1961 Electric Furnace Proceedings

A Study of Hydrogen in 50 Per Cent Ferrosilicon

A Study of Inclusions in Steel Part I, Lateral Segregation of Nonmetallics in Steel Ingots

Automatic Power Control Unit for Electric-Arc Furnaces

Calculation of Oxygen Contents in Molten Stainless Steels

Chilled Slag Increases Ladle Refractory Life

Comparative Value of Soderberg and Prebaked Electrodes

Construction and Operation of a Pilot Plant to Produce Ferrochromium From Montana Chromite Concentrate

Control of Segregation and Ingot Structures in Low-Alloy Steels

Current and Potential Uses of Vacuum and Inert Atmosphere Fabrication Processes

Development of the Electric Furnace Industry in Japan

Effect of Deoxidizers on Gas Content of 0.45 Per Cent Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels at Various Temperatures

Effect of Grain Nucleation on Properties of 17-4PH Stainless Steel

Effect of Pouring Temperature on Casting and Mechanical Properties

Effect of Temperature on the Carbon Content of High-Silicon Alloys

Effect of Tin on Properties of Three Stainless Steels

Effects of Impurities on Production and Reactivity of Calcium Carbide

Ferromanganese Production With Oxygen Enrichment

Improving the Hot Workability of Stainless Steel Containing Lead and Tin

Ladle Refractories for High-Temperature Alloys

Ladle Temperature Loss

Maintenance for Reliability of Furnace Electrical System in an Elemental Phosphorus Plant

Manufacture of Silicomanganese

Manufacture of Standard Ferromanganese in Electric Furnaces

Melting and Deoxidation of 12.00 Per Cent Chromium Steel

Non-Roping Ferritic Chromium Steels

Oxygen Practice at Midvale-HeppenstaII Company

Pre-Refining Process for Steelmaking

Properties of Large Ingots Produced by the Consumable Electrode Vacuum Remelt Process

Recent and Future Developments in Basic Refractories

Recent Production Rates and Costs in Large Electric Furnaces

Refractory Gun Practice at National Castings Company

Ruhrstahl-Heraeus Vacuum Circulating Flow Degassing Process for Commercial Production of Alloyed and Unalloyed Electric and Open Hearth Steels

The D-H (Degassing and Alloying) Process

The Melting of 18-8 Stainless Steel

The Nature, Causes, and Eliminations of Macroinclusions in Aluminum- Killed Steels

Trends in Temperature Measurement of Open Hearth and Electric Furnace Molten Iron and Steel

Use of Waste Molten Slag to Increase Ladle Refractory Life