1956 Electric Furnace Proceedings

An Efficient Preheater for Electric Furnace Charges

Appraisal of European Electric Furnace Melting

Cyclical Rises and Declines in the Price of Steel Scrap

Deoxidation and Hot-Ductility of Type 310 Stainless Steel

Dust and Fume Control in a Modern Melt Shop

Examination of Chrome-Nickel and Straight Chromium Stainless-Steel Ingots

Fifty Years of Progress in Electric-Arc Furnaces

Future of Desiliconized Pig Iron for the Electric Furnace

Ganister vs High-Alumina Linings

Gas Cleaning for the Electric Furnace and Oxygen Process Converter

Gas Problems in Solidification of Steel

High-Alumiua Linings

Molded Exothermic Linings for Hot Tops

Practical Aspects of Using Sponge Iron in Electric-Arc Furnaces

Quality Control in the Electric Furnace Shop

Rapid Hydrogen Analysis and Some Applications

Relation of Ingot Structure to Transverse Ductility of Heat-Treated High-Strength Steel

Relationship of Freezing Characteristics to Hot Tearing and Deoxidation

Shrinkage and Density of Liquid Killed Steel in Hot-Topped Ingots

Solidification of Stainless-Steel Ingots

Solidification of Various Metals in Ingot and Sand Molds

Trends of Electric Furnace Growth as They Pertain to Arc-Furnace Transformers

Use of Hot Metal in Electric Furnaces

Use of Statistical Methods and Machines in Control of Quality

Virgin Melting Stocks for Steelmaking

Why We Use Oxygen in Our Acid Electric Furnace

Zircon Ladle Lining for Basic Steel

Zirconite Ladle Linings