1947 Open Hearth Proceedings

A Comparison of the Pt-PtRh Thermocouple with the Optical Pyrometer for Temperature Measurements in Liquid Steel

A Direct Reading Spectrometer for Ferrous Analysis

A Rapid Spectrographic Control Method for Determination of Lime-silica Ratios in Open-hearth Slags

Air-Chamber Checkers

Bottom Maintenance

Combatting High Bottoms - Discussion

Comparison of Tests for Bulk Density of Fired Ramming Materials, and a Description of a Test for Magnesite-slag Mixes

Control of Sulphur in the open Hearth

Deoxidation Practice in Basic. Steel Foundries

Effect of Nozzle Size on Surface Quality of Slab Product of Low-carbon Rimmed Steel

Fluidity of Furnace-Killed vs. Ladle-Killed Basic Open Hearth Heats - Discussion

Flush-hole Maintenance

Furnace Deoxidation in Basic Open-hearth Practice

Furnace Maintenance

Hot Tops in Relation to Ingot Soundness

Hydrogen in Cast Steel - Discussion

Manufacture of Open-hearth Steel to Hardenability Specifications

MIXER LININGS - Discussion

Mold Practice



Relation of Fluidity to Composition and Temperature - Discussion

Session on Cold-Metal Operations and Basic Foundry Practice

Session on Refractories and Masonry

Size Variation in Checker Brick and Its Effect on Open-hearth Checker Life

Steel Quality and Steel Castings

Temperature Considerations in the Solidification of Killed Steel Ingots

Temperature Scale of the Blowing-tube Bath Pyrometer

The Cenco-Derge Rapid Oxygen Determination

The Mechanism of the Carbon-oxygen Reaction in Steelmaking

Trends in Bottom Construction

Use of Oxygen at East Works, American Rolling Mill Company

Use of Water on Hot-topped Steel at the Pouring Platform

Washing or Flushing Acid Open-hearth Steel with Inert Gas