1997 AISE Annual Convention and Exposition

25 Years of Bridge Rail Changes

3-roll Reducing & Sizing Block at North Star Steel Minnesota

A High Resolution Solid State Sensor for Thickness Profile and Edge Drop Gauges

A Laser-Based Sensor for Real-Time Measurement of Off-Gas Composition and Temperature in Basic Oxygen Steelmaking

A New Stove for Blast Furnace

Advanced Coil Packaging Line for Tin Plates and TMBP Coils

Advantages of Tubing Over Pipe in Coke Oven Gas Exhauster/Booster Steam System

Air Permit Management

Air/Oil Lubrication at USX Edgar Thomson Center

Application Considerations for AISE Brakes

Application of Coolflex Model for Analysis of Work Roll Thermal Conditions in Hot Strip Mills

Application Of Fluid Dynamic Modeling (FDM) In The Steel Industry

Automated Flatness Monitoring System for Steel Plate Inspection

Automated Packaging System

Automatic Brake Setting During DCCP Regenerative Hoist Control Power Loss Condition

Automatic Coil Transportation System in the Packaging-Storage-Ship Route

Automatic Roll Groove Alignment System (ARGA) for Bar and Rod Mills

Automating Cranes for Storage and Retrieval Operations

Automation Systems on the D-C Arc Furnace at Pennsylvania Steel Technoiogies

Basics of CMMS Implementation

Better Descaling Through Improved Nozzle and Header Design

Biological Treatment of Blast Furnace Blowdown at AK Steel Middletown Works

Birmingham Steel Corp.'s Bar MilI Project: Managing Environmental Issues

Charter Steel Modernization - New Prefinishing Mill and High-Speed Rod Outlet

CMMS Implementation: The Challenge

Collector Main Replacement at Indianapolis Coke

Combined-Cycle in Cogeneration Firing Recovery Gases from Iron and Steel Works

Comparative Investigations of the Dynamic BehavDor of Rolling Min Main Drives taking into Account Various Motor-Gearbox Designs

Comparison of Different Airmist Nozzle Designs for Secondary Cooling in Continuous Casting Machines

Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM): A New Requirement for Title V Operating Permits

Compound (Clad) Steel Housing and Chock Liners Improved Gage Control and Reduced Maintenance Costs

Considerations in the Conversion of a DC Constant Potential Crane to Adjustable Frequency Control

CONTIARC: A New Scrap Melting Technology

Continuous Caster Roll Lifetime Improvement at Bethlehem Steel, Sparrows Point

Crane Wheel and Rail Interface

Cryogenic Blast Cleaning

DC Electric Arc Furnaces on Weak Power Supply Networks - a Low-flicker Design Yields the Promised Results

Descaling Efficiency in Hot Rolling Mills and Thin Caster Hot Rolling Mills

Design and Selection of Universal Joints in Mill Applications

Design and Start-Up of the Acme Cyanide Removal Plant

Design and Start-Up of the North Star BHP Steel Mini Mill

Development of a New Process Water Treatment System for Gary Coke-Oven Operations

Development of Directly Linked Bar Rolling-Finishing Technology (Automatic Bar Buffer Warehouse System)

Development Overview of Ultra-Efficient Electric Motors Using High Temperature Superconducting Materials

Developments in Operational Control of Coke Plan Waste Water Nitrification System

Dofasco Inc. - Tin Mill Automated Packaging Line

Dofasco Moving Toward Crane Reliability

Driving Reliability and Maintenance Through the Balanced Scorecard

Dynamic Thermomechanical Control Model of the Electric Arc Furnace

EAF Process Control · Beyond 2000

Effect of Hot Strip Mill Schedule and Rolling Parameters on Strip Profile and Edge Drop

Effects of Emission Credit Trading Programs on Steel Mills

Effects of Extreme Pressure Additives on Bearing Fatigue Life Performance

Electric Arc Furnace Optimization Through Automation

Electrical Design of High Voltage, High Reactance AC Arc Furnaces

EMAT Inspection System, for Mill Roll Defect Detection

Energy and Productivity Optimization of an AC Arc Furnace by Closed-Loop Power Control

Environmental and Process Restraints for Recycling Residual Oxides In the Steel Industry

Factory Mutual Hydraulic Fluid Flammability Testing

Field Machining in the Steel Industry

Fume Control and Scrubbing on Hydrochloric Acid Pickle Lines

Galvanneal Thermometry with a Thermographic Phosphor System

Gas Analysis in Iron and Steelmaking

Georgetown Steel's Billet/Coin Tracking System

Grand Calumet River Sediment Remediation Project at USX Gary Works

High PCI Operation with Improved Coal Combustibility at Kwangyang No. 4 Blast Furnace

HIGHCAST: a New Approach to the High Speed Casting

Horns of Heat Work Roll Cooling Distortions

Hot Charging Optimization at VOEST-ALPINE Stahl Linz

Hot Mill EES Surface

How to Achieve Rapid Start-up and Superior Quality Operating Results of the CSH Mill in Chile

Ideas and Concepts for Hot or Direct Charging

Implementation of a Hot Strip Mill Scheduling Model at WCI Steel, Warren, Ohio

Improved Build-Up and Overlay Materials for Caster Rolls

Improving Bridle Low-Speed Regulation by Implementing Cascaded Current Major Loops in Bridle Helper-rolls

IMSA Painting Line Low Investment Speed-up

Increase in Vessel Capacity at LD#2

Increased Productivity with Larger Static VAR Compensator (SVC)

Inhouse Steel Shop Automation at G.S.C.

Ladle and Tundish Heating: Innovations and Revolutions

Low Superheat Casting Technology Utilized Through Control of the Steel Temperature in the Tundish

MACT Standards for Hydrochloric Acid Steel Pickling and Acid Regeneration

Magnetic Lifting - New, Safer Permanent-Electro Systems

Maintenance Benchmarking Survey Results

Maintenance Performance Management at Dofasco from a Material Handling Perspective

Maintenance Process Optimization

Maintenance Technology: Key Element in Sealing for Steel Manufacturing

Melt Shop Optimization at Chaparral Steel

MIMOSA: Information Foundation for Optimized Equipment Asset Management

Modern Plate Levelers

Modification to the USS/KOBE BOP Hood Cooling System

New Non-Foaming Microbiological Control Agent for DRI Clean Water Systems

New Optical Sensor for BOF Lance-Based Temperature and Range/Contour Measurement

No Cables out of Sheaves at Bethlehem's Burns Harbor

Nucor Crawfordsville 2000: Setting a Higher Standard for the World's First CSP Mill

On-Line Gauging For Welded Steel Tube Mills

Operating Results and Key Design Features of the New Rod and Bar Mill and Rail Mill Furnaces

Optimization of Hot Metal Desulfurization Process at AHMSA

Optimizing Energy Units in Electric Furnace Steelmaking

Oregon Steel Mills New 148 Combination Mill Featuring Tippins CoilPlate® Process

Outsourced Maintenance & Operations - Merging In House Capability with Contracting Partnerships

Oxygen Supply for Blast Furnace Pulverized Coal Injection: Case Study of Customer/Supplier Synergistic Effect

Panel Discussion: Battery and Refractory Maintenance

Panel Discussion: Bottom Stirring Practices

Panel Discussion: Coke Waste Minimzation

Panel Discussion: High Pressure Application of Fire Resistant Fluids

PANEL DISCUSSION: Specialty Greases

Panel Discussion: Technical Aspects of Retail Wheeling

PARTNERING a success story at DOFASCO

Phytoremediation of Nitrates at a Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturing Plant

Pickler Systronics Inspection System

Polypropylene Process Equipment in the Steel Industry

Predictive Maintenance and Inspection Through Airborne Ultrasound Technology

Proactive Use of FE Analysis in Trunnion Ring Inspection At Dofasco's No.4 BOF

Process Optimization for Laminar Cooling

Process Safety Management - At The Warren Coke Plant

Production Control and Reporting System at North Star Steel

Protection of BOF Trunnion Bearings

Rautaruukki Installs the First Compact Bell-Less Top in the World On Its Blast Furnace 2 - Installation and Operating Results

RCA Compliance Update

Recent Developments in Roll Cooling Concepts

Recent Developments In Tundish Plasma Heating

Rectifiers for Crane Applications

Redesigning Your Operation and How CMMS Contributes

Reduction of Weak Acid Dissociable Cyanide Using Formaldehyde

Reduction of Work Roll Wear by Controlling Tertiary Scale Growth

Reheat Furnace Temperature Control and Performance at ESSAR STEEL, India

Reliability Based Maintenance

Reliability Based Maintenance - Solutions to Improve the Business of Maintenance

Replacement of Movable and Fixed Hood at AHMSA Converter No.2

Replacement of the Lone Automation and Supervisory Computer Systems on the #3 Continuous Annealing Line at Inland Steel Flat Products Company, East Chicago, Indiana

Resolution of Measurement Errors in the Determination of Thickness Profiles of Steel Strip

Resource Recovery Programs

Results Oriented Maintenance - What the Best Performers do Different From Others

Revolutionary Approaches to Redeveloping Contaminated Property for the Steel Industry

Roll Coolant Solution System Design

Rolling Coolant Clarification in System Design With an Emphasis on Continuous Vacuum Filtration and Continuous Magnetic Separation

Slag Treatment - Time for an Improvement

Spray Cooling BOF Hoods

Stabilized Dispersion Technology A New Concept In Cold Rolling Lubrication

Start-Up and Operational Results of the COREX® POSCO Plant

Start-Up of the PCI Facility at Stelco Hilton Works

Survey of BOF Hoods in North America

Technology Overview: Shockpulse Method

The Application of a Gold Cup Pyrometer to the Measurement of Strip Temperatures on a Continuous Galvanizing Line

The Application of Fuzzy Logic Technology to Tandem Mill Transitional Gage Variation

The Benefits of Extreme Oil Cleanliness

The Construction Of No.6 Blast Furnace - A New Furnace For BHP Steel - Australia

The Conveying Technique of the 2000s. An Enclosed Belt Conveyor Which Can Run Round Sharp Corners

The Development of a Steering Control System for Reversing Hot Mills

The Development of Iron Ore Sintering in Mexico Using High Proportions of Fine Ore Concentrate

The Impact of Solution Contaminants on Downstream Surface Quality

The Isys iLearn Self-learning Defect Classifier and its Application in the Steel Industry

The Mid-Shaft Meltshop: Efficient, Simple and... Continuous

The New VAl Rotor Descaler

The Phenomena Of Measuring And Data Collection For Flat Products In Today's Manufacturing Environments

The Role of Custom Power Products in Enhancing Power Quality at Industrial Facilities

The Up-rating and- Life Extension of Steel Making Cranes With Particular Reference to Hot Metal Cranes

Thermal Control Covers for Slow-Cooling and Hot-Charging

Thermomechanical Rolling & Sizing: A Combined Technology for In-Line Product Quality

Tools for Clean Steel in Continuous Casting

Training at Continuous Caster # 3

Transfer Bar Edge Heating Using Oxy-Gas Burners

Ultrasonic Measurement Techniques Applied to the Steel Rolling Industry

Update on Design and Construction of a Coke Plant for the Kwangyang Steelworks in Korea

Upgrading of Slab Casters - Benchmarks

Use of Active Front End Inverters in Rolling Mills: Customer Benefits and Technical Features

Using Remote Diagnostic Systems to Increase Steel Productivity

Utilization of a TL-1000 Off-Line Shape Gage to Characterize and Classify Basic Tin Cold Mill Shape Profiles

Vicker's Vane Pump Test: Replacement of Vicker's V-104 With the 20VQ Vane Pump

Water Hydraulics

Water Resistance of Greases

Why Your Crane Isn't as Safe as You Think