1999 AISE Annual Convention and Exposition

161 MW Cogeneration Plant At U. S. Steel Gary Works

Advanced Materials and a Low Dilution Process for the Overlaying of Continuous Caster Rolls

Advanced Technology In Furnace Control System Furnace Optimizing System (Level 2)

Air/Oil Lubrication and Sealed Bearings for Rolling Mills

An Innovative Process For Removal Of Copper, Lead, and Zinc From A Steel Plant Effluent

An Integrated System for On-Line Roll Performance and Quality Evaluation

Application Of A Non-Circular Arc Roll Force Model To Temper Rolling

Automated Coil Handling and In-Process Inventory System

Automatic Coal Bulk Density Control at U.S. Steel’s Clairton Works

Automatic Design of Steel Manufacturing Processes

Back-attack Action of Gas Jets with Submerged Horizontally Blowing and Effects on Refractory Lining Erosion and Wear

Baosteel 2030 Continuous Cold Rolling Mill Self-Excoted Vibration Studay

Bearing Saver Automated Lubrication Technology and Benefits

Best Practices For Systematic Failure Elimination

Blast Furnace Efficiency Enhancer for Pulverized Coal Injection

Blast furnace lifetime: State of the art and practice for prolonging blast furnace campaigns

Blast Furnace No. 3 Taphole Repair

Blending Of Metallurgical Coals For The Next Millennium

CBF Compact Blast Furnace An alternative ironmaking concept

Coal Bulk Density, A Model to Predict Average Coke Oven Charge Densities

Cockerill-Sambre 70 MW EAF : 2nd Generationg of DC Power Supply

Coil and Sheet Packaging

Coke Handling System - Relocation and Replacement of Coke Conveyor at the Burns Harbor Coke Plant

Combination Casting on Multi-Strand Billet/Bloom/Beam Blank Machines

Compliance Assurance Monitoring Guidelines What the Plant Engineer needs to know

Construction of the US Steel - Plate Products No.3 Heat Treat Facility

Continuous Steelmaking In Ori Martin Of Brescia, Italy

Corrosion Resistant Anti-Friction Bearings

Crane Motor Testing: Payoffs And Problems

Cross line detailed scheduling

Debottlenecking the Rotary Hearth Furnace: First look at a unique Oxygen-based Combustion System

Decades of Experience Behind New SSAB Plate Mill in Sweden

Demulsibility of Gear Oils

Designing the Billet or Bloom Cooling In the Continuous Casting Machine

Desulfurization Plant Turnaround - Planning and Execution

Distribution Systems Within the New UHP Steel Plants

Effective Methods for Mounting Rail Systems on Concrete Foundations

Eliminating Leaking Gearbox Headaches

Elimination of Secondary Oil

Engineering Rolling Mill Drive Shafts for Maximum Performance and Minimal Maintenance

EPA’s Latest Mission Find and Destroy PSD Violations

Evolution (with just a touch of Revolution) New technologies for rod and wire mills

Filter Performance: Practical Aspects of Filter Testing

Full Analytical Theory for Profile Modulus

Graycor Safety Techniques at U.S. Steel Coke Oven Gas Desulfurization

Hot Iron Transfer Process

Hot Rolling Models: a Suite of PC Programs

Huge Reduction of Chatter Marks by Using Automatic Inline Control Simultaneously at the Grinding Machines, Temper and Cold Rolling Mill

Implementation Of The Control And Information System For Plant-Wide Cold Mills Using Three-Tier Architecture

Implementation Of The Control And Information System For Plant-Wide Cold Mills Using Three-Tier Architecture

Implications of Skid Insulation

Improving the Reliability and Performance of Bar Mill Rolling Stand Spindles - A Cooperative Partnership

Increased Performance Of An Annealing-Pickling Line For Stainless Steel Strips By Oxycombustion

Increasing Bearing Life on Continuous Casters

Installation of the VAI Blast Furnace Automation System at EKO Stahl GmbH Project Review and Results

Integrated Automation Solution For 20 High Reversible Cold Mills

Interfacing Combustion Technology with the Electric Furnace Process

Interfacing Combustion Technology with the Electric Furnace Process

Iron Dynamics Process A New Way to Make Iron

Latest Development in Blast Furnace Hearth Lining

Latest In-Line Laser Gauging Systems for the Hot Rolling of Rod, Bar and Pipe

Lo-Vap Cooling Of BOF Trunnion Ring

Maintenance and Inspection of Below the Hook Equipment

Maintenance Culture Change - Managing Change in Maintenance Today: Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing New Maintenance Technologies and Practices

Maintenance of the Body and Spirit

Measurement of True Temperature by Heat Radiation of Real Bodies Novel Optical Pyrometer and Results of Use in Smelting, Casting, Rolling of Cast Iron

Modeling Plastic Strain During Cold Leveling of Steel Plates

MONITORQ TM: Real time feedback of the torque generated in drive train and its use in Coiler Control

New Developments in Wire Rod Mills

New Generation of Infrared Pyrometers

New Installation and Operation of a Steckel Mill in North American Stainless

New Strip Profile And Flatness Control Technologies For Rolling Mills

New Technologies for In-line Production and Quality Controlin hot rolling mills for long products

Nitrogen Compound Removal: Regulatory Obsession of the Late 1990’s

Not Accepting Crane Wheel Flange Failures

Numerical modeling of the Coil Box and applications

On-Line Dust Analysis for Metals Using Xray Fluorescence for Process Monitoring in BOF Systems

One Year of Experience with the New Generation of Automatic Hot Mill Inspection Systems

Operational Considerations in Modern Downcoiler Design

Optimal Operation of Electric Arc Furnaces Using Spline Function Techniques

Optimization of Coiling Temperature Control at China Steel Corporation

Optimization of the COREX Process Through the Application of Advanced Process Models

PC-Based Utilities for Display, Analysis, and Archival of Legacy Shape System Log Data

Plant-Wide Automation at Elgiloy Specialty Metals

Practical Fluid Power Unit Filtration

Process and Economic Benefits from Operation Improvements and Equipment Alterations of the Bop Boilers

Process Safety Management Program at LTV Steel’s Chicago Coke Plant

Pulse Radar Sensors Applied to Anneal Furnace Catanery Control

Quality Decision Support Software in the Steel Industry

Recent Developments in the Implementation of an Innovative Two-Stage Coke Production Process

Reduction of Spray Blockages at the BHP Slab Caster

Regenerating Hydrochloric Acid Pickling Liquor: A New Process

Rehabilitation of #7 Battery Stelco Inc., Hilton Works

Revamping of the SSAB Hot Strip Mill for the next Millennium.

Rolling Mill Drives; Three Level, NPC AC Drives at Nucor Steel, Berkeley S.C.

Scheduling in the Steel Industry : A Pragmatic Approach

Scheduling of Kocks 3-roll Block for a given Product Mix

Secondary Fume Control at lspat Inland Inc. 3 No. 4 BOF Shop

Self-Cleaning Shower Headers Improve Galvanizing Operations

Soft Control Utilizing Existing I/O

Start up of a Modern Steel Plant In Egypt

Stress in Rolling Mill Back-Up Roll Necks: A comparison of calculated and measured values

Strip Coil Driving System Using Fuzzy Technique and Vectorial Induction Motor Speed Control

Superalloys & Innovative Surface Protection Technologies for Life Extension of BOF Hoods

Tagging of Hot Bands

Ten Years of Maintenance & Operation of Jewell-Thompson Non-Recovery Ovens

The Application of Medium Voltage Gas Insulated Vacuum Breaker Switchgear To Solve Space, Environment and Current Level Constraint Problems In Metals Plants.

The Benefits of Applying Regenerative Technology to Continuous Reheat Furnaces

The Continuous Casting of Wide Slabs

The Evolution of Blast Furnace Cooling

The Fluid Applicator Non-Contact Olllng and Coatlng Process

The Marion Tubular Project

The Operation Of Dynamic ShaperoW (DSR) Technology In A Steel Hot Strip Mill

The Precision Rolling System (PRS)—A New Dimension in Sizing Systems

The Status of Fuel Injection in North American Blast Furnaces: Implications for Practice Optimization

The Study of Shell Deformation and The Application of Deformation-Control Technology on 300t BOF of Baoshan Steel

The TQTM System: Bringing the Mill Industry Machine Tool Like Precision

Theoretical Considerations On The Geometrical Position Of The Converter Bottom Stirring Plugs And The Influence On The Blowing Conditions

Thermal Modeling Of Lo-Vap Cooling

Thermal Simulation And Analysis Of BOF Under Slag Splashing Condition

Topaz - Decentralized Cooperative Production Management

Transitioning the Maintenance Program:Implementing Improvement in Maintenance and Reliability

Two years experience with VAI-Q Strip an on-line system for controlling the mechanical properties of hot rolled strip

U.S. Steel Group Gary Coke Operations

U.S. Steel Mon Valley Works Blast Furnace Taphole Casting Achievements for 1998 and 1999

Understanding Precision Roll Neck Bearings

Virtual Rolling Mill for Real Time Control System Tuning, Operator Training and Rolling Mill Simulation

Virtual Rolling Mills, Mill Design and Optimization Using Computer Simulations

“Oxy-fuel Applications for Steel Reheating Furnaces”