PR-PM1013-1 - 2013/10 AIST Iron & Steel Technology October

Multiscale Finite Element Modeling and Microstructural Evaluation of Centrifugally Cast High-Speed Steel Finishing Rolls

Redkin, Vipperman, Hrizo, Schleiden, Garcia

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The quality of the hot rolled steel strip and the productivity (tonnage/month or the length of the campaign) of the hot strip mill (HSM) are two of the most critical concerns in a steelmaking plant. The main characteristics of the hot rolled strip (shape, surface condition and dimensional tolerances) are directly related to the shape profile and surface quality of the work rolls (i.e., rolls which are in contact with the rolled material, Figure 1). Additional cost savings can be realized by minimizing the need for maintaining operations (roll replacement, inspection, surface grinding, etc.). In order to achieve the above objectives, the development and microstructural optimization of high-speed steel (HSS) finishing work rolls have undergone strong initiatives for more than a decade.