1975 Electric Furnace Proceedings

A Case for Survival

A New 700 kw Solid State lnduction Furnace

A Rational Approach to Arc Furnace Refractory Selection for Cast Iron Melting

Acid Furnace Refractory Practice at Pennsylvania Steel Foundry & Machine Company

Acid-Electric Arc Melting

An Update on Induction Equipment for the Steel Industry

Aspects of Audible Noise Control

Basic Roofs for Electric Furnaces

Boehler-Electro-Slag-Topping-A New Process for the Production of High Quality Forging Ingots

Cabot Corporation's Seven Years' Experience with Ingot Mold Stream Degassing of Premium Quality Low Alloy Steels

Critical Parameters in Design and Operation of the Submerged Arc Furnaces

Current Status of Ferroalloys Emission Control

Design and Installation of Fume Control System during Operations

Desulf urization, Deoxidation and Sulfide Shape Control with Nickel-Magnesium

Disposal of Ferromanganese Furnace Fume

Disposal of Fume from Submerged Arc Furnaces in Europe

Disposal of Submerged Arc Furnace Fume

Disposal of Submerged Arc Furnace Fume at Interlake, Inc.

Electric Furnace Design Problems and Their Corrections

Electric Furnace Problem-A Variety of Solutions

Electroslag Remelting at Stellite

Experience with Electrode Performance at Inland Steel's No. 1 Electric Arc Furnace Shop

Factors in Selecting Arc Furnaces for Cast lron Melting

Hot Ladle Gunning

Hot Spot Protection for UHP Electric Arc Furnaces Progress Report

Induced Heating in Ultra High Powered Electric Arc Furnaces

Induction Melting at ESCO

Interactions in the System Iron-Silicon-Oxygen-Carbon

MacSteel-The Steel plant Built by Michigan Seamless Tube Company

Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen in the Electric Arc and Induction-Melted Cast Steels

Melt Shop Design and Performance Optimization Using Computer Simulation

Melt Shop Refractory Practices at Marion Works, Armco Steel Corporation

Melting Cast Iron Boring and Steel Turnings in the Arc Furnace

Metallized Ore Practices in Small Arc Furnaces

Mini Mills-Capital Cost and Productivity

Molango Nodulized Ore

Noise Control and the Electric Arc Furnace Shop

On-Line Hydrogen Analysis

Operating Experience with All-Brick Bottoms in Steelmaking Electric Furnaces

Operation of Chrome Ore Pelletizing Plant for Large Electric Furnaces

Playing to Win in Specialty Steel

Refractory Trends in the Acid Electric

Slags and Refractories for Specialty Steels

Static High Speed Var Control. for Light Flicker Reduction

Steelmaking Utilizing Metallized Pellets

The Application of Electroslag Remelting for the Production of Heavy Forging Ingots

The Effect of Arc Furnace Electrical Noise on Power Systems

The Influence of Electrode-Gas-Injection on Noise in Arc Furnaces

The Steel Industry-Opportunities and Problems

Upgrading Existing Arc Furnaces and Related Equipment

Utilization of Basic Refractories at Buckeye Steel