1997 Ironmaking Proceedings

A Coke Oven Model including Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Tar

A Mathematical Model for the Estimation of Flue Temperature in a Coke Oven

A Status Report on the FastmetŪ Process from the Kagogawa Demonstration Plant

A System for Interpretation of Blast Furnace Stockrod Measurements

Altos Hornos de Mexico Blast Furnace No.5 certification in ISO-9002 standard

Analysis of Ammonium Sulfate Circulation Tank Failure-Possible Causes and Their Remediation

Automated Control for Coal Handling Operations at Bethlehem Steel, Burns Harbor Division

Automatic Coke Oven Heating Control System at Burns Harbor for Normal and Repair Operation

Baldwin Thermal Treatment Facility Baldwin, Illinois Organics and Contaminated Soils

Blast Furnace Injection of Low Volatile Coal at Bethlehem Steel's Burns Harbor Division

Blast Furnace Supervision & Control System

Bubbling in a Tundish

Burden Distribution Tests of Siderar's No. 2 Blast Furnace

CC Process Optimization Through an Improved Thermal Modeling of the Cast Steel Products

Changing from 100% Sinter Burden to 100% Pellets in Koverhar

Coke Cake Behavior Under Compressive Forces

Cokemaking from Coals of Kuzbas and Donbas

Cold Bonded Briquettes with High Temperature Properties for Blast Furnace Burdens

Collector Main Replacement at Indianapolis Coke

Consumption of Residual Char in Blast Furnace during Coal Injection- Slag/Carbon/Gas Interactions

Continuous Improvements in Pelletizing, the AHMSA Experience

Continuous Steelmaking: The Balance Between Intensity and Refining

Control of DWI Steel Cleanness by Lanthanum Tracing of Deoxidation Inclusions, Ladle Slag Treatment and a Methodical Approach

Cyanide Treatment Options In Coke Plants

Determination of the Fundamental Softening and Melting Characteristics of Blast Furnace Burden Materials

Development of Quick Repairing Technique for Ceramic Burner in Hot Stove of Blast Furnace

Enhancing Hot Mill Slab Yield, Usage and Throughput using Expert Systems and Numerical Optimization

Experience and Results of new Heating Control System of Coke Oven Batteries at Rautaruukki Oy Raahe Steel

Extension of Blast Furnace Campaigns at Inland Steel

Gas Treatment and By-Products Recovery of Thailand's First Coke Plant

Glass-Coating and Cleaning System to Prevent Carbon Deposition on Coke Oven Walls

Great Lakes Steel - PCI Facility

Hearth Monitoring Experiences at Dofasco's No. 4 Blast Furnace

Heat Transfer Behavior of Pure Iron and Nickel against a Water Cooled Copper Mold During Initial Stage of Solidification

Hoogovens Blast Furnace No.6 - the First Eleven Years of a Continuing Campaign

Hot Repair of Ceramic Burner on Hot Blast Stoves at USS/KOBE's #3 Blast Furnace

Hydrochloric Acid Pickling of Coiled Steel Rods

Improvement of Secondary Cooling Control by On-Line Temperature Calculation

Improving Productivity and Quality Through Control of the Steel Temperature in the Tundish

In-plant Recycling of Ironmaking Waste Materials at POHANG Works

Increasing Blast Furnace Productivity - Is There a Universal Solution for All Blast Furnaces?

Increasing the Proportion of Yandi Pisolite in BHP Steel Ore Blends

Long Life Hearth in Blast Furnace Kokura No.2 B. F. of Sumitomo Metals

Low-Coke Rate Operation Under High PCI at Kobe No.3 BF

Metallurgical Applications of Upgraded Coal from the LFC Process

Methods for Reduction of Charging Emissions

Microwave Drying of Ferric Oxide Pellets

Model Based Control of a Coke Battery

Monitoring Lining And Hearth Conditions At Inland's No. 7 Blast Furnace

Operating and Maintenance Benefits of Automated Oven Wall Temperature Measurement

Operation of a Dry-Cleaned and Agglomerated Pre-Compaction System (DAPS)

Operational Results of Shaft Repair by Installing Stave Type Cooler at Kimitsu Nos.3 and 4 Blast Furnaces

Process Improvements at Redcar Sinter Plant

Processing High Phosphorus HBI in Steelmaking

Production Improvements in SIDERAR BF # 1

Prolongation Technologies for Campaign Life of Tall Oven

Quality and Operational Benefits of Continuous Tundish Temperature Measurement at British Steel Teesside Works

Reactive Phosphide Inclusions in Commercial Ferrosilicon

Rebuild of SSAB Oxelfisund Blast Furnace No.4 and Introducing the ROAX-TOP

Rebuilding of Rautaruukki Blast Furnaces

Recent Improvements in Casthouse Practices at the Kwangyang Blast Furnaces

Reducing Drying/Preheat Cycle Time to Increase Pellet Production at the BHP Whyalla Pellet Plant

Saldanha Steel Project The Zero Emission Philosophy

Simulation of Industrial Coking - Phase 1

Slab Caster Design Criteria for High Quality Steel

Solidification Control versus Liquid Steel Temperature - A Review

Steel Composition and Temperature Adjustment: the HALT process at KRUPP HOESCH - Dortmund Plant

Stratification and Emptying Flow in Ladles Before and During Casting. Creation of Simple Models From Experiments and Sophisticated Models.

Successful Application of the Top-Layer-Sintering Process for Recycling of Ferrous Residuals Contaminated with Organic Substances

Technical & Economical Considerations of New DRI Melting Process

Temperature Compensation and Control in the Continuous Casting Tundish: Physical and Mathematical Modelling

Temperature Prediction and Control During Continuous Casting

The 2nd Campaign of Pohang No. 2 B.F. & Its Relining Plan for the 3rd Campaign

The Effect of Deoxidiation Praxis on Inclusion Characteristics in Bearing Steel Production

The Formation or an Ore Free Blast Fumace Centre by Bell Charging

The Influence of Sinter Composition on Sintering Rate and Physical Quality of Sinter

The Production Of Iron Carbide

The Recycling of Waste Oxides at Great Lakes Division, National Steel Corporation

The Romelt Process - Prospects for Pig Iron Production in North America

The Videofil Probe, a Novel Instrument to Extend the Coke Oven Service Life

Thermal Modeling as a Tool for Optimization and Control of Casting Processes

Titanium Addition Practice and Maintenance for the Hearths in AHMSA's Blast Furnaces

Up-Grade or Process Control System U.S. Steel Fairfield No.8 Blast Furnace

Western Canadian Cokina Coals - Thermal Rheology and Cokina Quality

Who Was Henry Howe?