1960 Electric Furnace Proceedings

Advances in Production of Calcium Carbide

Argon Casting for Improving Steel Quality

Basic Brick Trials in Electric Furnace Roofs

Casting Procedures for FerroaIIoys

Cleanliness Requirements for Type 430 Stainless Strip

Complete Analysis of Basic Open Hearth Bath Samples Using the Quantovac

Considerations in Use of Large Versus Small Carbide Producing Furnaces

Control of Oxidation by Argon Blanket Induction Melting of Low-Alloy and High-Alloy Steels

Controlled Oxygen Blow in Melting of Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel

Desulphurization of Induction Melted Plain Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels

Desulphurization of Steel by Injection of Magnesium-Lime Mixtures

Desulphurizing Stainless Steel and the Higher Alloyed Metals Under Production Conditions


Effect of FerroaIIoy Quality on Steel Quality

Effect of Vacuum Degassing on Steel Quality

Electric Furnace Bottoms and Their Maintenance

Exothermic Hot Topping Big-End-Down Ingots for Higher Yields

FerroaIIoy Quality and Standardization Vs Steel Quality

Fluid Mold Casting of Forging Ingots

Formation of Nonmetallic Inclusions in Alloy Additives

Future Developments in Electric Furnace Steelmaking

Future Possibilities in Melting

Handling and Utilization of Phosphorus Furnace Slag

Hydrogen in Alloy Additives

Importance of FerroaIIoy Quality in Steelma king

Inclusions in High-Temperature Alloys and Ferritic Steels

Inclusions in Stainless Steels

Manganese-Silicon Ratio and Oxidation Levels in Induction Furnace Melting of Stainless Steel

Manufacture of 75 Per Cent FerrosiIicon in Large Submerged-Arc Furnaces

Manufacture of Simplex Ferrochrome by the Vacuum Process

Metallurgical and Processing Problems in the Manufacture of Stainless 430 Strip

Operation of the Electric Furnace in the Manufacture of Phosphorus

Optimum Desulphurization and Dephosphorization of Steels in Air Induction Furnaces

Oxygen Practice in Stainless Steel at Sharon Steel Corporation

Petrographic Tools and Techniques in the Identification of Nonmetallic IncIusions in Steels

Pressure-Pouring of Steel Castings

Production of Low Gas Content Metal Using Argon Atmosphere

Purging Ingot Mold With Argon

Quality Control Program for Steel Plant Refractories

Quantitative Extraction of Nonmetallic Inclusions From Steel

Reduction of Carbon, Sulphur, and Phosphorus Through Oxidation in Air Induction Melting

Reliability Factors in Steel Usage

Single-Stage Manufacture of Low-Carbon Ferrochromium Silicon

Slag Composition for Air Induction Melting

Standardization of FerroaIIoys

Surnrnary of Direct Reduction Processes As Applied to Electric Furnace Use

Techniques for Desulphurizing Steel in the Basic Electric Furnace

Techniques for the Study of Nonmetallic Inclusions

The Carbon Boil in Air Induction Melting

Use of the Oxygen Gas Burner for Scrap Meltdown in the Small Arc Furnace

Vacuum Degassing of 500-Pound Melts for Carbon Steel castings