1963 Electric Furnace Proceedings

Acid Practice

An Evaluation of Cast Maraging Steel

Automatic Load and Electrode Position Control on a Submerged-Arc Furnace

Basic Electric-Arc Furnace Practice for Steel Castings

Basic Melting Procedure for Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel at Texas Electric Steel Casting Company

Centrifuging of Phosphorus Sludges- Practical Aspects

Direct Bonded Brick in Electric Furnace Walls

Electric Furnace Melting and Production of Abrasion-Resistant Steels and Irons

FerroaIIoy Quality-Analytical and Metallographic Rating Systems for Oxygen Content

Fundamental Reactions in Submerged Arc Furnaces

Gas Removals Obtained by D-H Vacuum Degassing

Installation and Performance of Vibrated Electric Furnace Bottoms

IRSID's Powder Blowing Techniques Applied to Electric Steelmaking

Manufacture of Silicon Metal in a Three-Phase Stationary Submerged Arc Furnace

Melting Practice, Heat Treatment and Properties of Hadfield Manganese Steel

Melting Practice, Heat Treatment, and Properties of Low-Alloy Wear-Resistant Steels

New Reliable Method for Sample Preparation of Steel Turnings

Power ControI Factors in Electric Arc Furnaces

Pressure Pouring of Stainless Steel Slabs

Producing Process for Carbon-Free Ferrochrome

Radiotracer Techniques for Cerium, Sulphur, and Carbon Distribution in Steel

Recycling of Lime Hydrate for Calcium Carbide Manufacture

SingIe-Slag DesuIphurizing Practice in the Basic Direct-Arc Electric Furnace

Slag-Metal Equilibrium Conditions During the Reducing Period of Stainless Steel Melting

Slag-Metal Reactions and Basicity

Standard Melting Practice at the Sawbrook Steel Casting Company

Technology of Silicon Metal Operations

The Vacuum Tap Degassing Process

Theoretical Considerations Concerning Centrifuging Electric Furnace Phosphorous Sludge

Vacuum Mold Degassing by the Gero Process