1996 Electric Furnace Proceedings

A Closer Look at Ladle Flux Practices for Plain Carbon AK Grades

A Coupled Finite element Analysis of Heat Transfer and Stress in Beam Blank Casting at Kangwon

Advantages of Calcium and Alloy Wires in Stainless Production

Alternative Technologies to Optical Monitoring Systems

Application of the Induction Power Ladle System in Foundries

Bench Scale Tests for the Assessment of Pneumatic Conveying Behaviour of Powders

Carbon Monoxide Emission Control for Electric Arc Furnaces

Carbon Monoxide Emissions Control for Electric Arc Furnaces, Part II: System Requirements

Comparison of Direct Arc and Induction Melting for New Foundry Operations

Crystallization of Fluxes Under Varying Cooling Rates

Development in 1996 of the New Electrode for Silicon Metal

Development of High Speed Casting

Dynamical Process Model for Carbothermic Production of Silicon Metal

EAF Emissions Control at AMERISTEEL's Knoxville Division

Economic Analysis of Iron Melting Technologies - Computer Spreadsheet Models

Effect of Slag Foaming and Lime Injection in Electric Arc Furnace on Steel Quality

Empirical Modelling of Heat Transfer in Electric Arc Furnace

Energy Efficient Operation of Pulse-Jet Baghouses Update and Revisited

Evaluation of the Initiation of Solidification of Iron against a Water Cooled Copper Mold

Evolution of Refractory Materials Used for Melting of Steel in a Coreless Induction Furnace

Ferroalloy Size in Steelmaking

Flow and Heat Transfer in Elkem's New Continuous Cast-to-Shape Process

Granulation of Ferrochrome

Heat Transfer Rates and Mechanisms in EAF Post-Combustion

Imaging Pyrometry for Furnace Monitoring

Improving EAF Emission Control System Operation

Induction Melting & Holding Looking Into The 21st Century

Innovative Technology in the Tundish for Cleaner Steel

Kinetics of Manganese Ore Reduction

Ladle Bricks that Eliminate Steel Penetration and Extend Ladle Lives

Light Flicker Due to Voltage Fluctuations: Changes in Lamp Technology and Standards

Maintenance as a Process

Maintenance of Expendable Process Control Sensors for Improved EAF Productivity and Quality

Managing Power Quality

Modeling of Solidification Behaviors and Interdendritic Strain for Low Alloy Steel Casting Processes

Modern Refractories for DC-Furnaces

New High Temperature Insulating Aggregate for Use in Process Cover Refractories

Operating Experience with Fine Feed Materials Through a Hollow Electrode into a DC Plasma-Arc Furnace

Operation of the Vesuvius System 120 Tundish Nozzle Changer at Nucor Steel - Jewett, Texas

Optimizing AOD Refractory Performance Through Lining Design and Process Control

Optimizing Scrap Charges for Electric Furnace Melting

Oxidation Inhibited Pre-baked Carbon Electrodes For Submerged Arc Furnaces

PC Based Control Technology in the Ferro-Alloy Industry

Quality and Residual Content of Scrap Derived From Used Automotive Oil Filters

Recovery of Metal from Slag in the Ferroalloy Industry

Recycling/Alternate Use of Spent Refractories

Reducing Oxygen And Nitrogen Content In Liquid Steel Through Argon Stirring - Steel Foundry Practice

Residual Elements in Stainless Steels

Residual Elements In Steelmaking

Self-Flow Castables Used in Steel Ladle Safety Lining Applications

Simulation of A C arcs in the silicon metal furnace

Stabilization of Heavy Metals in Furnace Dust and Other Wastes

Status of EAF Dust Recycling Through Vitrification

Steel Plant Performance, Power Supply System Design and Power Quality Aspects

Steelmaking Trials with Pyrogenically Reduced EAF Dust at Inland Steel Bar Company

Surface and Grain Boundary Segregation of Antimony and Tin - Effects on Steel Properties

Technical Evaluation of Vendor Proposals for Emission Control Systems

The Application of Basic Materials for CC Refractories

The Blobulator - A New Technology to Convert Liquid Metal Into Solid Lumps

The Development of a Multi-stage Model for a Ferromanganese Furnace and Simulation Results

The Effect Of Raw Materials Quality On The Making, Shaping And Treating Of Special Quality Steels From EAF, Strand Cast Processing

The Enviroplas Process for the Recovery of Zinc, Chromium and Nickel from Steel-Plant Dust

The Measurement of Power System Voltage Flicker

The Memphis Melt Shop of Birmingham Steel

The Production and Use of Ferruginous Lime

Updated Results of The DC Fingers Shaft Furnace at HYLSA DAP

Variation in Casting Quality Analysis