1959 Electric Furnace Proceedings

A Study of Hot-Topping Practice

Auxiliary Meltdown Torch

Bag House Dust Collecting

Beneficiation of Domestic Chrornium Ores

Castable Electrode Rings

Castable Refractories in Electric-Arc Furnace Roofs-Progress Report

Consumable Electrode Melting of Steel and High-Temperature Alloys

Correlation Between Tap Temperatures, Ladle Temperatures, and Pouring Strearn Temperatures

Degassing of Steel in Vacuum for Use in Aircraft Castings

Degassing Treatmerit of Chromium-Nickel Alloys

Determination and Control of Electrode Penetration

Determination of Electrode Position and Its Significance

Determination of Electrode Position and Its Significance

Developments in the Consumable Electrode Melting of Reactive Metals

Dry Air as a Substitute for Oxygen in the Blowing of Stainless Steel

Effect of Certain Properties of Calcium Carbide on Commercial Acetylene Generator Operation

Effect of Melt-Shop Practice on Cleanliness for High-Speed Steels

Effect of Various Deoxidizers on Cast Steel

Electric Furnace Precipitator

Electric Furnace Refractories

Electric-Arc Fusion-Cast Alumina Refractories

Electrical Behavior of Consumable Electrode Arcs in Variable Pressure Systems

Electrode Hoof Cooler Rings

Electrode Penetration in Submerged-Arc Furnaces

Equipment Used in Vacuum Degassing in the Foundry

Factors Affecting Temperature Drop Between Tapping and Teeming

Fume Control

Gas Solubility in Iron-Base and Nickel-Base Alloys

High-Alumina Castable Refractories for Ladles

High-Alumina Roofs for Electric Arc Furnaces

Jet Tapping for Electric Furnaces

Joint Effect of Sulphur and Hare Earth Metals on Mechanical Properties of Cast Complex Low-Alloy Electric Furnace Steel

Ladle to Ladle Stream Degassing for Steel Castings

Melting Practice to Produce Extra Low-Sulphur Carbon Steel

Model Relationships in Electric Smelting Furnaces

Monitoring a Demand Meter With Television

Phosphate Bonded Refractories for Specialty Applications

Pouring Ladle Forms at Texas Foundries

Practical Economics in Stainless Steel Melting

Quality Control of Ladle Refractories

Rare Earth Alloy and Lithium as Additives to Steel

Raw Materials Handling for Ferroalloy Plants

Recent Developments in Strategic-Udy Srnelting Processes

Recent European Developments in Consumable Electrode Melting

Reducing Agents for Submerged-Arc Manufacture of Ferroalloys

Service Life of Silica and High-Alumina Brick in Electric Furnace Roofs

Some Particular Aspects of the Problem Concerning the Cleaning of the Fumes of Electric-Arc Furnaces

Special Additives in Stainless and Alloy Steels

Teapot Ladle Design and Split Hamming Cone

The Hydro-Arc Furnace in Silicon Production

Thermocouple Made at Texas Electric Steel Casting Cornpany

Use of High-Alumina Roofs

Use of Oxygen-Fuel Gas Burners for Scrap Meltdown in Electric Furnaces

Vertical Kilns for Production of Lime for Manufacture of Calcium Carbide