1996 Mechanical Working Proceedings

A Technique for Robust Design of Roll Passes for Consistent Rod Quality

Advanced Rolls For Cold Rolling Mills And Their Performance

An Overview of the Austenite Grain Coarsening Characteristics of Nb-Microalloyed Steels

Application of Physical and Computer Modeling in BethForge's Hot Forging Operations

Application of the AdvanTec™ Process for Improving the Toughness of Grain-Refined, High-Strength Steels

Assel Mill Modernization at Copperweld Shelby Division

Automatic Inspection of Back-up and Work-rolls With Ultrasonics and Eddycurrents

Behaviors of Restoration and Precipitation Under Hot Deformation for Nb-Ti Microalloyed Steels

Chock to Roll Position in Mill Stands

Detection of Ron Surface Roughness Defects Caused by The Grinder

Development of High Power LASER Welding process for pipe

Development of High Speed Steel Rolls Made by Centrifugal Casting

Development of Strain Through the Cross-Section of a Steel Rod During Hot Rolling

Direct I.D. Marking of Tube Product Using Lasers

Dual-Stabilized Ferritic Stainless Steels for Demanding Applications Such as Automotive Exhaust Systems

Dynamic Strain Aging in IF Steels

Effect of Bismuth, Selenium and Tellurium on Hot Workability of SAE-8620 Steel

Effect of Boron on the Resistance to the Secondary Working Embrittlement in Extra-Low C Cold Rolled Sheet Steel

Effect of Loading Conditions on the Hydrogen Concentration Distribution near Crack Tips

Effect of Ni in Zinc Bath of Continuous Galvanizing Line on Alloying Behavior of Galvannealed Sheet Steel

Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on the HAZ toughness of HT 490 Steel for Buildings

Effect of Sulfur Content on Enameling Characteristics

Effects of Alloying Elements on Surface Hot Shortness of Copper Bearing Steels

Effects of B Addition on the Hot Ductility and Corrosion Resistance of Austenitic Stainless Steels

Effects of Composition and Processing in Hot-Rolled, Nb-Microalloyed Structural Steels

Electroslag Surfacing by Liquid Metal- a New Way for HSS-Rolls Manufacturing

Evaluation of Bend Test for Secondary Work EmbriUlement

Fundamental Aspects of Gas-Metal Reactions during Batch Annealing in 100% Hydrogen

Hot-Direct Rolling, Runout Table Cooling and Mechanical Properties of Steel Strips Produced from Thin Slabs

In-Line Grade Verification of Seamless Tubular Products Using Electromagnetic Nondestructive Testing

Influence of Mn and P on Precipitation in High Strength IF -Ti Steels

Influence of Residual Elements on Steel Processing and Mechanical Properties

Interactive Effects of Phosphorus and Tin on Carbide Evolution and Fatigue Properties of 5160 Steel

Microstructural Engineering for Enhanced Machinability

Microstructural Evolution and Associated Mechanical Performance oran ALFA IV® Stainless Steel due to High Temperature Exposures

Microstructure and Strength Dependency of Occurrence of HIC In Line Pipe Steels

Microstructure Prediction in Multipass Bar Rolling with Interstand Cooling

Modelling Inhomogeneous Deformation During Hot Rolling of Plain Carbon Steel

Modern Quality Analysis of Rolled Stock Production

New Hot Rolling Practice Improving Ductility Performances of HSLA Steel Sheets

New Mill Roll Inspection System for Firecrack Detection

New Process for On-Line Normalizing of Seamless Pipes

Off-Line Analysis of the HSS Roll Behaviour in the Hot Strip Mill by the Use of a Rolling Load Prediction Model

Origin of Blister in Enameled Products

Process Control lmprovements at USS/Kobe's Large Seamless Mill Using a Laser Length Measurement System - Process and Applications

Product Quality From Republic Engineered Steels, Inc. CAST-ROLL ™ Facility

Recent Developments in High Performance Hydrogen Annealing

Recrystallization of Ferritic Stainless Steel Sheets: Structure and Property Relationships

Role of Lamellarizing Heat Treatment in Improving the Thermal Stability of Retained Austenite of 9% Ni Steel

Roll Neck Materials: Selection Criteria and Repair Techniques

Roll Types and Materials in a CSP Minimill

Study Of EDT Work Roll Surface/Subsurface Characteristics Before And After Cold Rolling

The Application of Microstructural Engineering to the Hot Rolling of Steel

The Application, Metallurgy and Maintenance of High Hardness, Ultra Deep Hardened Forged Steel Work Rolls

The Economic Benefits of Roll Surface Inspection Using Eddy Current at Worthington Steel

The Effect of Austenitizing Temperature on Microstructure and Fracture of Medium Carbon Steels

The Effect of Nitrogen on the Mechanical Properties and lntergranular Corrosion of 18-8 Stainless Steels

The Effect of Soluble Aluminum on Mechanical Properties of 5%Ni-Steels

The Effect of Solutionizing Treatments on the Hot Ductility of Steel

The Effects of Direct Quenching After Forging on the Toughness of Medium Carbon Steel

The Effects of Low Temperature Tempering on the Fatigue and Toughness Properties of High Strength Alloy Steels

The Influence of Carbides on the Residual Stresses Present in Induction Hardened Microalloyed Steels

The New Processes for Tube and Cylinder Manufacture Developed at DTI-VNITI

The Optimization of Strip Edge Quality and Productivity Using Vision Technology for On-Line Strip Edge Inspection

The PQF: Ultimate Process for the Production of Premium Quality Seamless Tubes

The Segregation Behavior of Phosphorus in High Strength Interstitial-Free Steels

The State of Grinder Fixtured Ultrasonic Inspection in the Roll Shop Environment

Thermal Behaviour of High Speed Steel Work Rolls in the Finishing Stands of a Hot-Strip Mill

Torsion Simulation of the Hot Rolling Process