (Welland, ON) Continuous Improvement And Problem Solving

Material Balances Of Trace Elements In The Ferrosilicon And Silicon Processes

Model Studies Of Steel Flow And Inclusion Trajectory Optimisation In Large Volume Tundishes

Modeling And Real-Time Parameter Estimation For A Three-Phase Arc Furnace

Modeling Of Thermal Effects Of The Steel Flow In Tundishes

Modelling Of AC Arcs In Submerged-Arc Furnaces For Production Of Silicon And Ferrosilicon

Neural Predictions Of Hydrogen In Vacuum Tank Degassing

New Coal-Based Process, Hi-QIP, To Produce High Quality DRI For The EAF

NOx Emissions From EAF Steelmaking - Assessment And Abatement

Nozzle Deposits In Titanium Treated Stainless Steels

Observation And Control Of AOD Process With Exhaust Gas Measurement

Operating Experience With Praxair's AOD Intelligent Refining System

Partnering With Customers To Develop Low Maintenance Furnace Designs

Pouring Stream Shrouding At Harrison Steel Casting Company

Predictive Maintenance Real Problems - Real Solutions

Present Electrode Regulator Technology What Electrical Maintenance Needs To Know

Principles And Strategy Of EAF Post-Combustion

Process & Productivity Improvements At Carpenter Technology's #3 Melt Shop

Product And Process Innovation In The Stainless Steel Industry

Reaction Rate Of Ferro-Silicon In The High Cr2O3 Containing Slag

Record Performance From Steel Delivery System Refractories

Simulating The Effect Of Post Combustion And Post Combustion Gases In The Electric Arc Furnace

Simulation And Validation Of Tundish Flows In Predicting The Grade-Change During Continuous Casting Of Steel

Smelting Of DRI In The Tysland-Hole Furnace

Spent Refractory Reuse As A Slag Conditioning Additive In The EAF

Stainless Steel Slag Fundamentals- From Furnace To Tundish

Status Of The Redsmelt Process: Rotary Hearth Furnace And Submerged ARC Furnace

Steelmaking In A Sound Environment

The Effect Of Carbon In DRI On Arc Furnace Operations

The Formation Of EAF Dust

The Intensity Of Arc Furnace Usage In South Africa

The Taphole In An Electric Arc Furnace

The Treatment And Disposal Of Electric Arc Furnace Dust In North America

Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Supersonic Oxygen Jets - Industrial Application In EAF

Thermodynamic Properites Of The CaO-SiO2-CrOx Slags For The Decarburization Of Stainless Steels

Understanding And Developing Safety Savvy Front-Line Electric Furnace Leaders For The 21st Century

Water-Cooled Panel Care

Why Should Your Melt Shop Have An Environmental Coordinator?