1996 Process Technology Proceedings

Behavior of Trace and Companion Elements of ULS-IF Steel Grades During RH-Treatment

Effect of Bismuth, Selenium and Tellurium on Hot Workability of SAE-8620 Steel

Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on the HAZ toughness of HT 490 Steel for Buildings

Effects of Alloying Elements on Surface Hot Shortness of Copper Bearing Steels

Fundamental Studies on the Removal of Copper, Tin and Zinc from Remelted Steel Scrap

Influence of Residual Elements on Steel Processing and Mechanical Properties

Influence of Temperature and Strain on Surface Crack Due to Residual Copper in Carbon Steel

Interactive Effects of Phosphorus and Tin on Carbide Evolution and Fatigue Properties of 5160 Steel

Origin of Blister in Enameled Products

Production of High Quality Steels Using the Scrap/Electric Arc Furnace Route

Quality and Residual Content of Scrap Derived From Used Automotive Oil Filters

Refining of Solid Ferrous Scrap Intermingled with Copper by Using Molten Aluminum

Residual Elements in Stainless Steels

Residual Elements In Steelmaking

Residuals and Tramp Elements in Scrap and Steel

Residuals in Steel Products - Impacts on Properties and Measures to Minimize Them

Scrap Recycling and Production of High Quality Steel Grades in Europe

Surface and Grain Boundary Segregation of Antimony and Tin - Effects on Steel Properties

The Effect Of Raw Materials Quality On The Making, Shaping And Treating Of Special Quality Sleels From EAF, Strand Cast Processing

The Effect of Residuals on the Presence of Intergranular Surface Cracks on Continuously Cast Billets

The Effect of Soluble, Aluminum on Mechanical Properties of 5%Ni-Steels

The Segregation Behavior of Phosphorus in High Strength Interstitial-Free Steels

Vaporization of Zinc from Scrap