2000 AISE Annual Convention and Exposition

#3 Blast Furnace Control System Modernization

80 Hot Strip Mill Level 2 Control System Migration

A Bethlehem Steel Change in Reline Strategy for “L” Blast Furnace

A modelling technique for metallurgical processes and its applications

A new multislit rolling technology - the comprehensive roll slitting method

A New Process Optimization System At Bethlehem Steel's L Furnace One-Year Experience

A Novel Control Structure For Coiling Temperature Control Of Run Out Table

A Structured Method for Managing Order Requirements Processing

A system for automated roll handling in a roll shop

A System to Measure Strip Gage Quality

An Overview of DOE’s Program to Recycle/Reuse Spent Refractories as a Slag Conditioner and to Extend Refractory Service Life in the EAF

Bethlehem Steel’s Evaluation of a Low-NOx Oxy-Fuel Burner

Can your scrubber meet MACT? Strategies for optimizing scrubber performance

Canola Oil-Based Products…The Next Generation Of Hydraulic Fluids

Caster Machine Repair Aisle Maintenance Practices

Ceramic Membrane Filtration For Purification Of Alkaline Cleaning Baths

Coal Blend Testing at Jewell’s Non-Recovery Coke Ovens

Combined Pickling and Galvanizing of Thin Hot Rolled Steel Strip at Wuppermann Works

Compact Bell-Less Top Installation And Start-Up On C-6 BF LTV, Cleveland

Comparison between Flexible Roll Pass Design for Multiple Groove Rolls and Conventional Single Groove Design in sizing mill

Compliance Strategies for the Amendments to the Electric Arc Furnace New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) Under the Clean Air Act

Complying With OSHA: The Use of Personal Protective Equipment in the Iron and Steel Industry

Computer aided management of annealing plants

Continuous Dumping of the LTV H-4 Dustcatcher at Indiana Harbor Works

Continuous Pickling Line and Tandem Cold Mill at Dongbu Steel, Asan Bay Works

Control of mechanical properties by monitoring microstructure

Controlling Filamentous Organisms In A Cokemaking Wastewater Treatment Plant

Conversion of the VOEST-ALPINE STAHL Donawitz Works to a Compact LD/BOF Steelmaking Plant

Cost-Effective Operation of a Blast Furnace Stove System

Descale System Protection and Performance - Bypass Valves

Detection And Monitoring Of Electric Motor Specific Problems, Using Sophisticated Vibration Monitoring And Analysis Techniques

Determination of the volume amount of retained austenite in small specimens by magnetic measurements.

Development And Use Of An Edge Inspection System On Cold Rolled Products

Development of a Springless Exclusion Seal for the Primary Metals Industry

Development of Autonomous Reclaimer System

Dofasco’s No. 4 Blast Furnace Requirements for a Twenty Year Campaign

Dynamic Control of Tension, Thickness and Flatness for a Tandem Cold Mill

Efficiency Of Oxygen Technologies In The Eaf

Elimination Of Fumes From Lance Ports Of Bof Vessels At Lake Erie Steel Company

Features and Results of the Latest 3-roll Reducing & Sizing Block Generation

Flowsheet simulation in flat steel manufacturing - optimization support and tool for process model integration

Gear Spindles for Compact Hot Strip Mills

High performance MTT Coolers for demanding furnace applications

Hot Strip Mill Thickness and Profile Measurement

Identification And Countermeasures Implemented As A Solution To Chatter Problems At The Hot Strip Mill

ILVA Taranto BF No. 4 Partial Reline in Record Time

In-Line Coil Shape Measurement At The Windup

Induction Reheating of Slab, Plate, and Bar for Continuous Casting Lines

Inline Temperature Measurement Of Liquid Hot Metal and Steel

Installation of the VAI-CON® Link Suspension System at the new 375 t LD/BOF Converters at ILVA Laminati Piani S.p.A. Taranto/Italy

Installing Metals Industry Power and Control Systems to Minimize EMI

Insuring Proper Water Treatment On UHP Furnace And Caster Water Circuits

Integrated solution for modernization in a rolling mill improving strip quality and productivity with minimum of lost production

Ladle Heating And Drying With Ultra-Low NOx Emissions

Line scan cameras in multi sensor systems

LTV 84 Pickle Line Upgrade Project

Maintenance and quality related condition monitoring in rolling mills

Major Coke Oven Repairs With Throughwall Replacements At US Steel

Meeting Local SPCC Secondary Containment Requirements At The LTV Steel Chicago Coke By-Product Plant

MICOWALL Modular Interlocking Coke Oven Walls In wide use at BHP Steel

Mill Building Analysis with Account for Soil Structure Interaction

Modeling and Suppression of Rolling Mill Chatter

Modernization of the Bloom Casters at ISCOR Newcastle, South Africa

New Electrolytic Tinning Facility At Erdemir Plant In Eregli, Turkey: A Review Of The Design, Start-Up And Initial Commercial Operation

New IGCT Neutral Point Clamped ASD For High Power And Medium Voltage Industrial Applications.

Oil Waste Minimization Program

Old furnaces modernization

Optimized Melting With TDR Electrode Regulation: Case Of Dalmine

Optimizing The AC-Eaf Melting Process With Neural Networks At Stahlwerk Bous Gmbh, Germany

Performances Enhancement of reheating furnaces using oxycombustion

Plain Journal and Tilting Pad Bearing Damage Analysis, Corrective Action and Alternative Solutions

Practical Solutions for Optimizing Steel Mill Wastewater Treatment Plants

Praxair CoJet tm Technology Principles and Actual Results from Recent Installations

Predictive Technologies at Dofasco

Productivity increase at A.H.M.S.A.ˆs Blast Furnace No.5 at Monclova, México

Recent Development of A Cool-Cast Fan Spray Nozzle for Cooling A Caster

Results From Looper - Less Rolling In Profile Mills With ABB IDC, Interstand Dimension Control

Significant Improvements of Operating Cost and Productivity in EAF Steelmaking with Low Investment

SleevelessTM Pinion System for Rolling Applications

Startup And Initial Operations Of The New Coke Plant Wastewater Treatment System At USS Gary Works

Status Report on Pushing Emission Control Systems

Strengthening Concrete Structures in Industrial Facilities with FRP Materials

Strip width performance improving by Edger revamping into fully hydraulic at Cockerill Sambre Carlam group Usinor.

Successful Reline And Start-Up Of Stelco E Blast Furnace

Sustaining Product Specifications in a Bar and Tube Cooling Bed

Synthetic Lubricant Applications In Steel Mills

Synthetic Oils for Worm Gear Lubrication

Tailor made upgrading solutions and technological packages for slab casters

Tata Steel Cold Rolling Mill Complex: A Milestone In Global Steel

Temperature Control Of Molten Steel In The Tundish Of A Continuous Casting Plant

Temperature Control of the Sparrows Point BOF Hood Cooling Water System

Temperature profiling of re-heat furnaces problems, pitfalls, and solutions

The New 800,000 tpy Super-Flexible Structural Mill at SMI Steel South Carolina

Theoretical Studies to Adjust Proper Mold Oscillation Parameters

Training Simulator An Advanced Tool for Improving Caster Operations

Use of PdM Technologies at Dofasco's Hot Mill

Utilizing Advanced Maintenance Practices and Information Technology to Achieve Maximum Equipment Reliability

Walnut Shell Filtration For Oil Removal From Steel Mill Recycle Systems

Web Based on-line Blast Furnace Monitoring System