1997 Mechanical Working Steel Processing Proceedings

26 Years of Cooperative Research On North American Railroad Tank Car Safety

A Metallographic Study of Phosphorus Segregation in Interstitial Free Sheet Steel

A Microstructure Dependent Flow Stress Model for Steel Rolling

A New Sample Design for the Study of the Relaxation of Residual Stresses in Induction Hardened Bars

A Numerical Model for Estimation of Temperature-Time History and Residual Stess in Head-Hardened Rails

A Precise Quantitative Analysis of Precipitates in Ti-bearing Interstitial-Free Steel

A Synopsis of PST's Advanced In-Line Head Hardening Process After Two Years of Production and In-Service Testing

Alloying Considerations for Heat Treatment of Rail to a Lower Bainite Microstructure

An Investigation of Weld Line Defects in Electric Flash Butt Welds

An Overview of Coiler Pinch Roll Technology

Annealling Temperature Prediction Model of Ferritic Stainless Hot Coil

Application of Fuzzy Reasoning Techniques for Roll Pass Design Optimization

Applications of ultra-low carbon sheet steel to tin mill black plate

Automotive Materials and Technologies for the 21st Century

Backup Rolls: The Optimal Response to In-Service Conditions

Bake Hardening Steels:Toward Improved Formability and Strength

Casting Technologies Supporting the Development of Direct Hot Charged Carbon and Stainless Steel Production at Armco's Mansfield Operations

Characterization and Control of Strain Aging in Boron Modified Medium Carbon Steel Wire Rods

Characterization of bainite rails and pearlite rails used in high freight railroads in terms of wear resistance and damage resistance

Cold Rolled Batch Annealed Bake Hardening Steel For The Autumotive Industry

Compared Numerical and Experimental Studies of Angle Steel Production Process

Current Approaches to Tank Car Safety Enhancement

Determination of Interstitial Carbon and Nitrogen in Low Carbon Steels

Development and Production of Large Diameter, High Toughness Gr.SSO (X80) Line Pipe at Stelco

Development of a Multi-Purpose Structural Plate Grade: T-Star TM

Development of High Power Laser Pipe Welding Process

Development of Hypereutectoid Steel Rail for Heavy Haul Railways

Development of Metallurgical Aspects and Processing Technologies in IF Sheet Steel

Development of Vanadium-Alloyed, Bake-Hardenable Sheet Steels for Hot-Dip Coated Applications

Direct Rolling Simulation of Ti-Microalloyed Thin Cast Slab

Eddy Current Testing of Bar, Rod and Wire During Hot Rolling

Edge Masking Technology for Uniform Transverse Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Steel Strips

Effect of Additional Annealing on Hot-dip Galvanizability of Si and Mn Added IF-Steel

Effect of Chemical Composition and Cooling Rate on Static and Dynamic Strain Aging in IF Steels

Effect of Hot Rolling Conditions on Sticking Behavior of Ferritic Stainless Steels

Effect of Morphological Change of Sulfide on Recrystallization Texture of Ti-Added Ultra-Low Carbon Cold-Rolled Sheet Steel

Effect of Processing Parameters on the Properties of Extra-Low Carbon Niobium-Added Steel Sheet

Effect of the hot-rolling lubricant condition in ferrite region on the texture formation of cold-rolled sheet steels with ultra-high r-value

Effects and Measurement of Interstitial Carbon and Nitrogen in Iron and Steel

Effects of Prior Microstructure on the Yield Ratio of 600MPa Class TMCP Steel for Building Application

Effects of Processing on Coating Characteristics and Performance of Galvanneal

Fracture Toughness of Thermite Rail Welded Steel

Galvannealing Behavior of High Strength Steels

Graphitisation in Chromium Cast Iron

Grinding of Tool Steel Rolls

Heat Transfer Considerations in Modeling the Hot Rolling of Steel

Heat Treated Boron Steels in the Automotive Industry

High Performance Cast Back-up Rolls

High-Rate Induction Annealing of Cold Rolled Low Carbon Sheet Steel

High-Strength, Weldable, Air-Cooled, Copper-Precipitation-Hardened Steel

Hot Dip Galvanized Bake-Hardening Grades, a Comparison Between LC and lULC Concepts

Identification of Sulfide Particles in Titanium Modified Steels

Improved Properties From Today's Mini-Mills

Improvement of Deep Drawability of IF Steels by Lubrication Rolling in the Ferrite Region

Improving Rolling Mill Performance with Engineered Liner Systems

Induction Heating Techniques for Tubular Product Manufacturing

Influence of carbon content and coiling temperature on hot and cold rolled properties of bake hardenable Nb - ULC steels

Influence of EMS on Rail Thermite Weld Structure and Properties

Influence of Physical Simulation on the Hot Ductibility Behavior of a Microalloyed Steel in the Continuous Casting Process

Interrelationships Between Toughness and Grain-Refining Precipitates in Lightly-Tempered, High-Strength Steels

Interstand Cooling During the Processing of Controlled Rolled Plates to Improve Mill Productivity

Interstitial Analysis of Ultra Low Carbon and Interstitial Free Steels

Investigation of the Fe-AI Inhibition Layer Formed During Hot-Dip Galvannealing

IPSCO Steel, inc. World's First In-line Plate Production Facllity

Kinetics of Decarburization of ULC Steels in the Vacuum Tank Degasser at Sollac Florange

Large Forged Steel Back-Up Rolls the Evolving Technology

Laser Measurement of Rolling Mill Critical Alignment Components

Making MINIGRATED TM Steel Products at ACME STEEL

Mechanics of Roller Straightening

Mechanism of Recrystallisation Texture Formation in Ti-IF Steels

Microalloyed, Vacuum Degassed High Strength Steels with Special Emphasis on IF Steels

Microstructural Characterization of Hardened Steel by Nondestructive Methods

Microstructural Characterization of the Fe-AI Inhibition Layer On Commercial Hot-Dip Galvanized IF Steel

Modeling of the Effects of Deformation in the Two Phase Region of C-Mn and Microalloyed Steels

Multiple Slit Rolling at Hylsa

New Perspectives for Process Control Improvement of ULC Steels Utilizing an Online Nitrogen Determination System

Norfolk Southern Experience With Tank Car Structural Integrity

Novel Trends in Development of Cold Drawing of Tubes

Operational Experience Rolling Ultra Light Hot Strip (ULHS)

Optimization of Residual Stresses in High Strength Rails at Sogerail, Hayange

Overview of Roll Specifications

Processing and Application of Rephosphorized IF steels

Properties of Galvannealed Coatings on TiNb- and Ti Stabilised Interstitial Free High Strength Steels

Rail Steels Microalloyed with Carbonitride Forming Elements

Rails Rolled from Electroslag Remelted (ESR) Ingots

Recent Developments in Wear-Resistant Back-up Rolls

Recrystallization and Texture in Zr Containing Extra-low Carbon Steel

Relationships between Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Bainitic Steels for High Strength Plate Applications

Roll Purchasing Specifications

Schedule-Free Rolling Strategies Based on Contour Control for Flexible Hot Strip Mill Concepts

Sealed Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings Development, Application and Benefits for Rolling Mills

Some Observations on the Annealing Response and Post Annealing Processing Effects for Fully Stabilized Steels

Spalling Behavior of Back-Up Roll Materials

SRM Grooving Technology Made Possible by the High-Performance KR III CNC Machining Unit

Stainless Steel for Semiconductor Applications

Strengtlh of Inclusion-Matrix Interfaces in Steel

Tailoring Heat Treatment and Composition for Production of Online Head-Hardened Bainitic Rail

The Advancement of Hot Mill Lubrication

The Application and Perfonnance of High-Speed-Steel (HSS) Rolls at Hot Rolling

The Development of Bainitic Steels for Rails

The Development of Bainitic Steels for Special Rainway System Requirements

The Effect of Initial Grain Size on Transformation Textures of ULC-Steels

The effects of PWHT on the toughness of weld HAZ in Cu-containing HSLA-I00 steel

The Influence of Composition, Equalisation Temperature and Slab Thickness On the Properties of Vanadium Containing Strip Rolled from Thin Slab

The Influence of the C/S-ratio on the Properties ofTi-stabilised Enameling Steels

The Metallurgical Characteristics of Bainite as Applied to a Rail Steel

The Minutiae of Tank Car Structural Integrity

The Secondary Work Embrittlement of Galvannealed High Strength Sheet Steel for Automotive Applications: Test Method and Material Evaluation

The Segregation Behavior of Phosphorus and its Role in the Cold Work Embrittlement and Annealing Behavior of Ti-smbilized Interstitial-free Steels

The State-of-the-Art: Hot Rolling of Thin Slabs

Tool Wear and Surface Finish in High Speed Machining of Steel

Ultra-Low Carbon Steel for DWI Cans Production : The Best Way for Ultralight

Vanadium in Interstitial Free Steels

Wall Thickness Measurement of Tubes and Eccentricity Determination by Laser Ultrasonics

Weldability of Microalloyed Steel for Potential Tank Car Applications