1998 AISE Annual Convention and Exposition

1998 AISE Annual Convention Program Real Time Process Management to Improve Productivity in Iron/Steel Complex Operations.

3-Axis Bearing Vibration Analysis

A Monitoring Instrument for the detection and Early Warning of Resonant Oscillation of Servovalves in Mill Hydraulic Systems

A Proactive Lubrication Maintenance Program Improves Productivity and Increases Profitability In Iron and Steel Plants

AC Technology For Charter Steel's New Wire Rod Mill

Advances in Monitoring Scrap Steel for Radioactivity

Ahead of Schedule/Within Budget: A Fast Track Mini Mill Project in the Czech Republic

Amanda Taphole Repair

An On-line estimator expands automation of AOD

Analysis Techniques and Countermeasures for Chatter on Tandem Cold Mills and Temper Mills at LTV Steel

Application of Endless Bar Rolling System ( EBROS ) at Tokyo Steel Takamatsu Works

Applications for Tong Grabs in the Steel Industry

Automated Raw Material Handling And Blast Furnace Charging System At Rouge Steel

Automatic Tagging Identification of Slabs and Billets

Automation of Dofasco’s No. 3 Electrolytic Tinning Line

Bearing currents - a danger to inverter-fed a.c. motors ?

Bethlehem Burns Harbor Emission Control Program

Bethlehem Steel Corrective Action Strategies and Progress

Bethlehem Steel Sparrows Point Division No. 1 Halogen Tinning Line AC Drive Conversion

BHP Western Port Hot Strip Mill Upgrade

Biodegradability and Toxicity of a High Performance Water-Glycol Hydraulic Fluid

BOF Trunnion Drive Shaft Testing Utilizing Ultrasonic Multichannel C-Scan Imaging in Real Time

Casthouse Automation and Practices

Charging Emissions Control Retrofit to A U Tube System at the S. Chicago Coke Plant of LTV Steel Company

Collision Free Pick Up and Movement of Large Objects

Computational Simulation of Regenerative Burner System and Its Application to Walking Beam Furnace for Rolling Mill

Construction and Start-up of a Second Casthouse and Taphole Improvements on Lake Erie Steel #1 Blast Furnace

Continuous-Continuous Process With In-Line Heat Treatment for Production of Narrow Thin Strip

Control of Quarter Buckle on Sendzimir 20-H Mills

Correlation of Experimental Data with Analytical Predictions for Blast Furnace Copper Staves

Design and Application of Flexible Cables For Use With Variable Frequency Drives.

Design and Start-up of the Single Strand Slab Caster #5 at VOEST-ALPINE STAHL LINZ, Austria

Development & Application of a “Super Demulsibility MORGOIL“-Partnering Research Efforts with Field Performance for Proven Benefits

EAF dust Management Options: Processes, Products, and Economics

Edgar Thomson No. 1 Blast Furnace Reline 1997

Electrical Power System Maintenance Utilizing International Electrical Testing Association (NETA) Testing Standards

Eliminating Non-Stormwater Discharges to Stormwater Outfalls at a 75 Year Old Steel Mill

Environmental Engineering in Continuous Casting

EPA Proposes New MACT Standard For HCI Pickling

Establishing an Environmental Management System Using ISO 14001 as a Model: A Phased and Practical Approach

Estimiated Safe Residual Service Life of Twenty-None Year Old No. 1 BOF Trunnion Pin

Evaluation of Metallurgical Coal Blends in the Calderon Coking Reactor

Experience with Accumulator Level Control Systems and Their Impact on efficient and Consistent Operation of Descale Systems.

Expert system for blast furnace closed-loop control

Field Experience with A New Generation Polyether Polyol Hydraulic Fluid

Fifth-Octave Chatter Problem Solved Using Vibration Analysis

Filtration Trends in Bearing Lubrication Systems

Flatness Control and Bending System Improve Product Quality at US Steel - Fairless Works

Front End Project Loading Process

Heat Recovery Cokemaking at Sun Coke Co.

High-speed roll gap control in rod and bar mills: A challenge for laser diameter gauges

Highly Integrated Automation System for the New IPSCO Mini Mill

Hot Blast Stove Process Model and Model-Based Controller

How To Install A Simple, Effective, Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) Program

How to Obtain Maximized Predictability of Manufacturing Process Performance through ICAS

Hydraulic Conversion and Modernisation of Gulf States Steel’s 54” Hot Strip Mill

Identifying Motor Defects Through Fault Zone Analysis

Improved ladle life at rouge steel by means of automated magnesite veneer application

Improving Maintenance and Reliability at Inland Steel’s Indiana Harbor Works Facility

Increasing BOF vessel availability with a mini-cone & water cooled lip ring

Induction of heating for the steel industry

Innovative Energy Solution for U.S. Steel

Inspection, Analysis, Repair and Re-Design of 32 Ton Stacker Cranes at Dofasco’s Central Shipping Complex

Installing Copper Staves and Operational Practice at Sidmar

Integrated Blast Furnace Steel & Power Production

Isotope identification of radioactive sources in scrap

Ivaco Rolling Mills - Modernization Project

Lessons From Crane Runway Inspections

Life Extension of BOF Hoods Using Modern Weld Overlay Technology

Low Yield Loss Hot Slab Surface Defect Rectification and Integrated Data Communications

Maximizing Partnership Benefits in Predictive Maintenance

Mill Spindle Advanced Gear Design

Model Supported Flatness Control Systems for Cold Rolling Mills

Modelling and Optimization for a 20-high Cold Rolling Mill

Modernization of gauge control system at Sumitomo Metal Wakayama 5 stand tandem cold mill

Modular End Flue Repairs at Tonawanda Coke

New Approach for Acid Recovery

New High Capacity Leveler on Burns Harbos's 160 Plate Mill

New Process Automation of Utilities at Weirton Steel Corporation Improves Operations and Reduces Energy Cost

New Process Control System in Hot Strip Mill of North Star BHP Steel Ltd.

New Technology to Measure Steel Cleanliness

New Twin Cathode D.C. Furnaces Melt Scrap Substitutes Quickly and Efficiently

Non-Conventional Crane Runway Girder Reinforcement

Number 4 Blast Furnace 1997 Reline & Minor Improvements

Operational and Quality Results from Thin Slab Casting/Rolling Plants at ARMCO and NOVA HUT

Operational Practice at COREX Plants and State of Current Projects

Optical Gauge Control - OGC and its Application in Hot Mills

Outokumpu UPCAST and CAST AND ROLL - Near Net Shape Casting of Copper Semiproducts

Overview of Steelmaking Process Control Sensors for the BOF, Ladle and Continuous Casting Tundish

Performance Optimization of Desulphurization Station Fume Collection System at Dofasco Inc.

Permanent Magnet Coupling Fundamentals

Physical Modelling the Rolling of Shapes

Pickle Line Surface Inspection System

Production Risk Assessment Concepts For A More Sustainable Operation

Re-Automation of Plate Mill at BHP Integrated Steel, Port Kembla, Australia

Reduction of Rolling Mill Vibration Through the Use of Expandable Housing Liners (Hydraliners)

Reliability-Based Maintenance

Relocation of Two Midrex 400 Series DRI Plants from Hunterston, U.K., to Mobile, Alabama

Repairing Surface Wear on Mesta Roll Balance Cylinders

Resolving Reheat Furnace Combustion Air Ductwork Cracking Problems

Resonance Compensation in Large Drive Systems

Results of using the finite element method (FEM) in the design uniformly stressed casting ladles

Revisitation of Part 420 - Status Report on the Iron and Steel Effluent Limitations Guidelines

Rouge Steel Ore Bridge: Redesign and Replacement Of A Nonredundant Structural Member

Severe Defect Detector Utilising Eddy Current Distancemeter for Steel Strip

Simplified optimal control for tin plate process

Software Projects - Key People in Key Places are the Key (to Risk Management and Success)

Software Projects - Key People in Key Places are the Key (to Risk Management and Success)

Tata Steel's Slab Casters

Technical Comparison of High Performance Hydrogen Batch Anneal and Continuous Anneal Process Technologies

The Application Of Vibration Monitoring to Cold Mill Processes

The Breakout avoidance system Basys for continuous slab casting

The Capture and Analysis of Stress Waves Provides Significant Improvement in Condition Monitoring of Critical Rotating Machinery

The Continuous Casting of Beam Blanks

The Endless Welding Rolling Process

The Latest USA & European Machinery Safety Standards - Contents, compliance Procedures, and documentation Requirements

The New Machine Head For Bloom Casters

The Real Cost of Hydraulic and Lubrication Delays

The Technical And Economical Impact Of The Consteel Process

The Thyssen Still Otto/PACT Non-Recovery Cokemaking System

The TSPÿ Process For High Quality Flat Rolled Products

The VAI VAINOXÒ Technology for Stainless Steelmaking — Its Application in New Reference Plants and Future Developments

Torsional Vibration Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of A Steel Rolling Stand Power Train

Transducerless Control of AC Flux Vector Drives

Twenty-High Reversing Cold Rolling Mills with Direct Hydraulic Screwdown System to Roll High Tensile Light Gauge Material

Upgrading Hearth Concepts for High Performance Blast Furnaces

Use Of Ruler For The Deetermination Of Critical Antioxidant Concentration In Ester Based Hydraulic Fluids

Vacuum Degasser Project at U.S. Steel, Mon Valley Works

Variable Frequency Drives in Large AC Induction Motor Applications

VCI Technology For Flat Rolled Steel Production

Vibration reduction in a 5 Stand Cold Mill

What's New in Lifting magnets? And Lifting Magnet Systems

Why Would I Intentionally Increase My Hot Metal Cost? Estimating the payoff of HBI as a Blast Furnace Charge Material

Will Your Motor Insulation Survive A New Adjustable frequency Drive?

“South Australian Steel And Energy (SASE) Project- Application of Ausmelt’s clean state of art AUSIRON direct smelting technology to commercial production of low cost pig iron”

“The Split-Design Re-heating Curve in Walking Beam Re-heating Furnaces. A Way to comply with highest end users steel quality requirements”