1957 Electric Furnace Proceedings

52100 Bearing Steels

Aircraft Quality Steels-Medium and Low-Alloy Type

An Effective Demand-Limiting System for the Electric Furnace Steel Plant

Analysis of Steel for Nitrogen and Its Compounds

Application of Nitrogen Solubility Data to Alloy Steelmaking

Canadian Basic Refractory Practice in Electric Furnaces

Carburizing Bearing Steels

Cast and Rammed Sections in Arc-Furnace Roofs

Comparison of Methods on Duplicate Furnace Samples

Consumable Electrode Vacuum Arc Melting

Fluorescent X-Ray Spectrographic Analysis

Improvement in Arc Furnace Regulation and Electrode Hoisting Systems

Induction Vacuum Refining and Melting

Overall Summary of Vacuum Melting

Oxygen as an Aid in Electric Furnace Melting

Oxygen as an Aid to Melting

Power Utilization and Control in the Electric Furnace Steel Plant

Sampling and Analysis of Electric Furnace Steels for Nitrogen Content

Sampling and Analysis of Nitrogen in Electric Furnace Steels- Review and Evaluation of Vacuum Fusion Methods

Self-Baking Refractory Mix

Some Aspects of Melting Low-Temperature High-Impact Steels

Some Notes on the Nitrogen-Porosity Relations in Chromium-Nickel-Manganese Steels

Standardization and Use of the Spectromet in a Steel Foundry

Tar-Bonded Basic Refractories

The Quantovac-a Direct-Reading Instrumerit for the Control of Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulphur, and the Other Important Elenients in Iron and Steel

Thermocouple Control of Arc Furnace Hearth Dimensions