1998 Electric Furnace and Process Technology Proc.

A Customer / Supplier Perspective Of Ensuring The Safety Of Secondary Metallic Materials In The Melt Shop

A Decade Of Ladle Furnace Development In Design & Operation

A Ladle Furnace Power Input Programmer With CAKE and RDB

Acid Steelmaking Practice Changes And Results

AK Steel - Order Cycle Data Base

Alternative Iron Feedstocks For EAF Steelmaking: Value In Use

An Economic Analysis Of Acid And Basic Melting

Analysis Of Theoretical And Real Energy Consumption In Production Of Some Metals And Alloys

Application Of C-Filters In Steel Mill Power Systems

Auburn Steel's Program For Improvements In Steelmaking Quality And Productivity

Basic Castables For Steelmaking Applications

Basic Mixes In The Electric Arc Furnace

Benefits Of New Generation Laboratory Automation

Carbon And Stainless Steel Quality Results From ARMCO Mansfield's The Slab Casting And Direct Rolling Facility Using Vai's CONTROLL Technology

Carbon Taxes In Sweden Impact On The Steel And Utility Industries

Carbon Utilization In The EAF: Friend Or Foe

Castability - From Alumina To Spinels

Castables Wit Improved Spalling And Thermal Shock Resistance

Charge Mix Optimization

Climate Change And The Iron And Steel Industry

CO2 Emissions From The Production Of Ferrosilicon And Silicon Metal In Norway

CO2 Emissions From The Production Of Manganese And Chromium Alloys In Norway

Component Protection For Today's Melting Environments - New Approaches And Concepts

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System The Basic Building Blocks

Cooling Tower Installation And Maintenance

Copper, Nickel And Cobalt Recoveries From A Converter Slag

Data Communication And Management For Legacy Systems

Design Tools Of DC EAF Power Supply Systems For Optimum Reduction Of Flicker And Interharmonic Disturbances

Design, Implementation, And End-User Issues Encountered While Developing Databases For Two Level 3 Systems

Dry Tundish Working Linings

Efficiency Of Water Cooled Systems In Small And Medium Electric Arc Furnaces

Electrical Hazars In An Arc Furnace Melt Shop

Electrical Shock Hazards As Applied To Induction Furnace Systems

Energy Efficiency Opportunities In Electric Arc Steelmaking

Ethernet Is The Winner For Level 1 Control Networks

Evaluation Of Production Numbers With Modern PC-based Software-Tools

Expanded PTFE Membrane Filter Media - Performance And Economics In EAF Applications

Experiments With UHP Electrodes Under Extreme Industrial Conditions

Financial And Productivity Impact Of The Usage Of Mica Slip Plan Materials In Coreless Induction Furnaces 1998

Fluid Flow Phenomena In A Laboratory Scale DC Arc Furnace For Slag Cleaning

Foamy Slag Fundamentals And Their Practical Application To Electric Furnace Steelmaking

Fundamental Aspects Of Coherent Gas Jets

Furnace Upgrade At Buckeye Steel Castings

Fuzzy Logic Application In Cold Rolling

General Design Option For Robotic Chemical Laboratories

Improved Consteel Operations At Co-Steel Sayreville

Improving EAF Productivity With Praxair Coherent Jet Tehcnology

Inclusion Modification In Semi-killed Steels

Influence Of Residuals On Hot Ductility And Longitudinal Cracks Of CC Round Billet

Infrared Temperature Measurement In Facility Maintenance

Installation Of A Slide Gate Valve On The Electric Arc Furnace At BHP

Installation Of Automated Robotic Test Equipment In Dofasco's Iron And Steel Chemical Lab

Intelligent Technologies For Electric Arc Furnace Optimization

Manganese Alloying Of Stainless Steel In AOD Converter

Mathematical Modeling Of Submerged Arc Smelting

Mechanical Properties Of Plasma Refined Cast Steels

Mechanical Resistance In The Compound Electrode

Neural Network Modeling And Heuristic Control For Electric Arc Furnace Process Optimization

New Melting Processes And Their Effects On Refractories

New Technology To Measure Steel Cleanliness

Optimizing E.A.F. Operations By Dynamic Process Simulation

Overview Global Warming Issues And EAF Production

Physical And Mathematical Modeling Of Fluid Flow In Electric Arc Furnaces

Post Combustion In EAF-Dynamic Simulation Model

Preventative Maintenance Techniques As Applied To Low Frequency, High Amplitude Electromagnetic Ladle Stirring Coil Devices

Production And Use Of High Quality Iron Carbides

Recent Development In Spinel Forming Castable Use In Steel Plants

Recycling/Reuse Techniques For Spent Refractories From Steel Producers

REDSMELT Hot Metal As Scrap Substitute From Iron Ore And Steel Mill Residues

Resolution Of Clogging At Armco's Mansfield Slab Caster

Results Of A Comprehensive Survey Of Emissions Of Air Pollutants From Ferrosilicon And High Purity Silicon Metal

Safety In The Melt Shop And The Part Played By OSHA

Safety In The Meltshop And Steel Plant - An Empirical Primer

Simulation Of Fluid Flow, Thermodynamics And Chemical Reactions In A DC Electric Arc

Startup Of Nucor's New Meltshop In Norfolk, NE

Supporting High-Productivity Silicon Manufacturing With Prebaked Electrode Technology

The DCS Control System For Low-Carbon Ferrochromium Production Line

The Effect Of Magnesium Additions On The Evolution Of PH3 Gas From FeSi75 Alloys

The Shaft Furnace, An Ongoing Revolution In EAF Steel Making

The Steel Industry And A Deregulated Electricity Market: Experience From Sweden

The Use Of DRI In The Electric Furnaces At Georgetown Steel

Thermal Analysis Of Billet Type Bottom Anodes Of DC Arc Furnaces

Thermally Coated Mold NF Coppers - A New Technology To Enhance Mold Performance

Upgrade Of Electric Arc Furnace Fume Control System At Nucor Steel, Plymouth, Utah

Upgrade Your Line Frequency Coreless Furnace For The 21st Century

Use Of Captured Information To Monitor Process Control

Vacuum Switches, Maintenance And Testing

Water Glycol Hydraulic Fluid Performance Differences

What Makes A Good Oxyfuel Burner?