1962 Electric Furnace Proceedings

A Study of Inclusions in Steel Part II, Metallographic Examination

Advantages of Wood-Chips and Other Bulky Carbonaceous Materials in Electric Smelter Charges

Air Melt Practices for Effective Reduction of Sulphur and Oxygen

Amount of Oxygen Required for Producing Steel for Castings

Annual Dinner

Arc Heat Transfer and Refractory Erosion in Electric Steel Furnaces

Argon Degassing of Steel in a One-Ton Ladle

Basic Fusion-Cast Refractories

Carbon Flame Determination

Comparison of Decarburization Practices for Acid and Basic Melting

Decarburization of High-Alloy and Low-Alloy Steels

Decarburization Practice at the Indiana Harbor Works

Determination of Amount of Oxygen For Processing a Heat of Steel

Determination of Amount of Oxygen Required to Decarburize a Heat of Steel

Development and Melting of an Ultrahigh Strength 9 Pct Ni, 4 Pct Co Steel


Effects of Residual Elements in Steel

Effects of Various Types of Phosphate Charges on Phosphorus Furnace Operations

Electric Furnace Iron Smelting at Chimbote, Peru, S. A.

Experimental Production of Steel From Hydrogen-Reduced Iron Powder

Flowmeter Control of Oxygen for Melting Application

Flowmeter Control of Oxygen for Steel Foundries

Fundamentals of Electric Furnace Electrode Regulation

Grain Refinement of Steels

lnftuence of Residual Elements in Maraging Steels

Material Requirements of the Space Age

Oxidation of Cast Steels

Oxidation-Nucleation Effects on High-Alloy Steel for Castings

Oxygen Lance Construction and Maintenance

Oxygen Lance Construction and Maintenance

Oxygen Lance Construction and Maintenance

Oxygen Lance Construction and Maintenance

Oxygen Lance Construction and Maintenance

Oxygen Lance in an Acid Steel Practice

Oxygen Refining of High-Carbon Ferrochromium

Preventive Maintenance and Incentive in a Submerged Arc Furnace Plant

Production and Refining of Iron From Titaniferous Ores

Production of High-Carbon Ferrochromium by the Strategic-Udy Process

Raw Materials as a Source of Residuals in Electric Furnace Steelma king

Refractory Gunning Practice

Residual Elements in FerroaIIoys

Residual Elements-An Economic Headache

Tar-Bonded Basic Refractories as Linings for Steel Furnaces

The Centrithro Electric Furnace FettIing Machine

The Melting of 18 Per Cent Nickel Maraging Steel

The Plasmarc Furnace-A New Concept in Melting Metals

Use of Automatic Electrode Holders for Submerged-Arc Furnaces

Use of R-N Iron in Electric Furnace Melting