1949 Electric Furnace Proceedings

Applications of Temperature Measurements at Duquesne

Automatic Electrode Slipping

Bottom and Pouring Refractories

Deoxidation of Low-carbon Rimming and Semikilled Steels Melted in 70-ton Basic Electric Furnaces

Deoxidation Practice for Single-slag Electric-furnace Rimming Steel

Deoxidation Practice on Rimmed and Semikilled Steels

Deoxidation Practice on Rimmed and Semikilled Steels by Steel Company of Canada

Effect of Large Transformers on Rate of Production

Effect of Large Transformers on Rate of Production

Effect of Melting Practice on Hydrogen

Flushing Molten Steel with Neutral Gases

Good Joint-rnaking Practice for Electrode Columns

Handling and Storage of Electrodes

Handling Electric-furnace Supplies at Timken

High-chromium steel in the Acid Arc Furnace

Improved Methods for Handling and Shipping Graphite Electrodes

Inductive Stirring in Arc Furnaces

Information from the Chemical Equation

Manufacture of Rimming Steel in Small Electric Furnaces

Materials Handling in the Electric-furnace Shop

Materials Handling in the Foundry

Measuring Temperature of Molten Steel with Platinum Immersion Thermocouple

Melting Control with the Direct-reading Spectrometer

Obtaining Uniform Bath Composition by Reladling

Optimelt Automatic Recalibrating Control for Arc-furnace Regulators

Ore, Oxygen, and Slag Volume

Paddle and Mixing Ball

Precision of Spectrographic Analyses of Steel

Preparation of Scrap for Armco Electric Furnaces

Production of Sea-water Magnesite

Quality of Oxygen-decarbonized Acid Electric Steel

Relative Accuracy and Cost of Using Immersion Thermocouples for Steel-bath Temperature Control

Repairs and Maintenance Materials for Door Frames and Roof Rings on Electric-arc Furnaces

Results of Optimum Current Control on Electric Furnaces

Routine Spectrochemical Analysis in the Ford Motor Company

Sillimanite Roof Refractories in Basic Electric Furnaces

Spectrographic Analysis at the American Cast Iron Pipe Company

Spectrographic Analysis by Copperweld

Spectrographic Analysis of High-alloy Steels

Spectroscopy at Canton Division, Republic Steel Corporation

Stirring with Neutral Gas

Techniques Employed in Using Oxygen to Make Carbon Steel for Castings

Temperature Measurement and Fluidity Tests

Temperature Measurement and Temperature Control in Steel Foundries

Temperature Measurement in the Electric Furnace at Atlas Steels Ltd.

Temperature Measurements in the Basic Arc Furnace

Thermal Gradients and Strains during Rapid Cooling of Graphite Electrodes

Tightening Electrodes

Transformer Trends

Use of Oxygen in Melting Stainless Steel

Use of Oxygen in Production of High-chromium Steels

Use of' the Spectrograph in the Analysis of Special Steels