1958 Open Hearth Proceedings

Carbon Black in Fuel Oil for Open Hearth Furnaces

Comparison of Dephosphorization and Desulphurization in the Open Hearth Slag-Metal System and in the Oxygen Process Slag-Metal System

Continuous Oxygen Analysis for Combustion Control in the Open Hearth

Continuous Waste-Gas Analysis for Automatic Fuel Control in the Open Hearth Furnace

Design, Maintenance, and Operation of Two-Pass Checkers

Effect of Nozzle Characteristics on Steel Pouring Streams

Effect of Nozzle Size on Pouring Rates and Slab Surface of Rimming Steels

Engineering Thermochemistry of Oxygen Steelmaking Processes

Experimental Hot Metal Pretreating Tower

Fellowship Dinner

Furnaces Produciilg in Excess of 20,000 Net Tons per Month

Gas Flow in an Open Hearth Model

Lukens Cement Hot-Top Practice

Open Hearth Furnaces Producing 20,000 Tons of Steel per Month

Operation of Furnaces Producing More Than 20,000 Tons per Month

Performance at Port Kembla, Australia

Production Performance at Fairless Open Hearth

Quality Control of Pouring Aisle Refractories

Rapid Method of Bath Recarburizat.ion

Sponge Iron as a Source of Metallics in the Steel Industry

The Great Delusions