1999 Steelmaking Proceedings

A Comparison Of Precast Bottom Materials/Designs At Dofasco Inc.

A Kinetic Study Of Tank Degassing Decarburization

A Review Of The Danieli Flexible Thin Slab Caster At Algoma

Advanced Equipment For High Performance Casters

Application Of The Two-Fluid Model To Gas Stirred Metallurgical Vessels

Artificial Neural Networks For Prediction Of Heat Losses And Post-Combustion In Basic Oxygen Steelmaking

Automated Thermal Detection Of Refractory Wear

Benefits Of The Use Of Synthetic Slag In Secondary Treatment Of Steel At AHMSA's BOF & CC Shop

Compostition Accuracy In Relation To Steel And Sample Homogeneity

Defect Free Casting Technologies And Automation Control Process System Aiming At Synchronized Operatioins Of Continuous Caster With Hot Rolling Mill

Development And Experimental Verification Of A Model For Simulation Of The Fluid Dynamics In A 105t Steel Ladle Before And During Casting

Development Of New Secondary Refining Process Named REDA (Revolutionary Degassing Activator)

Development Of New Steelmaking Process With Minimum Slag Generation At NKK Fukuyama Works

Developments In European Monolithic Ladle Repair Techniques

Experimental Investigation Of The Argon Bubble Behaviour In The Mold During Continuous Casting Of Steel - A Water Model Study

Factors Influencing The Formations Of Bleeds In The Continuous Casting Of Steel Billets

Fluid Flow Study Of A Twin Roll Strip Caster Mold Using A Water Model

High Speed Casting Technology By Analysis And Prevention Of Internal Cracks In Slabs At The Continuous Caster

Hot Metal Desulfurization By CaO-Mg Co-Injection In Usiminas Steel Shop 2

Implementation Of An Automated Drop In Sensor System At Rautaruukki Steel Raahe Steel Works

Improvement Of Tundish By The Analysis Of Molten Steel Flow During Ladle Exchange At Pohang Works

Inflow Behavior Of Mold Powder Between Mold And Solidified Metal Shell In Continuous Casting Process

Influence Of Velocity Of Molten Steel Flow Near The Meniscus In A Continuous Casting Mold On Surface Quality Of Slabs

Intermix On A 5 Strand Bloom Caster

Ladle Linings-To Brick Or Not To Brick?

Magnesia-Carbon Castables: A Review

Melting And Solidification Of Mold Slags

Mold Powder Performance: Steel Dynamics' High Speed Then Slab Casters

New High Technology Slab Caster At Pohang Iron & Steel Company (POSCO) Kwangyang Works

Observations Of Varuous Steady State And Dynamic Thermal Behaviours In A Continuous Casting Mold

Physical Modeling Study Of Thermal Effects On Steel Flow And Mixing In The Tundish

Prediction Of Nozzle Clogging - A Neural Computing Approach

Quality Evaluation System For Bloom Casting Of High-Carbon Steels

Quenching For Improved Direct Hot Charging Quality

Revisiting Tundish Flow Modeling For Clean Steel Practices

Secondary Emissions Control At Algoma Steel Inc.

Strand Cast Halfway Cracks - How To Read A Sulphur Print

Strategy To Achieve Reliable, Cost Effective Slag-Conditioning And Calcium Treatments At Algoma Steel Inc.

Study Of Breakouts, Implementation Of A Detection System And Plant Results

The Continuous Casting Of Wide Slabs

The Current Status Of Casting Steel Ladles In Japan

The Design Fundamentals Of High Technology Castables - An Understanding For Steelmakers

The Development Of Monolithic Ladle Linings In British Steel Engineering Steels

The Future Of Steel Ladle Monolithics

The Use Of Expendable Sensors In Basic Oxygen Steelmaking

The Use Of Novel Technologies At A Steel Plant To Improve Process Control And Performance

Thermodynamic Assessment Of Mg And Al Deoxidation Reactions In Liquid Iron

Thermodynamic Modeling Of TiOx-Bearing Slags

Three-dimensional Finite Element Simulation Of Electromagnetically Driven Flow In Sub-Mold Stirring Of Steel Slabs

Transition Reduction And Simultaneous Maintenance Of Steel Quality In Granite City Tundishes