1997 Electric Furnace Proceedings

20 Economical Ways to Improve the Operation of a Baghouse Dust Collector

A Dynamic Model for the Optimization of the Electric Steelmaking Process

A new designed DC rectifier: Application for the new 70MW Cockerill Sambre DC EAF

A New Generation of Pleated Filter Elements for Pulse Jet Baghouse Conversions

A Steelmaking Slag Oxygen Activity Sensor; Experiences and Observations

An Update on Project S.T.A.R.: Zero Waste Program at Chapparal Steel

Are Furnace Transformers Preventive Maintenance, Modernization and Repair

Behavior of Zinc on Dust Recycling in EAF

Bottom Oxygen Blowing in EAF

Bottom Refractory Performance in Consteel® and Top Charged DC Furnaces

Buying Electricity on the Open Market - Will You Be Ready?

Changes in Technology and the Impact on Steel Industry Electrical Consumption

Chromium Control in the EAF during Stainless Steelmaking

Cleaner Cast Steels and Refining Process

Commissioning & Operation of the Hernic Ferrochrome Plant

Continuous Measurement of Tuyere Length in the Electric Arc Furnace

Controlling the Behavior of Basic Electric Arc Furnace with Oxygen Injection in the Foundry

Development of Double Hot-Thermocouple Technique for Direct Observation of Mold Slag Crystallization

Development Of Low And Ultra-Low Cement Gunning Castables For Application In The Iron And Steel Industry

Development of Materials and Designs for Advanced Refractory Casting Systems

Development of MgO-CaO-AI2O3 Castable for Steel Teeming Ladle Slag Line

Diagnostic / Maintenance Techniques Applied to Channel Induction Furnaces

Dissolution Behavior of FeSi Alloys in a Steel Melt

Early Slag Foaming To Reduce Bottom Erosion and Increase Scrap Melting Capability

Effect of Moisture, Combined Water, and Volatile Elements on Fixed Carbon Requirement in a Ferromanganese Smelting Furnace

Effects of Post Combustion Validated by Steel Mill Demonstration

Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking - Physical and Numerical Modeling

Electric Furnace Refractory Lining Management

Energy Optimizati.on and Continuous Fume Analysis at CO-STEEL LASCO - The Expert furnace System Optimization Process (EFSOP TM)

Enhancement of EAF Performance with the Efficient Use of Exothermic Energy

Environmental Self-Audits and Enforcement In Steel Minimills - An EPA Initiative

Fabric Selection - Efficiencies and Economics

Flexible Control of Stirring in a Continuous Casting Mold with a Dual-Coil System

Foaming Slag-Practice in Electric Stainless Steelmaking

From Data to Information in Maintenance a Brief Review

High Performance Zirconia-Graphite Material for Submerged Nozzle

Improving Performance of Dust Collection Equipment with Spun Bonded Pleated Filter Elements

Improving Post-Combustion with the Double Flow Multi Point Injectors

Key Ferrosilicon Producer Increases Productivity Through Baghouse Rehabilitation

Kinetics of Hot Briquetted Iron Oxidation-Reduction

Laser Line Scanning to Quickly Measure Refractory Lining

Low Pressure Casting or Near-Net-Shape Steel Components

Maintaining a Safe Furnace

Melt Shop Optimization at Chaparral Steel

Melt Shop Power System Improvements Help Reduce Voltage Flicker

Minimizing Electric Arc Furnace Dust Generation

Modern High Speed Casting Technology for Billet Casting

Modern Steel Ladle Lining and Wear Monitoring Practise in Raahe Steel

Modernization of Two Six-Strand Billet Casters at Sicartsa

Molten Iron from DRI

Physical Modeling of Fluid Flow in Electric Arc Furnaces

Plasma Cupola - Operating Experience at Gray Iron Foundry

Possible Effects of Secondary Combustion for DRI Melting

Post-Combustion in the EAF - a Steady-State Simulation Model

Powerful EAF Performance With Aluminum Current Conducting Electrode Arms

Process Modeling of Continuous and Centrifugal Casting Processes

Processing Foundry Sands at John Deere Foundry: Waste Management Into Asset Management

Production of Low Phosphorus and Nitrogen Steels Using RBI in the EAF

Pyrometallurgical Pre-Treatment of EAF Dust at Reduced Pressure

QuickIroan TM as a Scrap Substitute in EAF Steelmaking

Reactivity and Petrography of Cokes for Ferrosilicon and Silicon Production

REDSMELT An Attractive Solution for the Production of Hot Metal, a Scrap Substitute Chargeable as Liquid Metal or Solid Pigs

Results of Oxygen Injection In the EAF with Praxair Coherent Jet Injectors : A Novel Technology

Startup and Operating Results of Dofasco's Twin Shell AC EAF

STATCOM - The New Technology for Electric Arc Furnace Compensation

Structural Control of the Cerro Matoso's Electric Furnace

Technological Advances In Induction Melting of Iron and Steel

The Characterization and Formation of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Dusts

The DANIELl Bottom Anode Concept for DC Furnaces-a-Proven Performance

The Development of MgO Rich MgO-Al2O3-C Brick for Ladle Metal Line

The Dynamic Modeling of an Electric Arc Furnace

The Effects of Mold Powder and Slag Chemistry Changes on the Removal of Residual Zinc

The Environmentally and Metallurgically Clean Ferroallay Producing System

The Real Cost of Hydraulic and Lubrication Delays

The Revamp to a Fuchs Finger Shaft Furnace at Von Roll.

The Reverse Air Bagbouse: Understanding and Operating the Equipment

Thermodynamic Modelling of an Electric Arc Furnace

Top Quality Gunning Mixes for BOF, EAF and Ladles

Transformation of EAF Dust Into Commercial Products

Treatment of Electric Arc Furnace Baghouse Dust Using Submerged Combustion In-Bath Smelting

Upgrade Your Line Frequency Furnace for the 21st Century

Vaporization of NaF from a Mold Slag Containing Na2O and CaF2