1998 Mechanical Working Steel Processing Proceedings

25th Anniversary Of The High Chrome Roll

A Detailed Study Of Sulphide Precipitation In Ti-IF Steels

Advanced Work Roll Cooling And Thermal Crown Control In The New Algoma Steel DSPC Finishing Mill

An Assessment Of The Application Of TiN Technology To Controlled-Rolled, Low-Carbon Nb - (V) Steels

Boron Hardenability Effects In 0.2 Percent Carbon Steels

Cage Forming Of Stainless Steel Pipe With High D/T Ratio

Casting New Light On Foundry Practices

Computer Aided Systems For Roll Pass Design Evaluation Applying Robust Design Techniques

Control For Taper Temperature Correction

Control Of Steel Surface Appearance After Painting

CSP For HSLA Hot Strip

Development And Characterization Of A Cold-Rolled Low Silicon TRIP-Assisted Multiphase Steel: A New Opportunity For The Automotive Steel Industry

Development Of Materials For Back-Up Rolls

Digitization Of The Mill Roll Inspection Process

DST Experience In High Performance Linepipe And Flowlines For Sour Service

Effect of Minor Elements Addition On Galvannealing Behavior

Effect Of Phosphorus On The Hardenability Of Steel

Effect Of Thermomechanical Histroy On The Hot Ductility Of A Nb-Ti Microalloyed Steel

Effects Of Austenitizing Temperature On The Microstructures And Porperties Of Low-Carbon, Copper-Containing Steels

Effects Of Cold-Rolling Reduction, Solute Carbon Content, And Strain Rate On The Tensile Properties Of A 0.04 wt % Carbon AKDQ Steel

Effects Of Compostion And Processing Conditions In A 0.03%C-0.09%Nb X70 Linepipe Steel

Effects Of Sulfur And Manganese On The Hot Workability Of Austenitic Stainless Steels

Evaluation Of Friction Under Hot Rolling Conditions

Experiences Of Commissioning A Modern Wire Rod Mill

Fatigue Lifetime Prediction Model For Spot Welded Structures

Finite Element Analysis Of Metal Flow In Bearing Section During Extrusion Process Of Three-Dimensional Sections

Fracture Analysis Of Hot Mill Work Rolls

Fundamentals Of Softening Processes During Ferrite Hot Rolling

Going Common In A Global Market

High Strenght Sheet Steel Produced By An Internal Nitriding Process

Hot Strip Mill Work Roll Development

Hot-Dip Galvanized Products For Automotive Outer Panels

Hydrogen Behavior In Interstitial Free Steel During Pickling And Hydrogen Pressure Effects On Blowholes

IF Steel Strengthening By Reactive Annealing: A Promising Route To Formable High Strength Steels

Improvement In Bending Crashworthiness Of Hat-Shape Columns By Using High Strenght Steel Sheets

Improvements In The Uniformity Of High Strength Automotive Sheet Steels

Inclusion Spacing And Prior Austenite Grain Size Effects On The Fracture Toughness Of Structural Steels

Industrial Development Of IF High Strenght Steels With And Without BH

Influence Of Phosphorus Content On The Recrystallization Behavior And Mechanical Properties Of Boron-Bearing Ti-Nb Fully Stabilized Steels

Integrated Microstructural-Phenomenological Approach To The Analysis Of Roll Pass Design In Bar Rolling

Intercritical Rolling Of A Nb-Bearing Trip Steel

Interstitials In LC, ULC And IF Steels And Their Analysis

Investigation Into The Use Of Large-Drop Sprays For Hot Strip Rolling Mills

Materials For Production Of Tools For Seamless Tubemaking

Measurement On The Move; Non-Contact Gauging Of Tube Diameter And Shape

Mechanical Relaxation Of Residual Stresses In Induction Hardened Bars

Metallurgical Processing Of High Silicon (6.4%) Non-Oriented Magnetic Steel Sheets Directly From The Melted State By Rapid Quenching. A Study Of The Continous Annealing Step

Microstructural Engineering For Hard Turning

Microstructural Evolution Of Hot Rolled TRIP Steels During Cooling Control

Microstructure And Formability Of High-Strength TRIP-Aided Bainitic Sheet Steels

Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of A Mn-Si-Mo TRIP Steel During Rod Rolling Simulation Using Torsion Testing

Modeling Flow Behaviours For Ferrite Rolling Of Two Ti-Nb IF Steels

Modification Of The Zinc Coating Composition Of Electrogalvanized Sheet Steel To Eliminate Spotting During Automotive Phosphating

Near Net Beam Blanks

New Approaches To The Design Of ULC Sheet Steels

New High - Strength Steels - Production, Properties & Applications

New Thermomechanical Hot Rolling Schedule For The Processing Of High Strength Fine Grained Multiphase Steels

New Thermomechanical Strategies For The Realization Of Multiphase Steels Showing A Transformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP) effect

On DST Design And Production Of High Collapse Casing

Oregon Steel Mills 148 Combination Mill Utilizing Tippins CoilPlate Process

Performance Evaluation Of Prephosphated Galvannealed Steel Sheet

Predicting Residual Stress And Distortion In Steel Components Due To Heat Treatment

Press Forming Of Dual Phase High Strength Steels For Autobody Structural Members Parts

Processes And Systems For Avoiding Of Preventing The Trumpeting Of Thin-Walled Tubes During Rolling On High-Performance Assel Mills

Processing And Properties Of A New Hot-Rolled High-Strength Fine-Grained Multi Phase Steel

Production Of Cold-Deformed Shaped And Extremely Thin-Walled Multilayered Tubes

Properties Of A Newly Developed Galvannealed Steel Sheet With Ni-bas Inorganic Lubricant File

Properties Of Hot Strip Mill Rolls And Rolling

Quench Embrittlement: Intergranular Fracture Due To Cementite And Phosphorus In Quenched Carbon And Alloy Steels

Recent Experiences On Manufacturing Process Of Large Diameter Seamless Pipes At Dalmine Works

Reducing The Cost Of A Roll Grinder Installation

Reduction Of Rolling Mill Vibration Through The Use Of Expandable Housing Liners

Refractory Design And Installation For Rotary And Reheat Furnaces

Repair Of Roll Necks

Rod Mill Improvements For Increased Profitability

Roll Neck Repairs

Rolls From Ukraine: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Sleeve Caster Start-Up And Product Development

Specific Forming Limit Curves For Tailored Blanks

SRM Technology For Tube Welding Lines

Start-up Of The Montpelier Mill

Stretch Reducing And Precision Sizing In Seamless Tube Mills

Study Of Austenite Decompostion During Continuous Cooling Using Gleeble-1500 Thermo-Mechanical Simulator

Study Of Mechanical Properties And Precipitation In High Strenght IF Steels

Study Of The Kinetics Of Dissolution, Coarsening And Growth Of Aluminum Nitride In Low Carbon Steels

Surface Effects Of Galvanized Coating On Corrosion In Polluted Environment

Texture And Microstructure Gradients In A Cold Rolled Electrical Steel

The Atlas Of Formability: A Tool For Process Improvement

The Bake-Hardening Steels For Automotive Outer Body Panels. Correlation Between The BH Measurement

The Development Of A Roll Purchase Specification For Forged Steel Rolls

The Development Of An Integrated Vibration Monitoring And Analysis System

The Effect Of Mo In Si-Mn Nb Bearing TRIP Steels

The Effect Of Prior Microstructure On The Fatigue Of Induction Hardened AISI-1050 Steel

The Effects Of Flow Stress On The Dent Performance Of Sheet Steels

The Grain Boundary Segregation of P, B, C and Nb In ULC Steels

The Influence Of Carbon, Chromium And Molybdenum Contents On The Tempering Behavior Of High Strength 14 Cobalt/10 Nickel Secondary Hardening Steels

The Use Of 'Fine-Deterministic' Steel Sheet Textures To Improve The Drawability And Paint Quality Of High Strength Body Panels

The VAI Galvannealing Controller - Technology, Experience, Benefits

TRIP Steels With Reduced Si Content

Ultrasonic Testing In A Seamless Pipe Mill

Use Of Lubricants And Emulsions During Hot Rolling Of Carbon Steel