1999 Mechanical Working Steel Processing Proceedings

A Comparison Of Bainitic TRIP And Dual Phase Microstructures

A Fuzzy And Neural Network Approach To Forging Process Variable Design For Desired Microstructure

A Hierarchical Approach For Cutting Stock Problems That Maximizes Yield And Minimizes Overgrading

A Study Of Recrystallization And Phosphorus Segregation During Annealing Of A Rephosphorized Interstitial Free (IF) Steel

A Systems Approach To Road And Bar Processing

A Thermodynamic Approach To Eliminating Quench Embrittlement

Advances In Tunnel Furnace Rolls

An Integrated Approach To Energy Interruption Preparedness, Energy Conservation And Environmental Pollution Preventions

Annealing Treatments For Producing Cold-Rolled Dual-Phase And TRIP Steels For Automotive Applications

Aspects Of The Production Of Dual Phase And Multiphase Steel Strips

Austenite Formation Kinetics During Rapid Heating In A Microalloyed Steel

Back-up Rolls: New Surface, New Life

Bainitic Transformation Behavior Of Si-Steels: Microstructure - Mechanical Properties - Releationships

Bethlehem Steel's New Cold Mill Complex At Sparrows Point Works

Calculation Model For Temperature - Microstructure - Development At Induction Heating

Case History And Cost Benefits Of Ni3Al Intermetallic Forging Dies

Cold Working Emissions And Their Impact On Operations

Cross Line Detailed Scheduling

Deformation And Transformation Behavior Of Mn-Si And Mn-Al TRIP-Steels

Development And Application Of Dual Phase Steels For Cold Heading High Strength Steel Fasteners

Development Of An Ultra-High Strength Hot Rolled Steel

Development Of Cold Rolled Dualphase And Multiphase Steels By Means Of An Ultrashort Annealing Line

Development Of High Speed Steel Rolls At Villares

Development Of High-Strength Bainitic Steels For Automotive Applications

Economical Production Of High Quality Rods And Bars With The 3-Roll RSB Technology

Effect Of Deformation On The Hot Ductility And Microstructural Evolution Of A Nb-Ti Microalloyed Steel

Effect Of The Testing Temperature On The Mechanical Behavior Of Low And High Alloyed Steels Showing The TRIP Effect

Effect Of Vanadium On Mechanical Properties And Bake Hardenability

Effecto Of Cu Microstructure In Low-Carbon Steels

Effects Of Finishing And Coiling Temperatures On The Scale Structure And Picklability Of Hot Rolled Strip

Effects Of Hot Rolling Process Parameters On The Microstructure And Properties Of Line Pipe Steels

Evaluation Of Hot Workability Of H13 Through Processing Map

Evaluation Of PVD Hardmetal Coatings And Roll Surface Alloying Using PM Composite Electrode Materials When EDT Mill Rolls

Fatigue Behavior Of 52100 Steel With Martensitic And Bainitic Microstructures

Finite-Element Modeling Of Accelerated Cooling Of Rods After Hot Rolling

Finite-Element Modeling Of Forging Of Nickel Based Superalloys

Flow Visualization Of The Boiling Heat Transfer At The Run-Out Table

Forged Semi-HSS And HSS Rolls Designed For Cold Rolling Reduction Mills

Formability Issues In The Cold Extrusion Of Rolled Rod

Formation Of Dual Phase Acicular Ferrite + M/A Microstructures For High Strength Plate Steels

High Performance HSS Roll With Excellent Surface Deterioration Resistance

High Speed Steel Work Rolls At Dofasco

High-Strenght Steels For Automotive Applications

Improved Deep Drawability Of IF-Steels By The Ferrite Rolling Practice

Indefinite Chill: Upgrading An Old HSM Work Rool Grade

Influence Of Composition Variation On Deformation Induced Martensite Formation In Type 304 Stainless Steel

Influence Of Continuous Annealing Conditions On Dual Phase And TRIP Steels For Automotive Applications

Influence Of The Dew Point Of The N2-H2 Atmosphere During Recrystallization Annealing On The Steel Surface State Of TiNb IF High Strength Steels

Isothermal And Non-isothermal Oxidation Of High Carbon Steel In Multi-Component Gases

Laser Gauging For Hot Rolling Of Rod, Bar And Pipe. Technical Solutions And Benefits

License Plate Number Tracking: Traceablility Without The Gettysburg Address

Main Characteristics Of Line Pipe For Sour Service With Bainitic Microstructure

Mathematical Simulation Of Profile, Rod And Wire Rolling

Metallurgical Aspects Of Chip Morphology Control In Machining Of Steel

Microstructure And Mechanical Behavior Of Warm Forged V Microalloyed Steels

Microstructure And Texture Development During And After Intercritical Rolling Of LC-Steels

Microstructure-Property Relationships For Dual-Phase And Multiphase Steel Strip

Modeling Manufacturing Processes To Mitigate Tehcnological Risk

Modeling Of The Luders Yielding Behavior In Low Carbon Bainitic Steels

Multi-Media Control Of Nitrogen Oxide Compounds

New Development Of Hot-Rolled Products For Double-Face Vitreous Enameling

New Method For The Calculation Of Mean Stain And Mean Strain Rate In Rod Rolling Process

New Processing Route For The Production Of Silicon-free TRIP-Assisted Cold-rolled And Galvanized Steels

Nickel Content, Fine-Scale Microstructure And Ductile-To-Brittle Transition Temperatures Of Martensitic Precipitation Strengthened Stainless Steels

On-Line Measurement System Of Degree Of Alloying For Galvannealed Steel Sheet

On-Line Measurement System Of Surface Roughness For Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet

Origin Of Break Marks Produced In The Processing Of Mild Steel Strip

Physical Metallurgy Of Ferritic Hot Rolled Low-Carbon Steel

Prediction Of */* Transformation During Continuous Cooling Of Steel

Prediction Of Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of Hot Rolled Low Carbon Steel Strips

Quality Control Of Boron Steels Based On Modeling Of Nitride Formation During Crystallization

Recent Developments In Coiler Pinch Roll Technology

Releationships Between Heat Treatment Conditions Microstructure And Properties Of Niobium Microalloyed TRIP Steel

Research And Solution To The Vibration Of Cold Strip Tandem Rolling Mill

Sealed Bearings- Environmental And Economical Advantages

Selective Catalytic Reduction NOx Control On A Hot Dip Coating Line Reheat Furnace - Five Year Operating Experience

Spheroidization Kinetics Of 52100 Steel

Study Of Solid Solution In IF-Steel Hot Bands

The Characterization Of Retained Austenite In TRIP Steels By X Ray Diffraction

The Development Of Forged Steel Roll Metallurgy For Hot Steel Mill Applications

The Effect Of Processing Conditions On The Consistency Of Mechanical Properties For Nb HSLA Strip Steels

The Influence Of Al On The Properties Of Cold Rolled C-Mn-Si TRIP Steels

The Influence Of Carbon Content On Titanium Carbosulfide Formation In AF1410 Type Steels

The Influence Of P, Si And Mn On The Mechanical Properties And Bake-Hardening Of Ti-ULC Steels

The Manufacture Of High Strength, Vanadium-Containing Steels By Thin Slab Casting

The PQF Mill (Premium Quality Finishing Mill) - The Ultimate Process For High Quality Seamless Tube Production

The Strength Properties Of Hot Strip HSLA Low Carbon Steel

The Technology Of Making High-Strength Thin-Walled Tubes

The Use Of CPC Rolls At Dofasco

The Use Of Ferritic Rolling For The Production Of Soft Steel Grades And Tin Plate Can Body Applications

Thermo-Mechanical Control Process For H-Shapes And Its Characteristics

Tube Processing Utilizing Circular Saw Products

Tunnel Furnace Design And Performance Developments

Understanding Roundess And Runout

Valuable Methods Of Recycling Steel Mill Waste Materials From Caster And Finishing Operations