1998 Steelmaking Proceedings

A Kinetic Model Demonstrating the Effect of FeO in the Slag and Silicon in the Metal on Hot Metal Desuifurization

A Laser-Based Sensor for Measurement of Off-Gas Composition and Temperature in Basic Oxygen Steelmaking

A New Optical Sensor For BOJF Lance-Based Temperature and Range/Contour Measurement

A Numerical Analysis of the Transport Phenomena in COREX® Melter-Gasifier

An experimental study of argon injection and aspiration of air into stopper rods in continuous casters.

Analysis of Heat Transfer and Solidifying Shell Deformation in Mold in High Speed Continuous Casting of Peritectic Medium Carbon Steels

Analysis of Heat Transfer and Solidifying Shell Deformation in Mold in High Speed Continuous Casting of Peritectic Medium Carbon Steels

Application of FMCW Radar for BOF Bath Level Measurement

Are Liquid Inclusions Necessary to Improve Castability?

Assessment, Application and Results of a Mollusk Control Strategy

Carbon Steel Waste Recycling Experience Using the INMETCO Process

Cavity Dynamics in Continuously Cast Steel Billets

Cold Model Experiments on the Circulation Flow in lUI Reactor Using a Laser Doppler Velocimeter

Comparison Between Isothermal Testing and Physical Simulation of Continuous Casting on Hot Ductility ofTi-Nb and Ti-B Steels

Computational Models Applying For COREX C-2000 Operations in POSCO

Computer Modeling of Electromagnetic Edge Containment in Twin-Roll Casting

Continuous Casting Developments at British Steel

Cost Effective Sulfur Removal at WCI Steel

Crystallization Behavior of Mold Slags

Dephosphorization Process in a Non-Integrated Pig Iron Mill

Design and Plant Experience sing an Advanced Pouring Box (APB) to Receive and Distribute the Steel in a Six Strand Tundish

Development Of Melting Furnace With Oxy-Coal Burner

Dezincing Galvanized Scrap

Dissolution Studies of Carbonaceous Materials in Blast Furnace Hot Metal During Pulverised Coal Injection

Formation of Hexavalent Chromium by Reaction between Slag and Magnesite-Chrome Refractory

Impact of a New Tube Changing System

Improved Ladle Stirring Using Vibration Technology at Stelco Hilton Works

Improved lining for RH degassers

Improvement of BOF productivity at NKK Fukuyama Works

Improvement of BOP Steel Refining Blowing Control using Wide Angle Lance Nozzles

Improvement of calculation models for BOF

Improvement of Stainless Steelmaking Operation at LD-OB Converter Based on Refining Control Model

Improvements in BOP Hood Life and Reliability

Improvements in steelmaking process at SIDERAR

Improvements on Longitudinal Cracks of Continuously-Cast Slab for Plate Grade Steel

In-situ Observed Characteristics of-the Morphology Change of Oxide Inclusions on Steel Melt Surface

Influence of a Turbulence Inhibitor on Steel Cleanliness Processed in a Bloom Caster

Influence of Melt Sulfur and Silicon on Carbon Boil In Fe-C-S-Si Metal Drops

Interfacial Phenomena of Fe-Cr and FeAI Alloys in Contact with CaO-Si02- AI2O3 Slags

Investigation on the Modes of Consumption of Residual Char by the Slag Phase during Pulverised Coal Injection in Blast Furnace

Joint Healtth, Safety & Environment Program at Algoma Steel Inc.

Light Sensors for BOF Carbon Control in Low Carbon Heats

Mathematical Model for Nitrogen Control in OSM

Model for Simulation of Thermal States of Steel Ladles

Modeling of Heat Transfer, Phase Distributions and Microstructure For Continuously Cast Low Alloyed Steel Slabs

Modelling of desulphurization during inductive stirring

New Level Control

Operation and the Reconstructing Plan of a Plasma Tundish Heating System

Operational and Metallurgical Results of Combinted Blowing at AHMSA's No. 2 Steel Shop

Optimal Order Dressing and Route Generation Using Expert Systems

Oxygen Blowing Technoiogy for Production of Ultra-Low Carbon Steel on RH Degasser

Partial Coke Ladle Deoxidation

Petrography as a Problem Solving Tool in Continuous Casting

Post Combustion Lances in Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) Operations

Reaction mechanism of change of inclusion composition during Ca treatment

Recycling of Steel Mill Wastes

Robotics In Steelmaking At Sparrows Point

Roll Life Improvements at the Sparrows Point Slab Casters

Simultaneous desulfurization and depbospborization process of stainless steels under reducing conditions with Ca~

Simultaneous desulfurizationand dephosphorization processes of hot metal with CaO and BaO-based slags containing MnO

Simultaneous Vaporization of Naif and SiF4

Slag/Graphite Interactions: Wettability Phenomena

Spinel and Forsterite Bonded Magnesia Castables for Steelmaking Applications

Start-Up of Ladle Lead at USS/Kobe Steel Company

Start-Up of Tire Cord Through USS/Kobe's Billet Caster

Steel Ladle Refractory Life Improvements at Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel

Strand Surface Quality and the Peritectic Reaction - A Look into the, Basics

Surface Quality Prediction of Stainless Steel C.C. Slabs by Artificial Neural Networks

The Control of Internal Quality by the Reduction of Blooms with Liquid Core

The Influence of Mould Powder Properties and Casting Speed on the Fonnation of Oscillation Marks

The Intermix Models of the Slab and Billet Casters of Hoogovens Steel in The Netherlands

Thermal Analysis of Stainless Steel Casting in Billet C.C. Machine

Thermodynamics of Trace Elements in Iron-Carbon Alloys

Tundish Aisle Conversion at Dofasco

ULSAB:Lightweight Steel Vehicle Design and Its Implications For the Steel Industry

Water modeling of vacuum decarburization in a ladle

What's in It For Us? Implementing QS-9000in the Steelmaking Division of Stelco's Hilton Works Facility