1999 Ironmaking Proceedings

A Kinetic Study Of Tank Degassing Decarburization

A Look At Development Of The FASTMELT Technology At The Midrex Technical Center

A Practice Of Pulverized Bituminous Coal Injection To MBF's

A Predictor Model For Evaluationg Pulverized Coal Injection In Blast Furnaces

Advanced Automatic Operation System Of Coke Oven Machines In NKK Fukuyama Coke Plant

Alternative Fuels For The Sinter Process

An Investigation Of Drainage Behavior Of Molten Iron And Slag In A Melter Gasifier Hearth

Application Of Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling At National Steel Pellet Company

Application Of The Two-Fluid Model To Gas Stirred Metallurgical Vessels

Blast Furnace Hearth Wear Monitoring Wear Control And Campaign Experience

Burden Composition Of SIDMAR Blast Furnaces For The Realization Of High Quality, Low Cost Hot Metal Production

Casthouse Automation And Practices

Citizens Gas And Coke Utility Wastewater Pretreatment Plant Upgrade History Inclusive To Formaldehyde Injection

Coal Char Structural Characteristics During PCI In Blast Furnace - XRD Studies On Coal Chars Generated Uder Different Conditions

Coinjection Of Natural Gas And Pulverized Coal In The Blast Furnace At High Levels: Field Test Results At USS/Gary

Coke Plant Repair And Modernisation - Extension Of Service Life And Reduction Of Emissions

Coke Reactivity Under Simulated Blast Furnace Conditions

Continuous Improvement Of The Regrind Mills At The Quebec Cartier Pellet Plant

Copper Stave Installation In H-4 Blast Furnace Stack - First Results

Corrosion And Blockage Problems At Benzol Recovery Plant

Development And Application Of An Advanced Numerical Analysis Technology For Blast Furnace Hearth

Development Of Coal Blending Design System Based On The Interaction Of Coals

Developments In Non-Recovery Cokemaking At Shanxi Sanjia Coal-Chemistry Co. Ltd., Shanxi Province, China

Dissolution Studies Of Black Coal Char In Blast Furnace Hot Metal During Pulverised Coal Injection

Fluid Flow Study Of A Twin Roll Strip Caster Mold Using A Water Model

Heat Recovery Coke Making At Indiana Harbor Coke Company - An Historic Event For The Steel Industry

Hlsmelt - The Future In Direct Ironmaking

Infiltration Of Metallurgical Coke By Thermal Decomposition Of Methane And It's Effect On CSR Through Microporous Structure Changes

Inflow Behavior Of Mold Powder Between Mold And Solidified Metal Shell In Continuous Casting Process

Influence Of Basicity At The Slag/Carbon Interface On Reduction Reactions And Wettability During Pulverised Coal Injection In A Blast Furnace

Injection Of Natural Gas At High Levels In The Blast Furnace With Low Oxygen Consumption: Field Test Results At WCI Steel, Inc.

Investigation On Mechanism Of Size And Density Segregations Of Burden Particles In The Blast Furnace

Latest Commissioning And Operational Results Of COREX C-2000 Plants

Measurement Of DR Pellets Reducibility

Measurement Of Iron And Slag Levels In Blast Furnace Hearth

Mechanistic Analysis Of The Kinetics Of Reactions Between Iron Oxides In Slag And Carbon In Liquid Iron

Model For Estimation Of Blast Furnace Hearth Conditions

Modeling And Computer Simulation Of Balling Circuits For Steady State Optimization And Dynamic Control

Modernization Of The Sinter Plant At CST, Brazil, Featuring Pallet Width Extension Tehcnology

Multi-lance Furnace For Direct Iron Smelting Reduction - Splash Phenomena

National Steel Great Lakes Division A-1 Furnace Major Repairs

Natural Gas Injection At Siderar #2 Blast Furnace

New Equipment For Simulation Of Blast Furnace Reduction

New Experience With An Improved Ceramic Cup Lining In Blast Furnace Hearths Of Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG

Numerical Modelling Of Gas-Phase Phenomena And Fuel Efficiency In Iron-bath Reactors

On-Line Elemental Analysis In An Iron Ore Concetrate Slurry

Operation Diagrams Based On Blast Furnace Wall Temperatures

Operational Results At The Sidmar Blast Furnace Hearths With High Pulverized Coal Injection

Optimizing The Throughput Capacity Of Torpedo Ladles With A New Generation Of Al2O3-C-SiC Refractories

Prevention Of Hearth Brick Wear By Forming A Stable Solidified Layer

Probe Into The Relation Between Coke Strength And Coal Selection & Blending

Process Analysis To Optimize Pelletizing System Performance

Production And Use Of High Quality Iron Carbide Pellets

Production Of Highly Metallized, High Carbon DRI Using In-Situ Reforming And Hot Product Discharge

Prolonging Blast Furnace Campaign Life At Voest-Alpine Stahl Linz GmbH

Reducibility Of DR Pellets

Reducing The Organic Deposits In Coke Oven Gas Pipelines Of Steel Plant

Reduction Of Ultra Fine Iron Oxide By Carbon In Brquetted Form

Rehabilitation Of #7 Battery Stelco Inc., Hilton Works

Research And Application Of Carbon - Bearings Pellets In China

Supercoke High Strenght Coke From Western Canadian Coals

Ten Years Of Maintenance & Operation Of Jewell-Thompson Non-Recovery Ovens

The Development Of Heating Control At Dofasco's No. 6 Battery

The Effect Of Coal Preparation On Coke Quality

The Hot Test Study On The Stave Of Baosteel's No. 3 Blast Furnace

The Management Of Protective Hearth Skulls At British Steel Scunthorpe

The Taphole Zone - The Critical Factor In Long Campaign Life

The Thyssen Still Otto/PACTI Non-Recovery Cokemaking System

The Use Of Slurry And Return Fines In Pelletizing At Hoogovens

Theoretical Study Of Basicity Of SiO2-Na2O Binary Slag On The Basis Of The DV-X * Molecular Orbital Calculation Of O K EPMA Spectum

Thermodynamic Assessment Of Mg And Al Deoxidation Reactions In Liquid Iron

Thermodynamic Modeling Of TiOx-Bearing Slags

Three-dimensional Finite Element Simulation Of Electromagnetically Driven Flow In Sub-Mold Stirring Of Steel Slabs

Using Multiple Models For Short-Term Predicitons Of Pig Iron Silicon Content

Utilization Of Waste Materials At Siderar's Sinter Plant

Value Added Iron Units