1999 Electric Furnace Proceedings

A Futures Study Analysis Of The Technological Evolution Of The EAF By 2010

A Novel Method To Evaluate Foam Stability Of EAF Slag System

Advanced Power Control Strategy For Submerged-Arc Furnaces

Al2O3-MgO-C Castables For Steelmaking Ladles

An Overview Of Standard Electrode Handling And Addition Practices

Analysis Of Switching Transients In Arc Furnace Supply Systems

Basic Analysis Of Scrap Sticking Phenomena During High Temperature Preheating Process

Basic Properties Of The Persson Type Composite Electrode

Basic Shotcreting? Shot - Gunning

Behavior Of Phosphorus In DRI/HBI In Electric Furnace Steelmaking - Preliminary Findings

Brazilian Practice With The Use Of High Proportion Of Pig Iron In EAF

Consistency: A key Factor Of High Performance Steel Making

Dealing With Airborn Hazards In A Melt Shop Environment

Determination Of Fasctors Affecting Boron Hardenability In Electric Furnace Operation

Development Of A Direct Stainless Steelmaking Process To Obtain CR Units From Chromite

Development Of MgO-Al2O3 Castable For EAF Roof

Different Electric Arc Furnace Melting Practices For The Austenitic (Hadfield's) Manganese Steel, And Their Influence On The Nitrogen Problem

Direct Production Of Tungsten Carbide From Scheelite Concentrate By Usc Of D.C. Plasma

Effect Of Ferromanganese Additions On Inclusion Characteristics In Steel

Effects Of The Arc, Slag And Bottom Bubbling Of Argon On The Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Of A DC EAF Bath Part II

Energy Utilization In A Hot Metal Charged Arc Furnace

Enhancement Of Decarburization Rate In Strongly-Stirred, Combined-Blowing Converter And VOD Process For Producing Ultra Low Carbon And Nitrogen Ferritic Stainless Steel

Hazardous Meterial Listing, Material Safety Date Sheet And DOT Enforcement

High Temperature Behaviour Of Iron Carbide

High Voltage Furnace Trasformer Improves Productivity At CO STEEL LASCO

Hot Charging DRI For Lower Cost And Higher Productivity

Hydrogen Gas Evolution From Wet SiMn And FeSi

Improvements In EAF Operation Practices Over The Last Decade

Induction Stirring Equipment In The Steel Mill, Insight On Preventive Maintenance

Injection Of CH4-CO2 Mixtures Into Electric Arcs To Increase Are Voltages At Minimum Contamination Of Liquid Steel

Injection Of Electric Arc Furnace Dust Into Iron And Steel

Installation Of Power Plant And SVC (Static Var Compensation) At Mctaldom Steel Mill

Laser Measurement Of Ladles

Maintenance Of Mast Arm Assemblies For Electric Furnaces

Mathematical Simulation Of Fluid Hydrodynamics And Chemical Mixing Phenomena In Stirred Baths By A Rotary

Melt Flow Optimization Using Turbulence Inhibitors In A Large Tundish

Melt Shop Immersion Sensor System Maintenance For Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle And Continuous Caster Tundish

Modeling Of Heat Transformation From An Electric Arc - A Simulation Of Heating Part I

New Filter Products Enhance The Performance Of Air Pollution Control Systems

Operational Results Of Coherent Jets At Birmingham Steel - Seattle Steel Division

Optimal Operation Of An Electric Arc Furnace

Optimization Of EAF Operations Through Offgas System Analysis

Optimization Of Electrical Energy In Oxygen Plants Yields Higher Steel Plant Efficiencies


Personal Protective Equipment In Today's Melting & Casting Environment

Petrography As A Problem Solving Tool In Continuous Casting

Physical And Mathematical Modeling Of Oxygen Lancing And Arc Jetting In Electric Arc Furnaces

Physical Modeling Of Oxygen Lance Jets In Foaming Slags

Pilot-Scale Direct Recycling Of Flue Dust Generated In Electric Stainless Steelmaking

Plant Operations And Product Quality In Comsigua HBI Plant

Pleated Filter Elements For Desulphurization And Hot Metal Transfer

Preheating Of Hot Briquetted Iron

Problems Associated With Parallel Fan Operation

Process Improvements At ASW Sheerness Using Goodfellow EFSOP For Energy Optimization

Quality Steel From The EAF

Reactions Of Constituents For IN-SITU Bonds Of MgAl2O3 Mg2SiO4 & 3Al2O3-2SiO2 In Refractories

Reduction Of FeO In Arc Furnace Slags

Refractory Manufacturing Mact Update

Relative Economics Of Refractory Raw Materials

Rotary Hearth Furnace Operations At Jackson, TN

Secondary Spray Cooling Study In The Continuous Casting Of Stainless Steel Slabs

Serap Management And Processing Cradle To Ladle

Slag Foaming In Electric Furnace Stainless Steel Melting

State-Of-The-Art Var-Compensators Review Of Worldwide Experience

SVC Light: A Powerful Flicker Mitigator

The Activity Of Silicon In Liquid Fe-Si And Fe-Sl-Cr Alloys At 1600 C

The SPLC A New Technology For Arc Stabilization And Flicker Reduction On Electric Arc Furnaces

Thermodynamic Analysis Of Steel Deoxidization Processes During Tapping And Refining Operations

Thermomechanical Design Of EAF Refractory Linings

Towards Environmentally Friendly Steelmaking Processes

Ultraclean And Economical Process For Then Wire Production

Update On Iron Dynamics Use Of Liquid Iron At SDI In Butler, Indiana

Use Of Reactive Aluminas In Designing Low Moisture, Ultra High Purity Monolithic Refractories

Water Cooled Electric Furnace Equipment And Its Maintenance, A Pro-active Approach To Water-Cooled Equipment, Monitoring, And Partnership