1996 Steelmaking Proceedings

A Ladle Furnace Power Input Control System for Improved Secondary Steelmaking

A Method for Burden Distribution Estimation from Probe Data in the Blast Furnace

A New Direct Steel Making Process Based Upon the Blast Furnace

A Study of Kinetics and Mechanisms of Iron Ore Reduction of Iron Ore/Coal Composites

An Investigation on the Vaporization of Fluorides from Slag Melts

Application of B-Al2O3 Contianing Immpersion Nozzle for Continuous Casting of Steel

Behavior of Trace and Companion Elements of ULC-IF Steel Grades During RH-Treatment

Blast Furnace Control After the Year 2000

BloCon Modularized and Adaptable BOF Process Model of High Performance

BOF Taphole Sleeve Improvements at Bethlehem Steel Sparrow's Point Division

Calcium Carbide as a Desulfurizer - A New Approach

Caster Productivity, Quality and Cost Improvements Through Mold Modifications at Burns Harbor

Challenges Presented to BOF Operating Department During Startup of Window Based Control System

Commissioning of USS/KOBE's No. 2 Bloom Caster Facility

Complex Deoxidation Equilibria of Molten Steels by Titanium and Manganese

Construction and Operation of the No. 6 Slab Caster, NKK Fukuyama Works

Continuous Casting of Clad Steel Slab with Level Magnetic Field Brake

Contour Mapping of Mold Coppers - A New Tool to Enhance Mold Performance

Control of Gas Turbulence in Purging of Caster Tundishes

Correlation of Steel Cleanliness with Operating Parameters Through Total Oxygen Studies

Dephosphorization in Converter

Development and Implementaton of the Process Model for Controlling Casting Superheat Temperature

Development of a New Slag Cut Method During BOF Tapping

Development of Hot Metal Pretreatment in China Steel Corp.

Development of Mold Powder for High Speed Casting of Middle Carbon Steel

Development of New Type Nozzle to prevent a Biased Flow inside the Mold for Continuous Casting of Steel

Development of Postcombustlon Practices at Bethlehem Steel's Burns Harbor Division

Development of Refractories for a New BOF Shop at DSP, India

Doubling Tundish Volume at AK Steel's Middletown Works: Structural Creteria, Design Considerations and Operating Results

Effect of Converter-Slag Composition on its High Temperature Fluidity

Evaluation of Ladle-Free Open Performance

Extending Caster Mold Life at CO-STEEL/ Raritan

First Year's Results Using the R.A.D.A.R. Vibra-Acoustic Ladle Slag Detector System at Inland's No. 1 Slab Caster

Fundamental Studies on the Removal of Copper, Tin and Zinc from Remelted Steel Scrap

Future Steelmaking Technologies and the Role of Basic Research

Heat Transfer in Mold Flux-Layers During Slab Continuous Casting

High Speed Continuous Casting of Low Carbon Steel Billets

Hydraulic Oscillation Drive for Resonance Molds

Implementation of a Slag Thickness Measurement Tool

Improvement for High Productivity of No. 2 Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) at Kure Works

Improvement of Center Segregation for High Carbon Steel Bloom

Increasing Steelmaking Productivity at U. S. Steel Mon Valley Works Through Slag Management

Influence of Temperature and Strain on Surface Crack Due to Residual Copper in Carbon Steel

Innovative Technology in the Tundish for Cleaner Steel

Ladle Bricks that Eliminate Steel Penetration and Extend Ladle Lives

Ladle Shroud Slag Detector

Ladle Slag Depth Measurement

Mass Production of High Quality IF Steel at Mizushima Works

Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Measurements of Reaction Driven Transport Phenomena in Ferrous Systems

Mechanisms of Dust Formation in LD-Converter

Mixed Grade Casting With Turbostop Impact Pads at Dofasco

Modeling Study of Intermixing in Tundish and Strand During a Continuous-Casting Grade Transition

Mold Flux Developments for High Speed Slag Casting

Mold Fluxes in High Speed Thin Slab Casting

Nonlinear Bounded Feedback Control of Mold Level for High Speed Slab Casters

Production of High Quality Steels Using the Scrap/Electric Arc Furnace Route

Production of Low Sulfur Steel at Stelco - Lake Erie Works

Production of Ultra-Clean Steels with Better Mechanical Properties With Magnesium Treatment

Reaction Equilibria Between Liquid Iron and CaO - AI203 - MgOsat - Si02 - FetO - MnO - P205 - Slag

Recent Developments in High Viscosity Mold Powders for TiSUlC Steel Grades

Reciprocating Strand Technology (REST) for Flying Tundlsh Change (FTC)

Recovery of Iron, Carbon and Zinc from Steel Plant Waste Oxides using the AISI-DOE Postcombustion Smelting Technology

Reduction in BOS Fume Losse sby the Application of X-Ray Flourescence Measurements

Refining of Solid Ferrous Scrap Intermingled with Copper by Using Molten Aluminum

Residuals in Steel Products - Impacts on Properties and Ways to Minimize Them

Resonance Mold: Mechanics

Robotics Steel Chemistry Lab Up the Learning Curve and Still Climbing

Scrap Recycling and Production of High Quality Steel Grades in Europe

Slab Caster Tundish Configuration and Operation - A Review

Slab Width Control at Hoogovens Ijmuiden

Slag Foaming Phenomena and its Supression Techniques in BOF Steelmaking Process

Slag Management Technology: Historical Development and Current State-of-the-Art

Some Aspects of Modeling the Thermal State of Metallurgical Ladles

Startup of No. 3 Bloom Continuous Caster Operations at Kokura Works

Steel Cleanliness in Continuous Casting Slabs

Steel Ladle Linings at Inland's 4 BOF Shop

The Direct Strip Casting Concept

The Effect of Residuals on the Presence of Intergranular Surface Cracks on Continuously Cast Billets

The Impact of Mold Flux Chemistry on Continuous Casting Secondary Cooling Water

The Influence of the Tundish Powder on Steel Cleanliness and Nozzles Clogging

The Partially Ni-Plated Mold for Continuous Casting

The Prediction of Longitudinal Cracking During Slab Casting

The Properties of Steel Slag Aggregates and Their Dependence on Melt Shop Practice

The Wear of MgO-C Refractory for the BOF Stirring Plug with Multiple Tuyers and the Tuyere Interaction

The Worldwide Status of BOF Slag Splashing Practices and Performance

Thermal Shock Testing of Alumina-Graphite Refractories

Tundish Sealing with Fiberboard Panels

Vaporization of Zinc from Scrap