1961 Blast Furnace Proceedings

A Mathematical Method for Analyzing and Predicting Changes in Blast Furnace operation

A Report on the Use of Fuel Gas by Injection Through Blast Furnace Tuyeres

A Study of Combustion Conditions During Reversal With Blast Furnace Gas Underfiring

Addition of Fuels to the Hot Blast at the Pueblo Plant

Allis-Chalmers Agglomeration-Reduction Process (ACAR Process)

Ammonia and Urea From Steelmaking By-Products

Bench-Scale Experiments in Developing Anthracite Metallurgical Briquets

Blast Furnace Practice With 100 Pct Low Grade Self-Fluxing Sinter

Coke Oven Battery Innovations and Coal and Coke Preparation Facilities of the Coking Plant Kattwyk of the Hamburger Gaswerke G.m.b.H.

Computer Applications in the Blast Furnace Area

Diammonium Phosphate From Phosphate Rock and Coal to Fertilizer and Fire-Retardant

Heat Transfer From Gas Streams to Granular Solids-An Idealized Analysis

Heavy Fuel Oil Injection in a Large Blast Furnace

Ignition Conditions in Sintering

Injection of Natural Gas in the Blast Furnace

Iron Ore: The Big Picture

Joint Session

lnjecting Natural Gas Into the Blast Furnace Hot Blast

Maple Creek Preparation Plant, Frick District-Coal Division, United States Steel Corporation

Operating Results, Using Taconite Pellets on Armco's Middletown Blast Furnace

Preliminary Experience With Natural Gas lnjection in Blast Furnace Tuyeres

Recent Developments in Coal Petrography

Reduction of Iron Ore Particles in Fixed Beds

Relation of Properties of Coke Produced by BM-AGA and Industrial Methods

Removal of Thiophene Sulphur From Benzene and Toluene by Means of Sulphuric Acid Washing

Significance of Size Distribution, Strength and Reactivity of Coke in the Blast Furnace and Cupola

Size Distribution, Strength and Reactivity of Coke and How They Are Affected by the Coking Process

Steelmaking by the HyL Direct Reduction Process

Storage of High Volatile Coal at the Pueblo Plant of C. F. & I. Corporation

The Application of Centralized Control to a Combined Mine and Coking Plant

The Effect of Screened Sinter on Furnace Productivity

The Generation and Treatment of Sinter Plant Dusts

The Kinetics of Reduction of Sintered Iron Ore With Minor Compound Additions

The Use of Natural Gas in the No. 3 Blast Furnace at the Fairless Works of United States Steel Corporation

Theoretical Considerations on the Injection of Auxiliary Fuels into the, Blast Furnace

United States Steel Hot-Ore-Briquetting Process

Use of Blast-Furnace Probes

What are Computers?