1956 Open Hearth Proceedings

Applicalion of the Spectrographic Laboratory to Production Control

Application of Hot-Model Technique to Studies of Factors that Affect Temperature Distribution Along an Open Hearth Roof

Application of Theoretical Principles to Desulphurization in Iron and Steel Making

Automatic Steam-Fuel Ratio Control

Basic Refractories for Checker Service

Bottom Construction and Maintenance

Bottom Construction and Maintenance-Gun-Placing Tapholes

Carbon Removal with Hoof-Mounted Oxygen Jets in Open Hearth Furnaces

Combustion of Liquid Fuel in the Open Hearth Furnace

Continuous Waste-Gas Analysis and Control in the Open Hearth

Desulphurization of Blast Furnace Iron with Injected Calcium Carbide

Desulphurization of Metallurgical Blast Cupola Metal for Use in Open Hearth

Desulphurization of Molten Iron

Desulphurization with Calcium Cyanamid in Hot-Metal Ladles

Dual Roof-Temperature Control

Economics of the Use of Pig Iron in Cold-Metal Heats

Economics of Use of Pig Iron in Cold-Metal Heats

Effect of Furnace Dimensions and Firing Rates on Furnace and Roof Performance

Effect of Ingot Thickness on the Quality of Rimmed Steel

Effect of Ladle Deoxidation on Steel Cleanliness

Effect of Melting Practice on Hydrogen Content of Steel

European Steelmaking Operations

Fellowship Dinner

General Use of Basic Refractories in European Open Hearth Practice

Influence of Ingot Thickness on Deep-Drawing Steels

Ingot Thickness As It Affects Drawing Quality

Maintenance of Open Hearth Bottoms

Methods and Effects of Vacuum Casting Steel

Methods of Use and Benefits Derived From Automatic Reversal

Optimum Operating Conditions and Design for Maximum Roof Life

Optimum Operating Conditions and Design for Maximum Roof Life

Physical Characteristics and Chemical Analysis of Foreign Charge Ores, and Their Effect on Open Hearth Production

Progress in the Use of Basic Brick Checkers

Quality Incentive for Open Hearth Melters

Sampling of Liquid Steel for Hydrogen

Special Roof Brick Trials

Statistical Quality-Control Methods in Open Hearth Production, and Their Effect on Tonnage

Technical Sessions in Conjunction with Joint Metallurgical Societies Meeting, June 1955

Use of Natural Gas to Atomize Heavy Oil in the Acid Open Hearth

Why Low Hydrogen Contents Are Desirable in Steel

You and the Hoover Commission Report